Graduate student contribution

Graduate student articles

Articles written by graduate students.
Title Article status
520 Class 10 Published
520 Class 12 Published
520 Class 3 Published
520 Class 4 Published
520 Class 5 Published
520 Class 7 Published
520 Class 9 Published
Act for the Preservation and Cleansing of the Thames Published
Andro Morris Key Published
Articles for the Plague Published
Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconry of London Published
Bankside Published
Baynard’s Castle Published
Bethlehem Hospital Published
Botolph’s Wharf Published
Bridewell Published
Cannon Row Published
Channels Published
Christ’s Hospital Published
Elizabeth I’s Relationship with London Published
Falcon Inn Published
Falcon Stairs Stub
Fenchurch Street Published
Fish Wharf Stub
Galley Key Published
Gossip and Gossips Published
Greenwich Published
Hornbooks Published
Horse Ferry Stub
Introduction to Eirenopolis Published
Introduction to The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage Published
Isabella Whitney Published
Jacobean Inflation of Honours Published
John of Gaunt Published
John Stow Published
Leadenhall Published
Lent Published
Little Tower Hill Stub
London Bridge Published
Lord Mayor’s Shows Published
Love Lane (Thames Street) Published
Ludgate Published
Lyon Key Published
Means Devised for Better Execution of Vagrancy Statute Published
Mermaid Tavern (Bread Street) Published
Moorfields Published
New Exchange Published
Order for Prices of Tallow Published
Pageant Books Published
Pamphlets in Early Modern England Published
Paul’s Wharf Published
Privy Stairs Published
Proclamation About the Lottery Published
Pudding Lane Published
Sabbath Orders Published
Sewage and Waste Management Published
Shipwright Ordinances Published
Simon Eyre Published
Smart’s Key Published
Somerset House Published
St. Botolph (Billingsgate) Published
St. Mary Overie Stairs Published
St. Paul’s Churchyard Published
Stangate Stairs Published
Survey of London and its Revisions Published
The Globe Published
The Steelyard Published
The Thames Draft
The Theatre Draft
Thomas Middleton Published
Three Cups Inn (Bread Street) Published
Tower Hill Published
Tower Street Published
Traitors’ Gate Empty
Tudor Royal Progresses Published
Westminster Stairs Published
Whitehall Stairs Published
William Rowley Published

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The MoEML Team The MoEML Team, & Holmes, M. D. 2022. Articles written by graduate students. In J. Jenstad (Ed), The Map of Early Modern London (Edition 7.0). Victoria: University of Victoria. Retrieved from

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