Release Stages


Since the launch of its static site in June 2018, MoEML has been entirely comprised of statically generated XHTML pages. Every time an encoder makes a change to one of the XML files in MoEML’s repository, the build server runs an Apache Ant build that recreates the entire MoEML site all from the source TEI. The entire site (other than the search page) thus works without a server, which makes the site fast and well suited for long-term preservation.

Release Stages

When MoEML plans for a new release, the team makes sure that the work on the build server is ready to be pushed to the live site ( To do this, the build server goes through four stages:
  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Refrigeration
  4. Freeze
Each of these stages will be explained briefly below.


The build server is in the Alpha stage throughout most of the year. During this stage, the team does not expect everything on the site to work—team members complete a variety of tasks and experiment with new features, some of which need time to be finessed before the next release.


The build server switches to the Beta stage in the lead-up to a release. All key processing/programming work needed for the release is completed in this stage. Projects that are not intended for release are paused so team members can work together to finish lingering release tasks.


The build server switches to the Refrigeration stage once everything for the release has been finished. Features that are not near completion are relegated to a subsequent release.


The Freeze stage starts a couple days before the official release date. During this stage, all team members search for bugs to be fixed—nothing new is added to the site.

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