Survey of London (1633): Catalogue of Authors

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A Catalogue of Authors, venerable for Antiquity, out of whom
the Truth of those worthy and Ancient Matters contained in this
Booke is excerpted: Ranged into an Alphabeticall order.
Arnold Rich.
Benedict of Whirhall.
Beware the Cat.
Body William.
Cæsars Commentaries.
Caxtons Chronicle.
Chancery Rolls.
Chronica Chronicorum.
Chronicle of Abingdon.
Chronicle of S. Albans.
Chronicle of Britaine.
Chronicle of Dunstable.
Chronicle of Scarborow.
Dedicato Radulphus.
Dion Rom.
Fabians Chronicle.
Fabians Manuscript.
Flores1 Historiarum.
Floriacensis Wigorniensis
Fox his Monuments.
Glastenbury Antiquities
Halls Chronicle.
Hardings Chronicle.
Historia Tripartita.
Iohn of Beverley.
Iucliffe Roger.2
Lambert William.3
Lib. Albo.
Lib. S. Bartholomew.
Lib. Bermondsey.
Lib. Burton sup. Trent.
Lib. Bury S. Edmonds.
Lib. Chartsey.
Lib. de Clarkenwell.
Lib. Colchester.
Lib. Constitutionum.
Lib. Customes London.
Lib. Dunmow.
Lib. Dunthorne.
Lib. Ely.
Lib. Erswicke.
Lib. Fleetwood.
Lib. de S. Katharines.
Lib. de Knighton Guild.
Lib. S. Mariæ Eborum.
Lib. S. Mariæ Overies.
Lib. S. Martins.
Lib. Osney.
Lib. de Papie.
Lib. Roffens.
Lib. Tewkesbury.
Lib. Trinitatis.
Lib. Waverley.
Lib. de Woodbridge,
Magna Charta.
Manuscript French.
Mathew of Westminster.4
More Thomas, Knight.
Mountgomery Iohn.
Osbernus Dorobernensis.
Otherborne Henry.
Paradine William.
Pattent de Iugham.
Poly Chronicon.
Price Iohn, Knight.
Records Canterbury.
Records of Guildhall.
Records Parliament.
Records Patent.
Records of Pontfract.
Records in the Rolls.
Records of the Tower.
Records of the Vintry.
Register of Brockesden.
Savage Dennis.
Smith Thomas, Knight.
Textor Iohn.
Tuke Brian, Knight.
William of Huntingdon.
To these might be added many more, who cover rather the benefit and furtherance of so necessa
ry a Worke, than vain-glory and reputation amongst men.


  1. Possibly Florence of Worcester. (ML)
  2. We are researching the identity of this author. (JJ)
  3. Possibly William Lambert. (ML)
  4. Matthew of Westminster has since been proven to have never existed. Stow was likely citing works written by Matthew Paris. (ML)
  5. Stow, Munday, and Dyson would have consulted the now-lost manuscript of the Vita Erkenwaldi owned by St. Paul’s Cathedral and transcribed by Sir William Dugdale in his history of St. Paul’s (Wing D2482; printed 1658). See Whatley. (JJ)


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    Dugdale, Sir William. The history of St. Pauls Cathedral in London from its foundation untill these times extracted out of originall charters, records, leiger books, and other manuscripts : beautified with sundry prospects of the church, figures of tombes and monuments. London: Tho. Warren, 1658. Wing D2482.

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    Whatley, Gordon. Vita Erkenwaldi: An Anglo-Norman’s Life of an Anglo-Saxon Saint. Manuscripta vol. 27, no. 2 (1983): 67-81. doi:

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