English 520 (Summer 2011)

Class 1

For Class 1, please read Kagan (.pdf), de Certeau (.pdf), and the introduction to John Taylor’s The carriers cosmographie (STC 23740). I have partially edited Taylor’s text and posted it to the Library on MoEML. You may also read it via Early English Books Online. If you are on campus or logged into the U.Vic. library system, click on the title to go directly to the bibliographic record for The carriers cosmographie; you may read either the page images or the diplomatic transcription.
MoEML will be an important part of our course. Browse the website, especially the Agas map, before our first class.
Summer courses move very rapidly. If you wish to begin your readings for the course, I suggest you begin with the five plays that will occupy our five last class meetings. Some copies of each play are available at the Campus Bookstore, although the complete order had not yet arrived on 28 April:
  • Beaumont, Francis. The Knight of the Burning Pestle. Ed. Sheldon Zitner. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2004. Print. Revels Plays.
  • Dekker, Thomas. The Shoemaker’s Holiday. Ed. Robert Smallwood and Stanley Wells. Manchester: Manchester UP, 1999. Print. Revels Plays.
  • Heywood, Thomas. The first and second parts of King Edward the fourth. Ed. Richard Rowland. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2009. Print. Revels Plays.
  • Jonson, Ben. Bartholomew Fair. Ed. Suzanne Gossett. Manchester: Manchester UP, 2000. Print. Revels Student Plays.
  • Shakespeare, William. King Richard III. Ed. James Siemon. London: A&C Black, 2009. Print. Arden Shakespeare, 3rd series.
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