New Fish Market

Carlin and Belcher state that in 1206 and 1285, Old Fish Street was perhaps called New Fish Market (Carlin and Belcher 82), but Harben explains the confusion surrounding the site:
There are numerous references to nova piscaria the new fishmarket in old records, and a few, similar to the above, which seem to refer to a street of this name in the neighbourhood of Old Fish Street. Perhaps some portion of Old Fish Street was so named. But it is not easy to identify it or to locate its position accurately. (Harben 432)
There is also, as noted by Ekwall, a Fish Street leading to London Bridge, which was referred to as New Fish Street, Bridge Street, or Fish Street Hill, which the aforementioned street and market are often confused with (Ekwall 74-5).
The coordinates noted on the Agas and modern maps are approximate with consideration of Harben’s description of its location.


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