Paul’s Chain

Paul’s Chain was a street that ran north-south between St Paul’s Churchyard and Paul’s Wharf, crossing over Carter Lane, Knightrider Street, and Thames Street. It was in Castle Baynard Ward. On the Agas map, it is labelled Paules chayne.
On Ogilby and Morgan’s Map of London in 1677, the street’s name changed south of Knightrider Street to St Bennet’s Hill, and then, after crossing Thames Street, changed again to Paul’s Wharf (Ogilby and Morgan). Between 1677 and John Rocque’s map of 1746, the section between Carter Lane and Knightrider Street became known as Godalmin Street. Harben inidcates that the first mention of Godlyman Street was in 1732 (Harben 261). By 1890, the name Paul’s Chain was abolished and the stretch of street from St Paul’s Churchyard to what is now called Queen Victoria Street was called Godliman Street (Harben 461).
In 1598, Stow writes about the South Chaine of Powles churchyarde and explains that it is near the Powle head Tauerne, which house with the appurtenances was of olde time called Powles Brewhouse (Stow 2:12, 17).
The precinct wall around St Paul’s Church had six gates, one of which was on the south side by Paul’s Chain. It was here that a chain used to be drawn across the carriage-way entrance in order to preserve silence during church services (Harben 461).


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