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Farringdon Within Ward shares parts of its eastern and southern borders with the western and northern boundaries of Castle Baynard Ward. This ward is called Within or Infra to differentiate it from Farringdon Without Ward and both wards take the name of William Faringdon, principle owner of Farringdon Ward, the greater ward that was separated into Farringdon Within Ward and Farringdon Without Ward in the 17 of Richard II.
1720: Blome’s Map of Farringdon Within Ward and Castle Baynard Ward. Image courtesy of British Library Crace Collection. 
                        © British Library Board; Maps Crace Port. 8.23
1720: Blome’s Map of Farringdon Within Ward and Castle Baynard Ward. Image courtesy of British Library Crace Collection. © British Library Board; Maps Crace Port. 8.23

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Watercolour painting of the alderman and deputy in charge of Farringdon Within Ward by Hugh Alley. Image courtesy of the Folger Digital Image Collection.
Watercolour painting of the alderman and deputy in charge of Farringdon Within Ward by Hugh Alley. Image courtesy of the Folger Digital Image Collection.

1603 Description of Ward Boundaries

The following diplomatic transcription of the opening paragraph(s) of the 1603 chapter on this ward will eventually be subsumed into the MoEML edition of the 1603 Survey.1 Each ward chapter opens with a narrative circumnavigation of the ward—a verbal beating of the bounds that MoEML first transcribed in 2004 and later used to facilitate the drawing of approximate ward boundaries on our edition of the Agas map. Source: John Stow, A Survey of London (London, 1603; STC #23343).
ON the ſouth ſide of Alderſgate warde lyeth Faringdon ward, called infra or within, for a difference from an other ward of that name, which lyeth without the wals of the citie, and is therfore called Farndon extra. Theſe two wardes of old time were but one, and had alſo but one Alderman, til the 17. of Richard the 2. at which time the ſaid ward for the greatnes thereof, was diuided into twain, & by Parliament ordered to haue 2. Aldermen, & ſo it continueth til this day. The whole great Ward of Farindon, both infra and extra tooke name of W. Farendon Goldſmith, Alderman of that ward, and one of the ſhiriffes of London, in the yeare 1281. the 9. of Ed. the firſt, he purchaſed the Aldermanry of this ward, as by the abſtract of deedes, which I haue read thereof may appeare.
Thomas de Ardene, ſonne and heyre to Sir Ralph Ardene knight, granted to Ralph le Feure Cittizen of London, one of the ſhiriffes in the yeare 1277. all the Aldermanry with the appurtenances within the Cittie of London, and the ſuburbs of the ſame between Ludgate and Newgate, and alſo without the ſame gates: which Aldermanry, Ankerinus de Auerne held during his life, by the graunt of the ſaid Thomas de Arderna, to haue and to hold to the ſaid Ralph and to his heyres, freely without all chalenge, yeelding therefore yearly to the ſaid Thomas and his heyres, one cloue or ſlip of Gilliflowers, at the feaſt of Eaſter, for all ſecular ſeruice and cuſtomes, with warranty unto the ſaid Ralph le Feure, and his heyres, againſt all people Chriſtians and Iewes, in conſideration of twenty marks, which the ſaid Ralph le Feure did giue before hand, in name of a Gerſum or fine, to the ſaid Thomas, &c. dated the fift of Edward the firſt, witnes G. de Rokeſley maior, R. Arrar one of the ſhiriffes, H. Wales, P. le Taylor, T. de Baſing, I. Horne, N. Blackthorn, Aldermen of London. After this Iohn le Feure, ſon and heire to the ſaid Raph le Feure, granted to William Farendon, Cittizen and Goldſmith of London, & to his heires the ſaid Aldermanry, with the appurtenances for the ſeruive thereunto belonging, in the ſeuenth of Edward the firſt, in the yeare of Chriſt, 1279. This Aldermanry deſcended to Nicholas Farendon alſo a Goldſmith, was foure times Mayor, & liued many yeares after: for I haue read diuers deedes whereunto he was a witnes, dated the yeare 1360. He made his Teſtament, 1361. which was 53. yeares after his firſt being Mayor, and was buried in S. Peters church in Cheape. So this ward continued under the gouernment of William Faringdon the father, and Nicholas his ſon, by the ſpace of 82. yeares, and retaineth their name until this preſent day. This ward of Faringdon within the walles, is bounded thus: Beginning in the Eaſt, at the great Croſſe in weſt Cheape, from whence it runneth Weſt. On the north ſide from the pariſh church of S. Peter, which is at the Southweſt corner of Woodſtreet unto Guthuruns lane, and down that lane, to Hugon lane on the Eaſt ſide, and to Kery lane on the weſt.
Then again into Cheape, and to Foſter lane, and down that Lane on the eaſt ſide, to the north ſide of ſaint Fauſters church, and on the Weſt, till ouer againſt the Southweſt corner of the ſaide Church, from whence downe Fauſter lane, and Noble ſtreet is all of Alderſgate ſtreete ward, till yee come to the ſtone wall, in the Weſt ſide of Noble ſtreete, as is afore ſhewed. Which ſayde Wall downe to Neuils Inne, or Windſor houſe, and downe Monkes well ſtreete, on that weſt ſide, then by London wall to Criplegate, and the weſt ſide of that ſame gate is all of Faringdon Ward.
Then backe againe into Cheape, and from Fauſter Lane end, to S. Martins lane end, and from thence through ſaint Nicholas ſhambles, by Penticoſt Lane, and Butchers alley, and by ſtinking lane through Newgate market to Newgate. All which is the North ſide of Faringdon warde.
On the ſouth from againſt the ſaide great Croſſe in Cheap Weſt to Fridayes ſtreete, and downe that ſtreete on the Eaſt ſide, till ouer againſt the North Eaſt corner of ſaint Mathewes Church: and on the weſt ſide, till the ſouth corner of the ſaide Church.
Then againe along Cheape to the old Exchange, and downe that lane (on the Eaſt ſide) to the parriſh church of Saint Auguſtine which church and one houſe next adioyning in Watheling ſtreet bee of this warde, and on the weſt ſide of this lane, to the eaſt arch or gate by ſaint Auguſtines church, which entereth the ſouth churchyeard of ſaint Paules, which arch or gate was builded by Nicholas Faringdon about the yere 1361. & within that gate on the ſaid north ſide, to the gate that entereth the North churchyeard, and all the North Churchyearde is of this Faringdon Warde.
Then againe into Cheape, and from the North end of the olde Exchaunge, Weſt by the North gate of Powles churchyearde, vp Pater Noſter Row, by the two lanes out of Powles church, and to a ſigne of the Golding Lyon, which is ſome twelue houſes ſhort of Aue Mary lane: the weſt ſide of which Lane is of this Warde.
Then at the ſouth end of Aue Mary lane, is Creede Lane, the weſt ſide whereof, is alſo of this ward.
Now betwixt the ſouth ende of Aue Mary Lane, and the North end of Creede lane, is the comming out of Paules churchyard: on the Eaſt, and the high ſtreete called Bowier row to Ludgate, on the weſt, which way to Ludgate is of this ward. On the North ſide whereof is ſaint Martins Church. And on the South ſide a turning into the Blacke Friers.
Now to turne up againe to the North ende of Aue Mary lane, there is a ſhort lane which runneth Weſt ſome ſmall diſtaunce, and is there cloſed vp with a gate into a great houſe: and this is called Amen lane.
Then on the north ſide of Pater noſter Row, beginning at the Conduit ouer againſt the olde Exchaunge Lane ende, and going weſt by ſaint Michaels Church. At the weſt end of which Church is a ſmall paſſage through towardes the North. And beyond this Church ſome ſmall diſtance, is another paſſage, which is called Paniar Alley, and commeth out againſt Saint Martins lane ende.
Then further weſt in Pater Noſter Row, is Iuie lane, which runneth North to the Weſt end of Saint Nicholas Shambles. And then weſt Pater noſter Rowe, till ouer againſt the golden Lion, where the ward endeth for that ſtreete.
Then about ſome dozen houſes (which is of Bainards Caſtell Warde) to Warwicke lane end: which Warwicke Lane ſtretcheth north to the high ſtreet of Newgate Market. And the weſt ſide of Warwicke lane is of this Faringdon ward. For the Eaſt ſide of Warwicke lane, of Aue Marie lane, and of Creede lane, with the Weſt end of Pater Noſter Row, are all of Baynardes Caſtell warde.
Yet to begin againe at the ſaide Conduit by the old Exchange, on the North ſide thereof is a large ſtreet that runneth vp to Newgate, as is aforeſaid. The firſt part or ſouth ſide whereof, from the Conduit to the Shambles, is called Bladder ſtreet. Then on the backeſide of the ſhambles be diuers ſlaughter houſes, and ſuch like, pertaining to the ſhambles, & this is called Mount Godard ſtreet. Then is the Shambles it ſelfe. And then Newgate Market. And ſo the whole ſtreet on both ſides up to Newgate, is of this warde, and thus it is wholy bounded.

Note on Ward boundaries on Agas Map

Ward boundaries drawn on the Agas map are approximate. The Agas map does not lend itself well to georeferencing or georectification, which means that we have not been able to import the raster-based or vector-based shapes that have been generously offered to us by other projects. We have therefore used our drawing tools to draw polygons on the map surface that follow the lines traced verbally in the opening paragraph(s) of each ward chapter in the Survey. Read more about the cartographic genres of the Agas map.


  1. The 1603 Survey is widely available in reprints of C.L. Kingsford’s two-volume 1908 edition (Kingsford) and also in the British History Online transcription of the Kingsford edition (BHO). MoEML is completing its editions of all four texts in the following order: 1598, 1633, 1618, and 1603. (JJ)


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