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Coat of Arms on the left and Coat of Arms of the Mayor of London on the right.
By the Mayor.1
THE Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, and his Brethren the Aldermen of the City of London, considering how the infection of the Plague is dispersed in diuers and sundry places neere about this City, Doe for the better preuention of the increase thereof within the said City, (so far as it shall please God to blesse mans endeauours) hereby streightly charge, and in his Maiesties2 name command all manner of persons within the said City and Liberties thereof, to take notice of, and obserue these seuerall Articles ensuing, Viz.
First, that all the seuerall Inhabitants within this City and Liberties thereof, doe from hence forth daily cause their houses to be kept sweet,3 the streets and lanes before their doores to bee paued, and cleansed of all manner of soile, dung, and noisome things whatsoeuer, and the channels thereof to be kept cleane, and washt, by water to be poured down, or let running into the same.
That no Vagrants or Beggars doe presume to come, or presse together in Multitudes to any Buriall, or Lectures, or other publike meetings, whereby to seeke or gaine reliefe as hath beene lately vsed, but that they and euery of them vpon euery Buriall, doe repaire to such places to receiue the Almes, Charity or Reliefe, as they shall haue notice giuen them by the Officers of the Parish, wherein they doe reside.4
That no idle Vagaband, and vagrant Persons doe presume to come, wander or remaine in and about this Citie and Liberties thereof, either to begge reliefe or otherwise. And if any of them shall be found, or taken to offend therein, Then they and euery of them to be apprehended by the Constables and Warders with in this Citie, and being punished, to be passed away according to the Lawes and statutes of this Realme, in that case made and prouided for.
That the Feasts and Meetings at Hals, Tauernes, or other places within this Citie or Liberties, vsed to be made by the Countrimen of any Shire, or other place within this Realme, Wrastlings, and Fencers Prises, Shewes, or the like, which hath been a cause of gathering multitudes together, be now forborne, and not attempted to be made by any person or persons whatsoeuer, vntill the City and the places adiacent shall bee cleare of the present infection (which God of his mercy grant.)
That no Fruiterer or other Seller of Fruite, Cabbages, Rootes or Herbes, doe keepe or lay vp in any their houses, warehouses, or oThis text has been supplied. Reason: Type not (sufficiently) inked. Evidence: The text has been supplied based on evidence internal to this text (context, etc.). (KL)ther place within this City or Liberties thereof, any Apples, Herbes, Roots, Cabbages, or other fruite whatsoeuer, other than in the warehouses anciently vsed for such purpose, lying in or about Thamestreet, or the places thereunto adioyning.
And for the better and more due performance of all and euery the premisses, the said Lord Mayor and Aldermen doe hereby straightly charge and command all Constables, Scauengers, Beadles, and other officers within this Citie and Liberties thereof, whom these may any way concerne, to vse all possible care and diligence they may, for the due and carefull execution and performance of all and euery the said Articles according to the true intent and meaning thereof, & to acquaint the Lord Mayor of this City, or some other his Maiesties Iustices of Peace within the same of all & euery the parties as shall be found to offend therein, whereby they & euery of them may be punished, & dealt withall according to the qualitie of the offence as the Law in such case shall require, As they and euery of them will answer to the contrary at their perils.
Guildhall London this XXII. of April. 1630.
God saue the King.
Printed by Robert Young, Printer to the honourable Citie of London, 1630.


  1. In 1603, the lord mayor of London was Robert Ducye (MASL). (JT)
  2. I.e., Charles I. (KL)
  3. Free from offensive or disagreeable taste or smell; not corrupt, putrid, sour, or stale (OED sweet, adj.3.a). (JT)
  4. For a list of parishes in early modern London, see Parishes in the Placeography. (TLG)


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