St. Bartholomew the Less


St. Bartholomew the Less was located in West Smithfield, on the south east side of the open field. Prockter and Taylor identify it with the church marked 32 on the map (Prockter 47). It was built and still stands inside the grounds the St. Bartholomew’s Hospital (colloquially known as Bart’s).


Before the Dissolution, the church was the chapel of Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital, located on the precinct of the hospital. In 1521, Richard Arnold’s Chronicle called it The chapell wythin Bartholomew Spitell (qtd. in Harben). The function and name of the chapel was changed by royal order in 1547, at which point the chapel became the church of St. Bartholomew the Little (qtd. in Harben). Little was a disambiguator that distinguished the new parish church from the nearby St. Bartholomew the Great.

Literary Significance

Literary figures buried in this church include John Lyly (1553–1606), author of Euphues: The Anatomy of Wit (1578) and Euphues and His England (1580), whose eponymous hero gave rise to a fashion for Euphuism. Lyly’s eight surviving plays for the boy companies of the 1580s and 1590s include Gallathea (1592). Also buried here is Thomas Bodley (1545-1613), who founded the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford and famously excluded plays from his collection.

Post-Fire History

Being outside the city walls, the church was not damaged in the Great Fire. It is one of the few churches in London where one can still view medieval bells in a late medieval bell tower. To visit St. Bartholomew the Less today, enter the grounds of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital through the main entrance (the Henry VIII gate) in West Smithfield.


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