Lambeth Palace

Lambeth Palace, also known as Lambeth House and the Palace of the Archbishop, was and continues to be the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Stow 1633, sig. F1r; Encyclopedia Britannica). It is located on the south bank of the River of Thames by Lambeth Marsh, slightly south of being directly across the Thames from Westminster Abbey. St. Mary (Lambeth) is a part of the palace’s environs. The palace was first built in about 1200 with later additions coming in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (Encyclopedia Britannica). Lambeth Palace was spoiled by rebels during the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt (Stow 1633, F1r). It is labelled The lambeht on the Agas map and Lambeth Palace on Google’s modern map (Google Earth).
Many of the buildings that comprise the palace were either newly built or restored during the nineteenth century (Encyclopedia Britannica). Though the structures of the palace were damaged during the London air raids of World War II, the fourteenth century tower of St. Mary (Lambeth), the fifteenth century Lollard’s tower and the sixteenth century Tudor gatehouse, among other structures, still stand (Encyclopedia Britannica; Wikipedia). More information about the modern Lambeth Palace can be found at the Archbishop of Canterbury’s website.
Note: Sugden incorrectly locates the palace below London Bridge (Sugden Lambeth). This might be due to its current proximity to St. Thomas Hospital, which moved from its early modern site closer to London Bridge to an area bordering Lambeth Palace in the nineteenth century (National Archives St Thomas’ Hospital, London).


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