St. Martin’s Lane (le Grand)

St. Martin’s Lane (le Grand) ran north-south between St. Anne’s Lane and Cheapside Street and was located at the western edge of Aldersgate Ward. The street takes its name from the church of St. Martin’s le Grand located to the east of the street. This portion of the Agas map is labelled S. Martins referring to either or both the church and the street. This street is not to be confused with St. Martin’s Lane (Strand) or St. Martin’s Lane (Bridge Within Ward).
Stow identifies St. Martin’s Lane (le Grand) as one of the places to which members of the Cordwainers’ Company and the Curriers’ Company moved from Cordwainer Street and calls it, in another place, the maine streete of [Aldersgate] VVard (Stow 1633, sig. G5r; Stow 1633, sig. 2E4v). Harben cites a description of the street being a resort of felons and traitors, though he does not give a reason for the characterization (Harben).


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