Weigh House

Weigh House was a building on the north side of Cornhill Ward that was used for weighing imported merchandise (Harben; BHO). While the house is not labelled on the Agas map, Mary Lobel and W. H. Johns suggest that it sat below the Merchant Taylor’s Hall (Lobel and Johns).
John Stow notes that [o]n the North ſide of this ſtreet [Cornhill], from the Eaſt vnto the Weſt haue ye diuers fayre houſes for marchantes and other, amongſt the which one large houſe is called the Wey houſe, where marchandizes brought from beyond the ſeas, are to bée weighed at the Kinges Beame: This houſe hath a maiſter, and vnder him foure maiſter Portars, with Portars vnder them: they haue a ſtrong cart, and were vſed to haue foure great horſes, to draw and carrie the wares from the marchants houſes to the beam & backe again: now thrée horſes ſerue the turn. Sir Thomas Louel knight builded this houſe, with a fayre front of Tenementes towards the ſtreete, all which he gaue to the Grocers of London, himſelfe being free of the Citie, and a brother of that Companie (Stow 1598, sig. L3v).


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