Variant Toponyms Listed in Ogilby and Morgan

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A Table Directing to the Folio where each Street is to be Found, Alphabetically Set Down


Toponym Folio
Adle Street 1
Aldermanbury 1
Alderſgate Street 1
Alsloe1 2
Angel 2


Toponym Folio
Backſide S. Clements 2
Baldwyn’s Gardens 2
Barbican 2
Baſſiſhaw Street 3
Beavis Marks 3
Bethlehem 3
Biſhopſsgate Street without 3
Biſhopſgate Street within 4
Black Fryers 4
Blow Bladder Street 5
Bread Street 5
Bread-ſtreet Hill 5
Broad Street 5
Little Britain 6
Bucklers Bury 6
Budg Row 6
Bull and Mouth Street 6
Butcher Row 6
Back Street 6
Berry Street 6
Briſtol Street 6


Toponym Folio
Jewin 21
St. John Street 22
St. John’s Court 22


Toponym Folio
St. Olave Hart Street 29
Old Baily 29, 30
Old Change 30
Old Jewry 30
Old Street 30


Toponym Folio
New Queen Street 32
Queen Hith 32


Toponym Folio
Red Croſs Street 32
River Street 33


Toponym Folio
Saffron Hil 33
Shoreditch 33
Silver Street 33
Snow Hill 33
Southampt. Buildings 34
The Strand 34
Sutton Street 35
Stone Cutters Street 35
Strangeway Street 35


Toponym Folio
Vine Street 40

Streets and Lanes, With the Courts, Yards and Inns, Churches, Halls, and Houses of Note.

Toponym Map Coordinate Gazetteer ID MoEML Authority Name
Plaiſterers Hall (Addle-Street) 6-10 B6 Plasterers’ Hall
Brewers Hall (Addle-Street) 6-10 B7 Brewers’ Hall
Burges Court (Phillips-Lane) 5-10 e23 Burges Court
Cock Court (Phillips-Lane) 5-10 e24 Cock Court
Hand Court (Phillips-Lane) 5-10 e25 Hand Court
Sion Court (Phillips-Lane) 5-10 e26 Sion Court
White Bear Court (Addle-Hill) 10-8 m13 White Bear Court
Cradle Court (Addle-Hill) 10-8 m19 Cradle Court (Addle Hill)
St. John’s Court (Addle-Hill) 5-10 m20 St. John’s Court
Millers Court (Aldermanbury) 5-11 e27 Miller’s Court
Dyers Court (Aldermanbury) 6-11 f63 Dyers’ Court
Fountain Court (Aldermanbury) 7-11 h14 Fountain Court
Baſſhishaw Alley (Aldermanbury) 6-11 f61 Bassishaw Alley
Carpenters Yard (Aldermanbury) 6-11 f62 Carpenters’ Yard
Axe Inn (Aldermanbury) 6-11 b12 Axe Inn
St. Mary Aldermanbury Church (Aldermanbury) 6-11 N/A St. Mary Aldermary
Devonſhire Court (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 b58 Devonshire Court
Black-Horſe Court (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 c72 Black Horse Court
Hare Court (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 c74 Hare Court
Cradle Court (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 c76 Cradle Court (Aldersgate Street)
Maidenhead Court (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e7 Maidenhead Court
Nettletons Court (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e8 Nettleton Court
Deputy’s Court (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e9 Deputy’s Court
Trinity Court (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e11 Trinity Court
Stone Court (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 f44 Stone Court
Greyhound Court (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 f45 Greyhound Court
Red Lyon Alley (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 e73 Red Lion Alley
Pav’d Alley (Aldersgate Street) 5-8 e3 Paved Alley
Black Horſe Alley (Aldersgate Street) 5-8 e4 Black Horse Alley
Horn Alley (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e5 Horn Alley
Angel Alley (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e6 Angel Alley
Ball Alley (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 e10 Ball Alley
Harrow Alley (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 f46 Harrow Alley
Falcon Yard (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 f47 Falcon Yard
Vine Yard (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 b55 Vine Yard
White Horſe Yard (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 b56 White Horse Yard
Crown Yard (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 b57 Crown Yard
Three Cups Inn (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 A15
Red Lyon Inn (Aldersgate Street) 3-8 A16
Cock Inn (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 A40
Bell Inn (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 A42
Peacock Inn (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 A43
Swan Inn (Aldersgate Street) 4-8 A44
George Inn (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 A99
Falcon Inn (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 B1
Cook’s Hall (Aldersgate Street) 6-9 C50
London Houſe (Aldersgate Street) 5-8 A57
Thanet Houſe (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 A58
S. Buttolph Church (Aldersgate Street) 5-9 N/A
Three Fox Court (Long-Lane) 4-7 c65
Three Horſhoe Court (Long-Lane) 4-7 c66
Carpenters Court (Long-Lane) 4-7 c67
Rain Bow Court (Long-Lane) 4-8 c71
Cat Alley (Long-Lane) 4-8 c69
Red Lyon Yard (Long-Lane) 4-8 c70
Graſhopper Yard (Long-Lane) 4-7 c68
Bull Inn (Long-Lane) 4-7 C61
Green Dragon Inn (Long-Lane) 4-8 A41
Small-Beer Alley (Anslo Street) 3-3 b29
Bull Head Alley (Ansloe Street) 3-3 b30
White Lyon (Back-Side of St. Clements) 10-1 l87
Hand and Holly-buſh Alley (Back-Side of St. Clements) 10-1 l88
Lamb Alley (Back-Side of St. Clements) 10-1 l88
Angel Inn (Back-Side of St. Clements) 10-1 N/A
St. John Baptiſt Court (St. Clmenets Lane) 9-1 k12
Boſwel Court (St. Clements Lane) 9-1 N/A
Sun Alley (St. Clements Lane) 9-1 k10
Horſhoe Alley (St. Clements Lane) 9-1 k11
Slaughter Yard (St. Clements Lane) 9-1 k9
Clements Inn (St. Clements Lane) 9-1
Baldwins Court (Baldwins Gardens) 5-2 d70
Hand and Pen Alley (Baldwins Gardens) 4-3 c34
Cradle Allley (Baldwins Gardens) 5-2 d67
Gravel Alley (Baldwins Gardens) 5-2 d68
Boarded Alley (Baldwins Gardens) 5-2 d69
Leopard Alley (Baldwins Gardens) 5-2 d71
White Lyon Court (Barbican) 3-8 b60
Cannon Court (Barbican) 3-9 b61
Round Court (Barbican) 3-9 b62
Fig-Tree Court (Barbican) 3-9 b63
Garter Court (Barbican) 3-9 b67
White Horſe Alley (Barbican) 3-9 b59
Plow Alley (Barbican) 3-9 b64
Three Pidgeon Alley (Barbican) 3-9 b65
Play-houſe Yard (Barbican) 3-9 b66
White-Horſe Inn (Barbican) 3-8 A17
Earl of Bridgewaters Houſe (Barbican) 3-9 A18
Bartholemew Cloſe (Barbican) 5-7 N/A
Great St. Bartholemew (Church) 5-7 N/A
Baſſhiſhaw Court (Bassishaw Street) 5-11 e28
New Court (Bassishaw Street) 5-11 e29
Shutes Court (Bassishaw Street) 5-11 e30
Kings Arms Court (Bassishaw Street) 7-11 h16
Porters Alley (Bassishaw Street) 6-11 f64
Bear Inn (Bassishaw Street) 6-11 B15
Girdlers Hall (Bassishaw Street) 5-11 A63
Weavers Hall (Bassishaw Street) B13
Coopers Hall (Bassishaw Street) 6-11 B14
Blackwel Hall (Bassishaw Street) 7-11 B49
St. Michael Baſſiſhaw Church (Bassishaw Street) 7-11 N/A
Plow Yard (Beavis Marks) 6-17 f92
Nags Head Inn (Beavis Marks) 6-17 B28
Loon Alley (Bethlehem) 5-15 e54
Houſewife’s Alley (Bethlehem) 4-15 d50
Vine Couurt (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 N/A
Montague Court (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 2-17 b18
White Hind Court (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d34
White Hart Court (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 e59
George Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 c6
Accorn Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c7
Angel Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c9
Lamb Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c10
Bell Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c11
Red Lyon Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c12
Dunnings Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c13
Primroſe Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-17 b15
Katherine-wheel and George Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-17 c14
Hand Alley, the Inheritance of Sr. Robert Clayton, Knight and Alderman, and Mr. John Morris (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-17 N/A
Soapers Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d32
Horſhoe Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d33
Three Tun Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d35
Half Moon Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d36
Bottl Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d39
Garland Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d40
Roſe Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d49
Still Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 e58
Mag-Py Alley (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 e61
Walnut-Tree Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 e60
Cock Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-16 c8
Gun Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 2-16 b14
Ship Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 2-16 b16
Crown Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d37
Swan Yard (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 d38
Skinners Rents (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 2-16 b17
Red Lyon Inn (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 3-17 A24
Catherine-Wheel Inn (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 4-16 A48
Dolphin Inn (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 A74
Flying Horſe Inn (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 A75
Devonhire Houſe (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 A73
St. Buttolph Biſhopſgate Church (Biſhopsgate Street Without) 5-16 N/A
Pea-hen Court (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 f82
Angel Court (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 f84
Clarks Alley (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 f83
White Horſe Alley (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 f85
Hamans Alley (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 7-15 h49
Vine Inn (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B23
Four Swan Inn (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B24
Green Dragon Inn (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B25
Black Bull Inn (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B26
General Poſt Office (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B59
Sr. Samuel Barnadiſton’s Houſe(Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 B61
St. Ethelborough Church (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 N/A
St. Martin Outwich Church (Biſhopſgate Street Within) 6-15 N/A
Worley’s Court (Black Fryers) 9-6 K61
Cobb’s Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 K64
Ireland Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 K72
Cloyſter Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 K73
Canterbury Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 k75
Flower-de-luce Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 k76
Cotton Court (Black Fryers) 9-7 k69
Hugh’s Court (Black Fryers) 10-6 m8
Baniſters Court (Black Fryers) 10-6 m9
Jackſons Court (Black Fryers) 10-7 m12
Pav’d Alley (Black Fryers) 9-6 k59
Church Alley (Black Fryers) 9-7 k74
Flower-de-luce Alley (Black Fryers) 10-7 m10
Glaſs-houſe Yard (Black Fryers) 9-6 k62
Ireland Yard (Black Fryers) 9-7 k71
Queens College (Black Fryers) 10-7 m11
Long Engry (Black Fryers) 9-6 k60
Church Entry (Black Fryers) 9-7 k67
Apothecary’s Hall (Black Fryers) 9-6 C1
Scotch Hall (Black Fryers) 9-6 C2
King’s Printing Houſe (Black Fryers) 9-7 C3
St. Anne Black-Fryers Church (Black Fryers) 9-6 N/A
Panyor Alley (Blow-Bladder Street) 7-9 g82
Roſe Court (Bread-Street) 8-10 i48
Star Court (Bread-Street) 8-10 i49
White-Cock Court (Bread-Street) 9-10 k95
Three Cups Inn (Bread-Street) 9-10 C15
Alballows Bread-Street Church (Bread Street) 9-10 N/A
St. Mildred Bread-ſtreet Church (Bread-Street) 9-10 N/A
Red Lyon Court (Baſing Lane) k96 9-10
Harts Horn Court (Baſing Lane) K97 9-10
Gerrard’s Hall Inn (Baſing Lane) 9-10 C16
Jack Alley (Trinity Lane) 9-10 l9
Brazile Yard (Trinity Lane) 8-10 l5
Lutheran Church (Trinity Lane) 9-10 N/A
Green Dragon Court (Bread-ſtreet Hill) 10-10 m36
Myter Court (Bread-ſtreet Hill) 10-10 m37
Popes-Head Alley (Bread-ſtreet Hill) 9-10 k99
Star Yard (Bread-ſtreet Hill) 9-10 l4
St. Nicholas Olave’s Church (Bread-ſtreet Hill) 9-10 N/A
Crown Court (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 f76
Vine Court (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 f79
White Horſe Court (Broad-ſtreet) 6-15 f77
Adam Court (Broad-ſtreet) 7-14 h41
Cuſhion Court (Broad-ſtreet) 7-14 h42
French Court (Broad-ſtreet) 7-14 h44
Bull Alley (Broad-ſtreet) 6-15 f80
Swan Alley (Broad-ſtreet) 6-15 f81
White Horſe Yard (Broad-ſtreet) 6-15 f78
Brittains Yard (Broad-ſtreet) 7-15 h43
Auſtine Fryers (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 f75
Pinner’s Hall (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 B21
Pay Office (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 B22
Exciſe Office (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 C60
St. Peter Poor Church (Broad-ſtreet) 6-14 N/A
Pelliean Court (Little Brittain) 6-8 f41
Montague Court (Little Brittain) 6-8 f42
Croſs Keys Court (Little Brittain) 6-8 f44
Red Croſs Alley (Little Brittain) 6-8 f43
Carpenters Yard (Little Brittain) 6-8 f40
Blue Anchor Inn (Duck Lane) 5-8 A56
Barge Yard (Bucklers-Bury) 8-12 i61
St. Pancras Souper Lane Church (St. Pancras Lane) 8-11 N/A
St. Bannet Snorenog 8-11 N/A
Dodſons Court (Budg Row) 9-12 l17
St. John’s Alley (Budg Row) 9-12 l18
St. Antholine’s Church 9-12 N/A
Bull and Mouth Inn (Bull and Mouth Street) 6-8 A98
Chair Court (Butcher Row) 9-2 k16
Swan Court (Butcher Row) 9-2 k23
Blue Anchor Court (Butcher Row) 9-2 k24
Star Court (Butcher Row) 9-2 k25
Windmill Court (Butcher Row) 9-2 k28
Lock Alley (Butcher Row) 9-2 k27
Slaughter-houſe Yard (Butcher Row) 9-2 k21
White Hart Yard (Butcher Row) 9-2 k26
Ship Yard (Butcher Row) 9-2 N/A
Sarazens Head Yard (Camomile Street) 6-16 f86
Great Oxford Court (Camomile Street) 6-16 f87
Little Oxford Court (Camomile Street) 6-16 f88
Horſhoe Alley (Camomile Street) 6-16 f89
Coach and Horſes Inn (Camomile Street) 6-16 B27
Whiſtlers Court (Cannon Street) 9-13 l19
Oxford Court (Cannon Street) 9-13 l20
Bell Alley (Cannon Street) 9-13 l24
Black Swan Alley (Cannon Street) 10-13 m68
Artichoke Court (Cannon Street) 10-13 m69
Scotch Yard(Buſh Lane) 1013 m65
Salter’s Hall (Buſh Lane) 9-13 c23
St. Mary Bothaw Church (Turn-Wheel Lane) 9-12 N/A
Lamb Court (Abchurch Lane) 9-13 l22
Lamb Alley (Abchurch Lane) 9-13 l21
St. Mary Abchurch Church (Abchurch Lane) 9-13 N/A
St. Laurence Poultney Church (St. Laurence Poultney Lane) 10-13 N/A
St. Nicholas Alley (St. Nicholas Lane) 9-13 l23
St. Nicholas Acorn Church (St. Nicholas Lane) 9-13 N/A
St. Martain Orgar’s Church (St. Martins Lane) 10-13 N/A
Three Fox Court (St. Clement’s Lane) 9-14 l27
Three King Court (St. Clement’s Lane) 9-14 l28
Naggs Head Court (St. Clement’s Lane) 9-14 l29
Church Yard Alley (St. Clement’s Lane) 9-14 l30
St. Clement’s Eaſtcheap Church (St. Clement’s Lane) 9-14 N/A
St. Laurence Jewry Church (Cat-Eaton Street) 7-11 N/A
St. Martin Ironmonger CHurch (Ironmonger Lane) 7-11 N/A
Caſtle Court (Ironmonger Lane) 7-11 h15
Bloſſom’s Inn (St. Laurence Lane) 7-11 B48
Half Moon Court(Cheapside) 7-9 g97
Star Court (Cheapside) 8-9 i46
St. Mathew’s Court (Cheapside) 8-10 i47
Golden Leg Court (Cheapside) 8-11 i54
Crown Court (Cheapside) 8-11 i55
Bird in Hand Alley (Cheapside) 8-11 i53
Sadier’s Hall (Cheapside) 7-9 B41
Mercer’s Chapel (Cheapside) 8-11 N/A
St. Michael Queen Church (Cheapside) 8-11 N/A
St. Peter Cheap Church (Cheapside) 8-11 N/A
St. Mary le Bow Church (Cheapside) 8-11 N/A
St. Mary Cole Church (Cheapside) 8-11 N/A
New Court (Bow Lane) i50 8-10
Roſe Court (Bow Lane) 8-11 i56
Phoenix Court (Bow Lane) 9-11 l6
Robin Hood Court (Bow Lane) 9-11 l7
Half Moon Court (Bow Lane) 9-11 l8
Gooſe Alley (Bow Lane) 8-10 i51
George Yard (Bow Lane) 8-11 i57
Aldermary Church Yard (Bow Lane) 9-11 l10
St. Mary Aldermary Church (Bow Lane) 9-11 N/A
Crown Court (Foſter Lane) 6-9 f55
Flower-de-luce Court (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g91
Roſe and Crown Coiurt (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g94
Prieſt Court (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g96
Dark Entry (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g95
Mold-Maker Row (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g93
Goldſmith’s Hall (Foſter Lane) 7-9 g39
St. Leonard Foſter-Lane Church (Foſter Lane) 7-9 N/A
St. Vedaſt Church (Foſter Lane) 7-9 B40
Dove’s Court (Gutter Lane) 7-9 g98
Stone Court (Gutter Lane) 7-10 h2
King’s Head Court (Gutter Lane) 7-10 h3
Day’s Court (Gutter Lane) 7-10 h4
Black Raven Court (Chiſwel Street) 3-11 b5
Maidenhead Court (Chiſwel Street) 3-11 b86
Little Sword Bearer Alley (Chiſwel Street) 3-12 b84
Great Sword Bearer Alley (Chiſwel Street) 3-12 b85
Powel’s Alley (Chiſwel Street) 3-12 b97
Mobb’s Yard (Chiſwel Street) 3-12 b98
Duke of Newcaſtle’s Houſe (Clerkenwel Cloſe) 2-4 A6
New Priſon (Clerkenwel Green) 2-4 N/A
New Priſon, or Bridewel (Clerkenwel Cloſe) 2-4 N/A
Bishop’s Court 5-12 e39
Nun’s Court 6-12 f66
Brickington’s Court (Coleman Street) 6-12 f67
White Lyon Court (Coleman Street) 6-12 f68
White Roſe Court (Coleman Street) 6-12 f71
Wind-Mill Court (Coleman Street) 7-12 h18
Packer’s Court (Coleman Street) 7-12 h19
Kings Arms Court 7-12 N/A
Glean Alley (Coleman Street) e40 5-12
Swan Alley (Coleman Street) N/A 5-12
Chimney Alley (Coleman Street) 6-12 f65
Cradle Alley (Coleman Street) 6-12 f69
White’s Alley (Coleman Street) 6-12 f70
Bell Alley (Coleman Street) 6-12 N/A
Bell Inn 5-12 A66
Black Raven (Coleman Street) 5-12 A67
White Hart Inn (Coleman Street) 6-12 B16
White Horſe Inn (Coleman Street) 6-12 B17
Crown Inn (Coleman Street) 6-12 B18
Coach and Horſes Inn (Coleman Street) 6-12 B19
Armorers Hall (Coleman Street) 5-12 A65
St. Stephen Coleman Street Church (Coleman Street) 5-12 B56
Whittington’s College (College Hill) 10-11 m15
Duke of Buckingham’s Houſe (College Hill) 10-11 C19
Cutlers Hall (Cloak Lane) 9-12 C21
Inn-Holders Hall (Elbow Lane) 10-12 C34
Caſtle Court (Cornhil) 8-13 i64
Star Court (Cornhil) 7-15 h50
Swithins Alley (Cornhil) 7-14 h45
Caſtle Alley (Cornhil) 8-13 i63
Popes Head Alley (Cornhil) 8-13 i65
Exchange Alley (Cornhil) 8-13 i66
Harp Alley (Cornhil) 8-14 i69
St. Michael’s Alley (Cornhil) 8-14 i70
St. Peter’s Alley (Cornhil) 8-14 i73
Freeman’s Yard (Cornhil) 8-14 i68
Newman’s Yard (Cornhil) 8-14 i71
Weigh Houſe Yard (Cornhil) 8-14 i72
Royal Exchange (Cornhil) 8-14 N/A
St. Peter’s Cornhil Church (Cornhil) 8-14 N/A
St. Michael Cornhil Church (Cornhil) 8-14 N/A
Sun (Birching Lane) 8-14 n60
George Alley (Birching Lane) 8-14 n59
Jacob’s Court (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c43
Black Lyonh Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c38
Falconers Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c39
Flower-de-luce Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c40
Dagger Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c41
Frying Pan Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c42
Sharp’s Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c44
Coffin Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c45
Cradle Alleyt (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c46
Sun Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c47
Red Lyon Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c48
Wharf’s Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c49
White Horſe Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c50
Laſt Alley 4-5 c51
Blind Beggar Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c52
Three Tun Alley (Cow Croſs) 4-5 c53
Bliſs’s Court 7-18 h73
Crown Court (Crouchet Fryers 9-17 l59
Brown’s Court (Crouchet Fryers) 9-18 l61
French Ordinary Court (Crouchet Fryers) 9-18 l60
Cock Alley (Crouchet Fryers) 8-18 i90
Gun-Powder Alley (Crouchet Fryers) 8-18 i91
Horſhoe Alley (Crouchet Fryers) 8-18 i92
Carpetners Yard (Crouchet Fryers) 7-18 h74
Burnt Yard (Crouchet Fryers) 9-18 l62
Allum Yard (Crouchet Fryers) 9-18 l63
Chain Alley (Crouchet Fryers) 9-18 l64
Chequer Yard (Doug-Gate Hill) 10-12 m57
Chequer Inn (Dough-Gate Hill) 10-12 C35
Tallow Chanlders Hall (Dough-Gate Hill) 9-12 C22
Skinners Hall (Dough-Gate Hill) 10-12 C33
St. John Baptiſt Church (Dough-Gate Hill) 10-12 N/A
Dukes Place Court (Dukes Place) 7-17 N/A
Roſe Alley (Dukes Place) 7-17 h55
Pav’d Alley (Dukes Place) 7-18 h69
Sugar Bakers Yard (Dukes Place) 7-17 h56
Plow Yard (Dukes Place) 7-18 h71
Dark Entry (Dukes Place) 7-18 h70
St. James Dukes Place Church (Dukes Place) 7-18 N/A
St. Dunſtan’s Court (St. Dunſtans Hill) 10-16 m84
Prieſts Alley (St. Dunſtans Hill) 10-16 m82
Church Yard Alley (St. Dunſtans Hill) 10-16 m83
St. Dunſtan’s in the Eaſt Church 10-16 N/A
White Bell Alley (Great Eaſt Cheap) 9-14 l31
Rat Alley (Great Eaſt Cheap) 9-14 l32
Swan Alley (Great Eaſt Cheap) 10-14 m70
Kiffit’s Court (St. Michael’s Lane) 10-14 m76
Fenn Court (St. Michael’s Lane) 10-4 m77
Meeting Houſe Yard (St. Michael’s Lane) 10-14 m75
St. Michael Crooked Lane Church (St. Michael’s Lane) 10-14 N/A
Turner’s Alley (Little Eaſt-Cheap) 10-15 l43
Butchers Hall (Pudding Lane) 10-15 C39
Buttolph Alley (Buttolph Lane) 10-15 m80
St. George Butolph Church (Buttolph Lane) 10-15 C40
Broven’s Court (Philpot Lane) 9-15 l44
Moſeley’s Court 9-15 l45
Cullum Court (Rood Lane) 9-15 l42
St. Margaret Patton’s Church (Rood Lane) 9-15 N/A
Jenning’s Rents (Eaſt Smithfield) 10-20 n3
Blue Anchor Alley (St. Katherines Lane) 10-20 n9
Clark’s Alley (St. Katherines Lane) 10-20 n10
Ball Alley (St. Katherines Lane) 10-20 n11
Red Lyon Alley (St. Katherines Lane) 10-20 n12
Stone Alley (St. Katherines Lane) 11-20 n54
Baily’s Court (Faſhion Street) 3-19 c17
Horſhoe Alley (Faſhion Street) 3-19 c15
Hares Alley (Faſhion Street) 3-19 c16
Three Link Alley (Faſhion Street) 3-20 c18
Fell Court (Fell Street) 5-10 e22
Ingram’s Court (Fenchurch Street) 9-15 l38
St. Pauls Court (Fenchurch Street) 9-15 l41
Chriſtal Court (Fenchurch Street) 9-16 l49
Culver Court (Fenchurch Street) 8-16 l81
Cradle Alley (Fenchurch Street) 9-15 l40
Fenchurch Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-16 i80
Star Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 i83
Py Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 i84
Sugar Loaf Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 i85
Spectacle Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 i87
Northumberland Alley (Fenchurch Street) 8-18 i89
Ironmongers Hall (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 B91
Mr. Tho. Papillon’s Houſe (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 C54
St. Katherine Coleman Church (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 N/A
St. Gabriel Fenchurch Church (Fenchurch Street) 8-17 N/A
Dunſtan’s Court (Mincing Lane) 9-16 l50
Bell Yard (Mincing Lane) 9-16 l51
Cloath Workers hall (Mincing Lane) 9-16 C35
Pick Axe Alley (Mark Lane) 9-17 l52
Well Alley (Mark Lane) 9-17 l53
Bell-wheell Alley (Mark Lane) 9-17 l54
Sugar Loaf Alley (Mark Lane) 9-17 l55
Navy Office (Mark Lane) 9-17 C26
St. Mary Staining Church (Mark Lane) 9-17 N/A
Billiter Court (Billiter Lane) 7-17 h64
Finſbury Stables (Finsbury) 3-12 A22
Black Horſe and Bell Inn 3-12 A23
Star Court (Old Fiſh Street) 9-9 k98
Moor’s Yard (Old Fiſh Street) 9-9 k94
St. Nicholas Cole-Abby Church (Old Fiſh Street) 9-9 N/A
Sugar Loaf Court (Little Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 l1
Cradle Court (Little Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 l2
Bell Alley (Little Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 l3
Cinamon Court (Old Fiſh-ſtreet Hill 10-9 m34
Bell Alley (Old Fiſh-ſtreet Hill) 10-9 m33
Bell Inn (Old Fiſh-ſtreet Hill) 10-9 C30
St. Mary Mounthaw Church (Old Fiſh-ſtreet Hill) 10-9 N/A
Kings Head Court (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-14 m72
GLobe Alley (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-14 m73
Bell Yard (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-14 m71
St. Margaret’s Church Yard (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-15 m79
Star Inn (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-15 C41
The Fiery Pillar (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-15 N/A
St. Leonard Eaſt Cheap Church (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-15 N/A
St. Margaret’s New Fiſh ſtreet Church (New Fiſh Street Hill) 10-15 N/A
Flying Horſe (Fleet Street) 9-3 k29
Bull Head Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 k30
Ship Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 k32
Hen and Chicken Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 k33
Myter Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 k34
Falcon Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 K35
Rainbow Court (Fleet Street) 9-3 K37
Bolt and Tun Court (Fleet Street) 9-4 k41
Boreſhead Court (Fleet Street) 9-4 k42
Hanging Sword Court (Fleet Street) 9-5 k47
White Lyon Court (Fleet Street) 9-5 k48
Two Cranes Court (Fleet Street) 8-3 h94
Red Lyon Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 h95
Morecroft’s Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 h94
Dunſtan’s Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 h97
Bolt Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 h98
Three King Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 h99
Hind Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 i1
Wine Office Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 i2
Three Falcon Court (Fleet Street) 8-4 i3
Brides Court (Fleet Street) 8-5 i14
Peterborough 8-5 i15
Cock and Py Court (Fleet Street) 8-5 i19
Hart Court (Fleet Street) 8-5 i20
Flower-de-luce Alley (Fleet Street) 8-3 h93
Poppinge Alley (Fleet Street) 8-5 i16
Black Horſe Alley (Fleet Street) 8-5 i17
Ram Alley (Fleet Street) 9-4 k36
Brides Alley (Fllet Street) 9-5 k49
Milk Yard (Fleet Street) 8-5 i18
Red Lyon Inn (Fleet Street) 8-4 B75
White Horſe Inn (Fleet Street) 8-4 B76
Bolt and Tun Inn (Fleet Street) 9-4 B98
Serjeant’s Inn (Fleet Street) 9-4 N/A
St. Dunſtan’s Church (Fleet Street) 9-4 N/A
Hemlocks Court (Sheer Lane) 9-2 k15
Corwn Court (Sheer Lane) 9-2 k22
Inner Temple (Inner Temple Lane) 9-3 N/A
Middle Temple (Middle Temple Lane) 9-3 N/A
Clifford’s Inn Lane (Clifford’s Inn Lane) 9-3 N/A
Ducks Court (Chancery Lane) 7-2 N/A
Crown Court (Chancery Lane) 9-2 k19
Spread Eagle Court (Chancery Lane) 9-2 k20
Feathers Alley (Chancery Lane) 8-2 h89
Curſitors Alley (Chancery Lane) 7-2 N/A
White’s Alley (Chancery Lane) 7-2 N/A
Lincoln’s Inn (Chancery Lane) 7-2 N/A
Curſitor’s Office (Chancery Lane) 7-2 N/A
Simond’s Inn (Chancery Lane) 8-2 B71
Six Clarks Office (Cancery Lane) 8-2 B73
Chancery Office (Chancery Lane) 8-2 B73
Serjeant’s Inn (Rolls) 9-3 B97
Popes Head Court (Jack-a-napes Lane) 6-2 k17
Roſe and Crown Court (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g34
Three Hporſhoe Alley (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g35
Church Yard Alley (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g35
Nevil’s Alley (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g38
Pink’s Alley (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g39
Bolt and Tun Alley (Fetter Lane) 8-3 h91
Three Leg Alley (Fetter Lane) 8-3 h92
Plow Yard (Fetter Lane) 7-3 g36
Mag-Py Yard (Fetter Lane) 7-3 N/A
Bond’s Stables (Fetter Lane) 8-3 B74
Mag-Py Inn (Fetter Lane) 7-3 B32
White Horſe Inn (Fetter Lane) 7-3 B33
Red Hart Inn (Fetter Lane) 7-3 B34
Dove Court (Water Lane) 9-4 n63
Hanging Sword Alley (Water Lane) 9-4 k43
Black Horſe Inn (Water Lane) 9-4 B99
Box’s Court (Shoe Lane) 7-4 g40
Robin Hood (Shoe Lane) 7-4 g41
Cock-Pit (Shoe Lane) 7-4 g42
Brown’s Court (Shoe Lane) 7-4 g43
Falcon Court (Shoe Lane) 7-4 g44
Roſe and Crown (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g53
Love’s Court (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g54
Globe Court (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i6
Ben Johnſon’s Court (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i7
Fountain Court (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i8
Angel Court (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i9
Vine Court (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i12
Kings Head Court (Shoe Lane) 8-4 i4
Harp Alley (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i10
Curryers Alley (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i11
Church Yard Alley (Shoe Lane) 8-5 i13
Eagle and Child Alley (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g49
George Alley (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g52
Brewers Yard (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g50
Queen Arms Yard (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g51
Molin’s Rents (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g45
Iſaac’s Rents (Shoe Lane) 7-5 g46
Wind Mill Inn (Shoe Lane) 6-5 A88
Parſons Court (Bride Lane) 9-5 k54
Bear Court (Bride Lane) 9-6 k56
Bear Yard (Bride Lane) 9-6 k57
Green’s Rents (Bride Lane) 9-6 k55
St. Bridget’s Church (Bride Lane) 9-6 N/A
Bridwel Precinct Chapel (Bride Lane) 9-6 N/A
Red Bull Court (Fore Street) 5-11 e32
Blackwel Hall Court (Fore Street) 5-11 e33
Purſe Alley (Fore Street) 5-11 e93
Three Dagger Alley (Fore Street) 4-11 c92
Unicorn Alley (Fore Street) 4-11 d7
Church Rents (Fore Street) 4-11 d9
Clun’s Yard (Fore Street) 4-11 d8
White Hind Yard (Fore Street) 4-10 d6
White Horſe Inn (Fore Street) 5-11 c91
Lariner’s Hall (Fore Street) 5-11 A78
Rams Head Court (Moor Lane) 4-11 N/A
Seven Star Court (Moor Lane) 4-11 N/A
Sugar Loaf Court (Moor Lane) 4-11 N/A
Sugar Loaf Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d10
Butlers Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d12
Cock Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d13
Horſhoe Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d14
Maidenhead Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d17
Harp Alley (Moor Lane) 4-11 d18
Carr Yard (Moor Lane) 4-11 d11
Bell Yard (Moor Lane) 4-11 d15
Maidenhead Yard (Moor Lane) 4-11 d16
Blue Bore Court (Friday Street) 8-10 i44
Angel Court (Friday Street) 8-10 i45
Bell Inn (Friday Street) 8-9 B80
Sarazen’s Head Inn (Friday Street) 8-9 B81
White Horſe Inn (Friday Street) 8-9 C16
St. Mathew Friday Street Church (Friday Street) 8-9 N/A
St. Margaret Moſes Church (Friday Street) 9-9 N/A
Aſhurſt’s Court (Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 k86
Bucks Head (Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 k87
Cordwainers Hall (Diſtaff Lane) 9-9 N/A
Sugar Loaf Court (Garlick Hill) 10-11 m47
Three Crown Court (Garlick Hill) 10-11 m48
Newman’s Rents (Garlick Hill) 10-11 m46
St. James Garlick Hith Church (Garlick Hill) 10-11 N/A
Maidenhead Court (Maiden Lane) 10-11 n56
Pincock Alley (Giltſpur Street) 6-7 f37
Corbet’s Court (Grace-church Street) 8-14 i75
Bores Head Court (Grace-church Street) 8-15 i77
Tobacco Roll Court (Grace-church Street) 8-15 i78
White Hart Court (Grace-church Street) 9-14 l33
Crown Court (Grace-church Street) 9-15 l46
Talbot Court (Grace-church Street) 9-15 l48
Jeruſalem Alley (Grace-church Street) 9-15 l47
Bell Yard (Grace-church Street) 8-14 i76
Croſs Keys Inn (Grace-church Street) 8-15 B86
Spread Eagle Inn (Grace-church Street) 8-15 B87
St. Bonnet Grace Church (Grace-church Street)
Croſs Dagger Court (Grub Street) 3-11 b87
Five Inkhorn Court (Grub Street) 3-11 b91
Robin Hood Court (Grub Street) 3-11 b93
Paviors Court (Grub Street) 3-11 b94
Croſs Keys Court (Grub Street) 4-11 c97
Soldiers Court (Grub Street) 4-11 c99
Flower-de-luc(Grub Street)e 4-11 d1
Flying Horſe Court (Grub Street) 4-11 d2
Honey Suckle Court (Grub Street) 4-11 d4
Ball Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 b88
Broad Arrow Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 b89
Seven Star Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 n90
Sun Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 b92
Bell Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 b95
Maidenhead Alley (Grub Street) 3-11 b96
Bntlers Alley (Grub Street) 4-11 b98
Bell Alley (Grub Street) 4-11 d3
Clun’s Yard (Grub Street) 4-11 d6
Huit’s Rents (Grub Street) 4-11 d5
Red Lyon Inn (Grub Street) 3-11 A21
Black Bull Inn (Hatton-Wall Street) 3-3 A10
Lamb’s Court (Hart Street) 5-10 e12
Bowyer’s Court (Hart Street) 5-10 e15
Lamb’s Alley (Hart Street) 5-10 e13
Ship Yard (Hart Street) 5-10 e14
Sir John Lawrence’s Houſe (Great St. Hellens) 7-16 B67
St. Hellen’s Church (Great St. Hellens) 7-16 N/A
Leather-Sellers (Little St. Hellens) 6-16 N/A
Three Pigeon Alley (Hockley-Hole) 2-3 a68
Bull Head Alley 2-4 a70
Coulter’s Yard (Hockley-Hole) 2-4 a65
Lee’s Yard (Hockley-Hole) 2-4 a66
Adam’s Yard (Hockley-Hole) 2-4 a67
White Swan Yard (Hockley-Hole) 2-4 a69
Dickenſon’s Yard (Towns-End, or Cod-piece Row) 2-3 a64
Breeches Yard (Towns-End, or Cod-piece Row) 2-3 N/A
Pav’d Court (Holborn) 6-2 f2
Bartlet’s (Holborn) 6-4 f10
St. Andrew’s Court (Holborn) 6-4 f11
Scroop’s Court (Holborn) 6-4 f12
Sutton’s Court (Holborn) 6-4 f13
Turks Head Alley (Holborn) 6-1 e96
Fleece Alley (Holborn) 6-1 e97
Baker’s Alley (Holborn) 6-2 f1
Fiſher’s Alley (Holborn) 6-2 f3
White’s Alley (Holborn) 6-3 f8
White Horſe Alley (Holborn) 6-3 f9
Feather’s Alley (Holborn) 6-15 f16
Horn Alley (Holborn) 6-5 f17
Plow Yard (Holborn) 6-5 f14
Fuller’s Rents (Holborn) 6-1 e95
Three Arrow Inn (Holborn) 6-1 A79
Greyhound Inn (Holborn) 6-3 A80
Crown Inn (Holborn) 6-3 A81
Black Swan Inn (Holborn) 6-3 A82
Chequer Inn (Holborn) 6-3 A84
Bell Inn (Holborn) 6-3 2A84
Black Bull Inn (Holborn) 6-3 A84
Croſs Keys Inn (Holborn) 6-4 A85
Thavy’s Inn (Holborn) 6-4 A86
Swan with two Necks Inn (Holborn) 6-5 A87
Gray’s Inn (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
Simond’s Inn (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
Furnival’s Inn (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
Worwick Houſe (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
Brook Houſe (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
Ely Houſe (Holborn) 6-5 N/A
St. Andrew Holborn Church (Holborn) 6-5 A87
Biſhop’s Head Court (Gray’s Inn Lane) 6-2 f4
Roſe and Crown Court (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-2 c33
Spread EAgle Court (Gray’s Inn Lane) 6-2 N/A
Maidenhead Alley 5-2 d62
Pinder of Wakefield Alley (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 d63
Angel Alley (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 d66
Naggs Head Alley (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-1 c20
Barn Yard (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-1 c16
Plow Yard (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 d64
Feathers Yard (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 d65
Kings Head Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 A49
Bull Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 A50
Fox Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 5-2 A51
Black Bull Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-1 A25
Red Lyon Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-1 A26
Cock and Dolphin Inn (Gray’s Inn Lane) 4-1 A27
Red Cow Yard (Leather Lane) 3-2 b26
Katherine-Wheel Yard (Leather Lane) 3-2 b27
Kings Head Yard (Leather Lane) 3-2 d72
Blinkhorn’s Rents (Leather Lane) 4-2 c32
White Hart Inn (Leather Lane) 4-2 A29
Half Moon Court (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c24
Sugar Loaf Court (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c25
Roſe and Crown Court (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c27
Crown Court (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c28
Hoop Alley (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c21
Cock Alley (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c26
George Alley (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c31
Pump Yard (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c29
Snead’s Rents (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c30
Parr’s Rents (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c22
Bradſhaw’s Buildings (Perpool Lane) 4-2 c23
Falcon Inn (Perpool Lane) 4-2 A28
Blue Bore Court (Field Lane) 5-4 d80
George Yard (Field Lane) 5-4 d79
New Inn (Holliwel Street) 10-1 N/A
Flower de luce Court (Hounsditch) 6-17 f93
Caſtle Court (Houndsditch) 6-17 f98
Fire Ball Court(Houdnsditch) 6-17 g2
Red Lyon Court(Houndsditch) 6-17 g5
Three Bowl Court (Houndsditch) 6-17 g6
Joyners Court (Houndsditch) 6-17 g9
Roſe and Crown Court (Hounsditch) 7-18 h67
Still Alley (Houndsditch) 5-17 e64
Wood Pack Alley (Houndsditch) 5-17 e65
Three Crown Alley (Houndsditch) 6-17 f95
Scummer Alley (Houndsditch) 6-17 f96
Fire Ball Alley (Houndsditch) 6-17 g1
Crown Alley (Houndsditch) 6-17 g4
Clocker’s Alley (Houndsditch) 7-18 h66
Flying Horſe Yard (Houndsditch) 5-16 e62
Dolton’s Yard (Houndsditch) 5-17 e63
Cole’s Yard (Houndsditch) 6-17 f94
Cock and Hoop Yard (Houndsditch) 6-17 g3
Hendrijck’s Yard (Houndsditch) 6-18 g7
Gun Yard (Houndsditch)( 6-18 g8
Coleman’s Yard (Houndsditch) 7-18 h65
Carpenters Yard 7-18 h68
Three Pigeon Court (Jewin Street) 4-9 c79
Bull Head Court (Jewin Street) 4-9 c80
Goldſmith’s Alley (Jewin Street) 4-9 c78
Red Croſs (Jewin Street) 4-9 c81
Crowder’s Well Alley (Jewin Street) 4-9 c82
Cock Pit Yard (Jewin Street) 4-9 c77
Myter Court (St. John’s Street) 2-6 e94
George Alley (St. John’s Street) 1-5 a3
Hart Alley (St. John’s Street) 1-5 a4
Butchers Alley (St. John’s Street) 2-6 a72
Sun Alley (St. John’s Street) 2-6 a73
Wheat Sheaf Alley (St. John’s Street) 2-6 a74
Golds Alley (St. John’s Street) 2-6 a75
Small Cole Alley (St. John’s Street) 3-6 b51
Piffing Alley (St. John’s Street) 3-6 b52
Frying Pan Alley (St. John’s Street) 3-6 b54
Swan Alley (St. John’s Street) 4-6 c59
Caſtle Yard (St. John’s Street) 4-6 c60
Bottle of Hay Yard (St. John’s Street) 1-4 a2
White Horſe Yard (St. John’s Street) 1-5 N/A
Red Bull Yard (St. John’s Street) 1-5 N/A
Carpetner’s Yard (St. John’s Street) 2-6 a76
Roſe and Crown Yard (St. John’s Street) 3-6 b53
White Hart Inn (St. John’s Street) 1-5 A1
Pewter Platter Inn (St. John’s Street) 2-6 A8
Three Cups Inn (St. John’s Street) 3-6 A32
Wind Mill Inn (St. John’s Street) 4-6 A30
Swan with two Necks Inn (St. John’s Street) 4-6 A31
Golden Lyon Inn (St. John’s Street) 4-6 A32
Bell Inn (St. John’s Street) 4-6 A33
Croſs Keys Inn 4-6 A34
Caſtle Inn 4-6 A35
Hicks’s Hall 4-6 N/A
Vinegar Yard (St. John’s Lane) 3-6 b50
Lord Berkley’s Houſe (St. John’s Lane) 3-6 A11
Black Horſe Alley (Peters Lane) 4-6 c54
Sugar Loaf Alley (Peters Lane) 4-6 c55
Purſe Alley (Peters Lane) 4-6 c56
Peter’s Alley (Peters Lane) 4-6 c57
Foxwel Court (Charterhouſe Lane) 4-7 c63
White Lyon Court (Charterhouſe Lane) 4-7 c64
Angel Alley (Charterhouſe Lane) 4-7 c61
Charterhouſe Yard (Charterhouſe Lane) 4-7 N/A
Charter Houſe (Charterhouſe Lane) 3-6 N/A
Marqueſs of Dorcheſter’s Houſe (Charterhouſe Lane) 3-6 A13
Lord Grey’s Houſe (Charterhouſe Lane) 3-6 A14
Earl of Ailesbury’s Houſe (St. John’s Court) 2-5 A7
Guild Hall (New King Street) 7-11 N/A
St. Lawrence Jewry Church (New King Street) 7-11 N/A
Hart Court (Knight-Rider Street) 9-9 k91
Bull Head Yard (Knight-Rider Street) 9-9 k90
Maidenhead Inn (Kinight-Rider Street) 9-8 c9
Doctors Commons 9-8 c10
Kings Head Court (Sermon Lane) 9-8 k83
Crane Court (Lambeth Hill) 9-9 k92
Lamb Court (Lambeth Hill) 9-9 k93
Labor in vain Yard (Lambeth Hill) 10-9 m23
Blackſmith’s Hall 10-9 c29
Sir Patient Ward’s Houſe 10-13 c38
Olive Tree Court (Leaden Hall Street) 7-15 b64
Kings Head Court (Leaden Hall Street) 7-16 h53
Sharp’s Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-16 h51
Black Raven Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h58
Angel Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h59
Sugar Loaf Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h60
Axe Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h61
Wheat Sheaf Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h62
Lillipot Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h63
George Alley (Leaden Hall Street) 7-18 h72
Little Dakes Place (Leaden Hall Street) 7-17 h57
Bull Inn (Leaden Hall Street) 7-15 B63
King’s Arms Inn (Leaden Hall Street) 7-15 B65
Sarazen’s Head Inn (Leaden Hall Street) 7-18 B69
Pott Inn 8-16 B96
Eaſt India Houſe (Leaden Hall Street) 8-16 B88
Brick-Layers Hall (Leaden Hall Street) 8-16 C52
Whitchurch Houſe (Leaden Hall Street) 8-16 C53
St. Andrew Underſhaft Church (Leaden Hall Street) 8-16 B66
St. Katherine Cree Church (Leaden Hall Street) 8-16 B68
Ball Alley (Lime Street) 7-17 i79
Pewterers Hall (Lime Street) 7-17 C62
Plow Alley (Lincolns Inn Fields) 9-1 k8
Grange Inn (Lincolns Inn Fields) 9-1 B94
Plow Inn (Lincolns Inn Fields) 9-1 B95
Dearing’s Rents (Liquor Pond Street) 3-2 b25
Joyners Court (Loathbury) 7-12 h17
Drapers Court (Loathbury) 7-12 h25
Founders Court (Loathbury) 7-12 h26
Whale Bone Court (Loathbury) 7-13 h27
Green’s Court (Loathbury) 7-13 h28
Princesw Court (Loathbury) 7-13 h29
Falcon Court (Loathbury) 7-13 h30
Boddington’s yard (Loathbury) 7-12 h24
Token-Houſe Yard 7-12 N/A
Sir Nathaniel Horn’s Houſe (Loathbury) 7-12 B54
Sir Henry Tuluc’s Houſe (Loathbury) 7-12 B55
Founders Hall (Loathbury) 7-12 B56
St. Margaret Loathbury Church (Loathbury) 7-12 N/A
London Wall (Loathbury) 5-12 N/A
Helmet Court (Loathbury) 5-12 e38
White Lyon Court (Loathbury) 5-12 e41
Red Lyon Court (Loathbury) 5-12 e42
Croſs Key Court (Loathbury) 5-12 e44
Wreſtlers Court (Loathbury) 5-13 e52
Black Swan Alley (Loathbury) 5-12 e43
Angel Alley (Loathbury) 5-13 e47
Three Pigeon Alley (Loathbury) 5-13 e47
Ball Alley (Loathbury) 5-13 e48
Three Tun Alley (Loathbury) 5-13 e50
Maidenhead Alley (Loathbury) 5-13 e51
Horſe Yard (Loathbury) 5-11 e31
Carpenters Yard (Loathbury) 5-12 e45
Boarded Entry (Loathbury) 5-13 e49
Fox and Gooſe Inn (Loathbury) 5-12 A64
White Horſe Inn (Loathbury) 5-13 A68
Dog and Ber Inn (Loathbury) 5-14 A70
White Hart Inn (Loathbury) 5-14 A71
Naggs Head Inn (Loathbury) 5-14 A72
Curryers Hall (Loathbury) 5-10 A60
Sion College (Loathbury) 5-11 A61
St. Alphage Church (Loathbury) 5-11 N/A
Alhallows on the Wall Church (Loathbury) 5-11 N/A
Sword and Buckler Court (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i25
Flower-de-luce Court (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i26
Dolphin Court (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i27
Bell Savage (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i28
Goat Yard (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i29
Half Moon Alley (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 i30
Bell Savage Inn (Ludgate Hill) 8-6 B77
Cock Alley (Ludgate Street) 8-7 i31
Stationers Rents (Ludgate Street) 8-7 i32
Stationers Hall (Ludgate Street) 8-7 N/A
St. Martin Ludgate Church (Ludgate Street) 8-7 N/A
Scallop Court (Creed Lane) 9-7 k74
Holiday Court (Creed Lane) 9-7 N/A
Holiday Yard (Creed Lane) 9-7 K76
Amen Corner (Ave-Mary Lane) 8-7 N/A
Dove Court (Lumbard Street) 8-13 i67
Angel Court (Lumbard Street) 9-14 l34
Ball Alley (Lumbard Street) 9-14 l35
George Alley (Lumbard Street) 9-14 l36
George Yard (Lumbard Street) 8-14 i64
Sir Robert Vyner’s Houſe (Lumbard Street) 8-13 B85
St. Mary Woolnoth Church (Lumbard Street) 8-13 N/A
St. Edmond Lumbard Street Church (Lumbard Street) 8-13 N/A
Alhallows Lumbard Street Church (Lumbard Street) 8-13 N/A
Bell Court (St. Martins le Grand) 6-9 f54
Deans court (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g83
Kings Head Court (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g84
Round Court (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g90
Four Dove Alley (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g85
Chriſtopher Alley (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g86
Cock Alley (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g87
Baptiſt Alley (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g88
New Rents (St. Martins le Grand) 7-9 g89
St. Anne Alderſgate Church (St. Anne’s Lane) 6-9 N/A
Greyhound Alley (St. Mary Axe) 7-16 n61
Soapers Yard (St. Mary Axe) 6-16 f90
Axe Yard (St. Mary Axe) 6-16 f91
Maſſey’s Court (St. Mary Hill) 10-16 m81
St. Mary Hill Church (St. Mary Hill) 10-16 C43
Munford’s Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h8
St. Clement’s Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h9
Godfrey’s Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h10
Robinſon’s Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h11
Feathers Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h12
Nunnery Court (Milk Street) 7-10 h13
St. Mary Magdalen’s Church (Milk Street) 7-10 N/A
Angel Court (Minories) 7-18 h76
Three Crown Court (Minories) 7-18 h77
Three King Court (Minories) 7-19 h84
Crown Court (Minories) 8-19 k1
Black Horſe Court (Minories) 8-19 k2
Walls Court (Minories) 9-19 l72
Tarr Alley (Minories) 7-18 h78
Black Boy Alley (Minories) 7-19 h82
Red Croſs Alley (Minories) 7-19 h83
Fountain Alley (Minories) 7-19 h85
Well Alley (Minories) 7-19 h87
Brown’s Alley (Minories) 8-19 i96
Squirrel Alley (Minories) 8-19 i97
Swan Alley (Minories) 8-19 i98
Wheeler’s Alley (Minories) 9-19 l70
Wind Mill Alley (Minories) 9-19 l73
Red Lyon Alley (Minories) 9-19 l74
Blue Anchor alley (Minories) 9-19 l75
Ship Yard (Minories) 7-19 h86
Goodman’s Yard (Minories) 8-19 i99
Eales’s Yard (Minories) 8-19 k3
Bell and Wheel Yard(Minories) 8-19 k4
Popes Yard (Minories) 8-19 k6
Frying Pan Yard (Minories) 8-19 k7
Bullock’s Yard (Minories) 9-19 l71
Weeden’s Rents (Minories) 8-19 k5
Yellow Court (Little Minories) 8-19 h88
Shipey’s Yard (Little Minories) 8-19 i94
Heydon’s Yard (Little Minories) 8-19 i95
Heydon Houſe (Little Minories) 8-19 C51
Trinity Minories Church (Little Minories) 8-19 B70
Crown Court (Moor Fields) 5-14 e53
Sun Dyal Court (Moor Fields) 4-14 d25
Cock in Hole Court (Moor Fields) 4-14 d26
Neptune Court (Moor Fields) 4-14 d27
Chriſtopher Alley (Moor Fields) 2-14 b6
Long Alley (Moor Fields) 2-15 a43
Kings Head Alley (Moor Fields) 2-15 b7
Katherine-Wheel Alley (Moor Fields) 2-15 b8
Crown Alley (Moor Fields) 3-14 c1
Hand Alley (Moor Fields) 3-14 c2
Horſhoe Alley (Moor Fields) 3-14 c3
Three Bowl Alley (Moor Fields) 3-15 c5
Thread Needle Alley (Moor Fields) 4-14 d28
Maidenhead Yard (Moor Fields) 4-14 d29
George Yard (Moor Fields) 4-14 d30
Crooked Biller Yard (Moor Fields) 4-14 d31
Still Yard (Moor Fields) 3-14 c4
Crown Court (Little Moor Fields) 5-12 e37
Rope Makers Alley (Little Moor Fields) 3-12 b99
White’s Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d19
Tenter Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d20
Gun Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d31
Harts Horn Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d11
Angel Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d12
Half Moon Alley (Little Moor Fields) 4-12 d24
Hind Alley (Little Moor Fields) 5-12 e34
Bib’s Court (Mugwel Street) 5-10 e16
Doby Court (Mugwel Street) 5-10 e17
Wincheſter Court (Mugwel Street) 5-10 e18
Do-Little’s Yard (Mugwel Street) 5-10 e19
Barber chyrurgeons Hall (Mugwel Street) 5-10 A59
Phoenix Court (Newgate Street) 7-7 g73
Bull Head Court (Newgate Street) 7-8 g77
Lovel’s Court (Newgate Street) 7-8 g79
Three Cup Court (Newgate Street) 7-8 g81
Queens Head Alley (Newgate Street) 7-8 g80
Swan Yard (Newgate Street) 7-7 g72
Grey Flyers (Newgate Street) 7-7 g74
Oxford Arms Inn (Newgate Street) 7-7 B35
Chriſt Church (Newgate Street) 7-7 N/A
Bakers Court (Warwick Lane) 7-7 g77
Warwick Court (Warwick Lane) 7-7 N/A
Bell Inn (Warwick Lane) 7-7 B36
Crown Inn (Warwick Lane) 7-7 B38
Oxford Arms Inn (Warwick Lane) 7-7 B78
Phyſicians College (Warwick Lane) 7-7 B37
Three Tuns Alley (Ivy Lane) 7-8 g76
Hoyl Court (Noble Street) 6-9 f48
Fitz’s Court (Noble Street) 6-9 f49
Dyers Alley (Noble Street) 6-9 f52
St. Anne’s Alleyt (Noble Street) 6-9 f53
Auſtine’s Rents (Noble Street) 6-9 f50
Madock’s Rents (Noble Street) 6-9 f51
Scriveners Hall (Noble Street) 6-9 B2
St. Mary Staining Church (Noble Street) 6-9 N/A
Nun Alley (Norton-Folgate--> 1-16 a52
Williams Alley (Norton-Folgate) 2-16 b9
Porters Alley (Norton-Folgate) 2-16 b10
Brown’s Alley (Norton-Folgate) 2-16 b11
Moor’s Alley (Norton-Folgate) 2-16 b12
Sharp’s Alley (Norton-Folgate) 2-16 b13
Swan Inn (Norton-Folgate) 1-17 A5
Snow’s Alley (Hog Lane) 1-13 a42
Griffin’s Alley (Hog Lane) 1-16 a44
Harris’s Rents (Hog Lane) 1-16 a45
Three Colt’s Inn (Hog Lane) 1-14 A4
Croſſeley’s Court (St. Olave Hart Street) 9-17 l56
St. Olave Hart-ſtreet Church (St. Olave Hart Street) 9-17 c27
Green Arbor Court (Seething Lane) 10-17 m88
Crown Court (Seething Lane) 10-17 m91
Star Alley (Seething Lane) 10-17 m89
Black Boy Alley (Seething Lane) 10-17 m90
Dyers Yard (Seething Lane) 9-17 l57
Carr Yard (Seething Lane) 9-17 l58
Red Croſs Court (Old Bayly) 7-7 g71
Black and White Court (Old Bayly) 8-6 i21
Prigeons Court (Old Bayly) 8-6 i22
Ship Court (Old Bayly) 8-6 i23
Shepherd’s Alley (Old Bayly) 8-6 i24
The Seſſions Houſe (Old Bayly) 8-6 N/A
Cock Court (Fleet Lane) 7-6 g62
Harrow Alley (Fleet Lane) 7-6 g59
Well Yard (Fleet Lane) 7-6 g58
Fiſher’s Rents (Fleet Lane) 7-6 g60
Merryfield’s Rents (Fleet Lane) 7-6 g61
Ellis Court (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 g68
Brown’s Court (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 g69
Dean’s Court (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 g70
Biſhops Head Court (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 N/A
Dunſtan’s Alley (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 g67
Little Green Arbor (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 g66
Green Arbor (Little Old Bayly) 7-6 N/A
Swan Court (Old Change) 8-9 i38
Green Dragon Court (Old Change) 8-9 i39
Purſe Court (Old Change) 8-9 i42
Crane Court (Old Change) 8-9 i43
Phoenix Court (Old Change) 9-9 k88
Black Horſe Court (Old Change) 9-9 k89
Three Daggfer Alley (Old Change) 8-9 i40
Lamb Alley (Old Change) 8-9 i42
Kings Head Inn (Old Change) 9-9 C14
Sarazen’s Head (Little Carter Lane) 9-9 C12
Cap Court (Old Street) 1-7 a13
Leveret’s Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a7
Crooked Billet (Old Street) 1-7 a8
Shew’s Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a9
White Horſe Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a10
Roſe and Crown Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a11
Red Cow Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a12
Cock Inn (Old Street) 1-7 A2
Search Alley (Old Street) 1-7 a6
Fox Horn Court (Old Street) 1-9 a14
Harts Horn (Golding Lane) 1-9 a17
Plough Court (Golding Lane) 1-9 a18
Chequer Court (Golding Lane) 1-9 a19
Kings Head Court (Golding Lane) 1-9 a23
Hand Court (Golding Lane) 1-9 a24
Turks Head Court (Golding Lane) 2-9 a87
Flying Horſe Court (Golding Lane) 2-9 a93
Cocks Head Court (Golding Lane) 3-9 a68
Crown Court (Golding Lane) 3-9 N/A
Sun Court (Golding Lane) 3-10 b69
Black Raven Court (Golding Lane) 3-10 b70
Black Horſe Alley (Golding Lane) 3-10 b71
Jacob’s Well Alley (Golding Lane) 3-10 b72
Horſhoe Alley (Golding Lane) 2-10 a98
Roſe Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a88
Falconers Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a89
Ball Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a90
Porters Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a92
Cupid’s Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a94
Angel Alley (Golding Lane) 3-9 a96
Swan Alley (Golding Lane) 1-9 a22
Frying Pan Alley (Golding Lane) 1-9 a25
Basket Yard (Golding Lane) 1-9 a15
Carpenters Yard (Golding Lane) 1-9 a16
Two Brewers Yard (Golding Lane) 1-9 a20
Chequer Yard (Golding Lane) 1-9 a21
Ship Yard (Golding Lane) 1-9 a26
Ball Yard (Golding Lane) 2-9 a91
George Yard (Golding Lane) 2-9 a95
Vine Yard (Golding Lane) 2-10 a97
Meermaid Court (Pater Noſter Row) 8-7 i33
Petty Cannons Court (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 8-8 i36
Prerogative Court (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 9-8 k78
Black Swan Court (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 9-8 k79
Red Lyon Court (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 9-9 k84
Paul’s Alley (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 8-8 i35
London Houſe (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 8-8 i34
Petty Cannons (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 8-8 i37
Sir William Turners Houſe 9-8 C4
Dean of St. Paul’s Houſe (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 9-8 C5
Prerogative Office (St. Paul’s Church Yard) 9-8 C6
Sir Joſeph Sheldon’s Houſe 9-8 C7
St. Paul’s Cathedral 9-8 N/A
St. Gregory’s Church 9-8 N/A
St. Faith’s Church 9-8 N/A
Paul Bake-houſe Court (Paul’s Chain) 9-8 k82
Bell Court (Carter Lane) 9-8 k81
Bell Yard (Carter Lane) 9-8 k80
Meermaid Inn (Carter Lane) 9-8 C8
Councel’s Alley (Great Pearl Street) 1-18 a61
Moor’s Court (The Poſtern) 5-12 e36
Bradon’s Court (The Poſtern) 5-12 e37
Grocers Alley 8-12 i59
Scalding Alley 8-12 i60
Grocers Hall 8-12 B53
Poultry Competer 8-12 B83
St. Mildred Poultry Church 8-12 B84
St. Mary Wool Church 8-12 N/A
Church Hill (Puddle-Dock Hill) 10-7 m18
Chandellors Rents (Puddle-Dock Hill) 10-7 k77
St. Andrew WArdrobe Church (Puddle-Dock Hill) 10-7 N/A
Green Dragon Court (Pye-Corner) 6-7 f35
Ball Court (Pye-Corner) 6-7 f36
Oxford Arms Inn (Roſemary Lane) 6-7 A97
Red Lyon Court (Cock Lane) 6-6 f30
Horſhoe Court (Cock Lane) 6-6 f34
Well Court (New Queen Street) 8-11 i58
St. Thomas Apoſtles Church (New Queen Street) 8-11 N/A
Pump Yard (Queen Hith) 10-10 m44
Three Herrings Court (Red-Croſs Street) 3-10 b77
Angel Court (Red-Croſs Street) 3-10 b80
Paul’s Alley (Red-Croſs Street) 4-9 c83
Bear and Ragged Staff (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c84
Serpent Alley (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c85
Frying-pan Alley (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c86
Cock Alley (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c88
Graſs-hopper Alley (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c90
Ship Yard (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c87
Cock Yard (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 c89
Golden Lyon Inn (Red-Croſs Street) 3-9 A19
Red Lyon Inn (Red-Croſs Street) 3-10 A21
Inn (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 A40
Church (Red-Croſs Street) 4-10 N/A
Kings Head Court b73 3-10
Glovers Hall Court b75 3-10
Bara Yard b74 3-10
Glovers Hall A20 3-10
Hatton Court (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d74
Blue Court (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d75
Sugar Loaf Court (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d77
Titus Court (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d78
Lamb Alley (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d76
Bell Alley (Saffron Hill) 4-4 c35
Harp Alley (Saffron Hill) 4-4 c36
Cocklrel’s Rents (Saffron Hill) 5-4 d73
Talbot Court (Shoreditch) 1-16 a48
Bowl Court (Shoreditch) 1-16 a49
Kings Head Court (Shoreditch) 1-16 a51
Roſe Alley (Shoreditch) 1-16 a46
Log Alley (Shoreditch) 1-16 a50
Star Alley (Shoreditch) 1-17 a53
Croſs Keys Alley (Shoreditch) 1-17 a47
Rents 1-16 a47
Red Lyon Court (Silver Street) 5-10 e20
Court (ilver Street) 5-10 e21
St. Olave Silver Street Church (Silver Street) 5-10 N/A
Nags Head Court (Snow Hill) 6-6 f29
Green Dragon Court (Snow Hill) 7-6 g63
Wind Mill Court (Snow Hill) 7-6 g64
Angel Court (Snow Hill) 7-6 g65
Bee Hive Alley (Snow Hill) 6-5 f20
Katherine-Wheel Alley (Snow Hill) 6-5 f21
Bell Alley (Snow Hill) 6-5 f23
George Yard (Snow Hill) 6-5 f22
Sarazens Head Inn (Snow Hill) 6-5 A93
Sir Thomas Dravis’s Houſe (Snow Hill) 6-5 B34
Sir Robert Hanſon’s Houſe (Snow Hill) 6-5 N/A
St. Sepulcher’s Church (Snow Hill) 6-5 N/A
Great Bear Alley (Sea-Cole Lane) 7-6 g55
Little Bear Alley (Sea-Cole Lane) 7-6 g56
George Alley (Sea-Cole Lane) 7-6 g57
Gooſe Alley (Sea-Cole Lane) 7-6 g58
Holborn Bridg (Church Lane) 6-7 N/A
Swan Inn (Church Lane) 6-7 A89
Kings Arms Inn (Church Lane) 6-7 A90
Roſe Inn (Church Lane) 6-7 A91
George Inn (Church Lane) 6-6 A92
Southampton Court (Southampton Buildings) 6-1 e98
Northumberland Court (Southampton Buildings) 6-1 f5
Tennis-Court Yard (Southampton Buildings) 6-2 f6
Naked Boy Court (The Strand) 11-1 n13
Angel Court (The Strand) 11-1 n15
Crown Court (The Strand) 10-2 l89
White Horſe Court (The Strand) 10-2 l95
Black Eagle Alley (The Strand) 10-2 l91
Red Croſs Alley (The Strand) 10-2 l92
Three Kings Alley (The Strand) 10-2 l93
Royal Oaks Alley (The Strand) 10-2 l94
Croſs Keys Alley (The Strand) 10-2 l96
Piſſing Alley (The Strand) 10-1 l83
Hand Alley (The Strand) 10-1 l84
White Horſe Alley (The Strand) 10-1 l85
Maidenheade Alley (The Strand) 10-1 l86
Green Dragon Alley (The Strand) 11-1 n14
Axe Yard (The Strand) 11-1 n16
Weavers Yard (The Strand) 10-2 l90
Talbot Inn (The Strand) 11-1 C46
Somerſet Houſe (The Strand) 11-1 N/A
Arundel Houſe (The Strand) 11-1 N/A
Eſſex Houſe (The Strand) 11-1 N/A
St. Clement Danes Church (The Strand) 11-1 N/A
Crown Court (Milford Lane) 10-2 l98
Greyhound (Milford Lane) 10-2 l99
Sugar Loaf Alley (Milford Lane) 10-2 m1
Peacock Yard (Milford Lane) 10-2 l97
Sun Court (Sutton Street) 2-6 a71
Eſſex Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Brick Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Hall Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Hare Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Pump Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Elm Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Vine Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Fig-Tree Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Cloyſter Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Exchequer Court (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Kings-Bench Walks (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Piſſing Alley (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 k39
Temple Church (Middle and Inner Temple) 10-3 N/A
Little Rutland Court (Thames Street) 10-3 m14
Great Rutland Court (Thames Street) 10-7 m15
Helmet Court (Thames Street) 10-8 m21
Green Dragon Court(Thames Street) 10-9 m26
Robin Hood Court(Thames Street) 10-9 m28
Double Hood Court (Thames Street) 10-12 m62
Windgooſe Court (Thames Street) 10-12 m63
Horſhoe Court (Thames Street) 10-16 m86
Vine Court (Thames Street) 11-17 n46
Horn Court (Thames Street) 11-17 n47
Black Boy Alley (Thames Street) 10-9 m25
Boſs Alley (Thames Street) 10-9 m27
Caſtle Alley (Thames Street) 10-9 m20
Bowling Alley (Thames Street) 10-10 m41
Shepherd’s Alley (Thames Street) 10-11 m49
Black Swan Alley (Thames Street) 10-11 m50
Three Tun Alley (Thames Street) 10-14 m74
Red Bull Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n18
Angel Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n19
White Cock Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n20
George Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n21
Black Raven Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n22
Wheat Sheaf Alley (Thames Street) 11-13 n23
Red Croſs Alley (Thames Street) 11-14 n24
Church Yard Alley (Thames Street) 11-14 n25
Brooks’s Alley (Thames Street) 10-9 m30
George Yard (Thames Street) 10-9 m31
Hand Yard (Thames Street) 10-12 m64
Paul’s Wharf (Thames Street) 10-9 N/A
Broken Wharf (Thames Street) 10-9 N/A
Worceſter Place (Thames Street) 10-11 m51
Gully Hole (Thames Street) 11-14 n26
Freſh Wharf (Thames Street) 11-15 n27
Grant’s Key (Thames Street) 11-15 u28
Cox’s Key (Thames Street) 11-15 n29
Hammond’s Key (Thames Street) 11-15 n30
Lyon’s Key (Thames Street) 11-15 n31
Great Somers Key (Thames Street) 11-15 n32
Little Somer’s Key (Thames Street) 11-15 n33
Billing’s Gate (Thames Street) 11-15 N/A
Smart’s Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n34
Great Dice Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n35
Little Dice Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n33
Ralph’s Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n38
Wiggin’s Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n39
Young’s Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n40
Sabb’s Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n41
Little Bear Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n42
Great Bear Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n43
Porter’s Key (Thames Street) 11-17 n44
Cuſtom Houſe Key (Thames Street) 11-16 n45
Galley Key (Thames Street) 11-17 n48
Cheſter’s Key (Thames Street) 11-18 n49
Brewer’s Key (Thames Street) 11-18 n50
Sir George Waterman’s Houſe 11-18 C57
Vintonners Hall (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
Watermans Hall (Thames Street) 11-18 C28
Dyers Hall (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
Fiſhmongers Hall (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
St. Bennet Pauls Wharf Church (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
St. Peter’s Church (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
St. Mary Somerſet Church (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
Great Alhallows Church (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
Little Alhallows Church (Thames Street) 11-18 N/A
St. Magnus Church (Thames Street) 11-18 C59
St. Buttolph Billingſgate Church 11-18 N/A
Common Lane 10-7 m16
Dunghil Lane 10-7 m17
Trinity Court (Little Trinity Lane) 10-10 m39
Huggin Alley (Little Trinity Lane) 10-10 m38
Cowden’s Rents (Little Trinity Lane) 10-10 m40
Painters Stainers Hall (Little Trinity Lane) 10-10 N/A
Emperhead Lane (Brickhil Lane) 10-12 m58
Fryer Lane (Tennis-Court Lane) 10-12 m60
Joyners Hall (Tennis-Court Lane) 10-12 C37
Trinity Houſe (Water Lane) 10-17 C45
Cuſtom-Houſe Court (Beer Lane) 10-17 m94
Blunderbus Alley (St. Thomas Apoſtles) 9-11 l15
Black Lyon Inn (St. Thomas Apoſtles) 9-11 C18
St. Thomas Apoſtles Church (St. Thomas Apoſtles) 9-11 N/A
Maidenhead Court (Back of St. Thomas Apoſtles) 9-11 l12
Bee-Hive Court (Back of St. Thomas Apoſtles) 9-11 l13
Hatton Court (Thread-Needle Street) 7-14 h47
Crown Court (Thread-Needle Street) 7-14 h48
Horſhoe Alley (Thread-Needle Street) 7-14 h46
Three Nun Alley (Thread-Needle Street) 8-13 i62
Merchant-Taylors Hall (Thread-Needle Street) 8-13 N/A
St. Chriſtophers Church (Thread-Needle Street) 8-13 N/A
St. Bennet Fink Church (Thread-Needle Street) 8-13 N/A
French Church (Thread-Needle Street) 8-13 N/A
Naggs Head Court (Bartholemew Lane) 7-13 h38
Angel Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h32
Copt-Hall Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h33
Warnford Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h34
New Court Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h35
Shorter’s Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h36
Bartholemew Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h37
Nagg’s Head (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h38
Ship Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-13 h39
Crown Court (Throgmorton Street) 7-14 h40
African Houſe (Throgmorton Street) 7-14 C55
Drapers Hall (Throgmorton Street) 7-14 B57
Roſe Court (Tower Street) 10-17 m92
Red Croſs Court (Tower Street) 10-17 m95
Swan Court (Tower Street) 10-17 m96
Fook’s Court (Tower Street) 10-17 m97
Mercers Court (Tower Street) 10-17 m98
Chitterling Alley (Tower Street) 10-17 m93
Prieſt’s Alley (Tower Street) 10-18 n1
Barking Yard (Tower Street) 10-18 m99
Carpenters Yard (Tower Street) 10-16 m85
Alhallows Barking Church (Tower Street) 10-6 N/A
Black and White Alley (Great Tower Hill) 9-19 l65
Red Cow Alley (Great Tower Hill) 9-19 l66
Still Yard (Great Tower Hill) 10-19 n2
George Yard (Great Tower Hill) 10-19 N/A
Sweadland Court (Little Tower Hill) 9-20 l82
Hand and Hatchet Alley (Little Tower Hill) 9-19 l67
Bell Alley (Little Tower Hill) 9-19 l76
Preſton’s Yard (Little Tower Hill) 9-19 l68
Gun Yard (Little Tower Hill) 9-20 l77
Roſemary Branch (Roſemary Lane) 9-20 l80
Child’s Alley (Roſemary Lane) 9-20 l81
Katherine Wheel Yard (Roſemary Lane) 9-20 l78
White Horſe Yard (Roſemary Lane) 9-20 l79
Plow Alley (Tower Ditch) 10-20 n5
Harrow Alley (Tower Ditch) 10-20 n7
Eagle and Child Alley (Tower Ditch) 10-20 n8
Horn Alley (Tower Ditch) 11-20 n51
Goat Alley (Tower Ditch) 11-20 n53
Blue Anchor Yard (Tower Ditch) 10-20 n4
Yoksley’s Yard (Tower Ditch) 10-20 n6
Gun Yard (Tower Ditch) 11-20 n52
Flemiſh Church Yard (Tower Ditch) 11-20 N/A
Cats Hole (Tower Ditch) 11-20 n55
Strawberry Court (Tower-Royal Street) 9-11 l14
Tower-Royal Court (Tower-Royal Street) 9-11 l37
St. Michael Royal Church (Tower-Royal Street) 9-11 N/A
Black Spread-Eagle Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b32
White Foot Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b33
Cynnamon Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b34
Wind Mill Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b35
Bits Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b36
Frying Pan Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b37
Roſe Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b38
Stewart’s Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b39
George Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b40
Bell Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b41
White Horſe Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b42
Block Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b43
Jack Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b44
Bell Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b45
Cock Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b46
White Hart Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b47
Bowling Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 c37
Garden Alley (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b48
Lowman’s Rents (Turn-Mill Street) 3-4 b49
Vine Court (Vine Street) b31 3-4
Rents b28 3-4
Angel Alley 4-20 d60
Burton’s Rents 4-20 d61
Red Lyon Court (Brick Lane) 4-20 d57
Lamb Court (Spittle Fields) 3-19 N/A
Corbett’s Court (Browns Lane) 2-19 N/A
Stephen’s Alley (Browns Lane) 2-19 b22
Sugar Loaf Alley (Browns Lane) 2-19 b21
Caſtle Alley (Weſtbury Street) 1-18 a60
Hanging Sword Alley (Weſtbury Street) 1-19 a62
Compaſs Alley (Weſtbury Street) 1-19 a63
St. Bartholemews Court (West-Smithfield) 6-7 f32
Adam and Eve Alley (West-Smithfield) 4-6 c62
Rayn’s Yard (West-Smithfield) 6-7 f31
Katherine Wheel Yard (West-Smithfield) 5-6 d49
Roſe Inn (West-Smithfield) 5-6 A52
Kings Head Inn (West-Smithfield) 5-6 A53
Greyhound Inn (West-Smithfield) 5-6 A54
George Inn (West-Smithfield) 5-6 A55
Antelope Inn (West-Smithfield) 6-7 A94
Dolphin Inn (West-Smithfield) 6-7 A95
Harts Horn Inn (West-Smithfield) 6-7 A96
Woolpack Inn (West-Smithfield) 4-6 A36
Ram Inn (West-Smithfield) 4-6 A37
Bear Inn (West-Smithfield) 4-7 A38
Bell Inn (West-Smithfield) 4-7 A39
St. Bartholemew’s Hoſpital 4-7 N/A
Little St. Bartholemew’s Church 4-7 N/A
Greyhound Court (Chick Lane) 5-5 d82
St. John’s Court (Chick Lane) 5-5 d85
Sun Court (Chick Lane) 5-5 d86
Martin’s Court (Chick Lane) 5-5 d88
Croſs Keys Court (Chick Lane) 5-5 d89
Horſhoe Court (Chick Lane) 5-6 d91
Blue Bore Court (Chick Lane) 5-6 d93
Church Yard Alley (Chick Lane) 5-6 d92
Thatch Alley (Chick Lane) 5-5 d84
White Horſe Alley (Chick Lane) 5-5 d87
Brewers Yard (Chick Lane) 5-5 d81
Old Yard (Chick Lane) 5-5 d83
Hide’s Rents (Chick Lane) 5-6 d90
Bores Head Court (Cows Lane) 5-6 d95
Black Raven Court (Cows Lane) 5-6 d96
Pheaſant Court (Cows Lane) 5-6 d97
Foxe’s Court (Cows Lane) 5-6 f25
Green Dragon Court (Cows Lane) 6-6 f26
Bull Head Court (Cows Lane) 6-6 f27
St. John’s Court (Cows Lane) 6-6 d85
Turners Alley (Cows Lane) 6-6 f28
White Lyon Yard (Cows Lane) 6-6 f24
Well Yard (Cows Lane) 5-6 d98
Three Dyamond Court (Hoſyer Lane) 6-6 n62
Bell Alley (Hoſyer Lane) 6-6 n57
Red Lyon Court (Wheelers Street) 1-18 a58
Three Crown Court (Wheelers Street) 1-18 a59
Bell Alley (Wheelers Street) 1-18 a55
Roſe Alley (Wheelers Street) 1-18 a56
Prince of Orange Alley (Wheelers Street) 1-18 a57
Bell Alley (Wheelers Street) 2-18 b20
Gloceſter Court (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a32
Three King Court (White Croſs Street) 2-10 a99
Three Malt Men Court (White Croſs Street) 2-10 b3
Round Hoop Court (White Croſs Street) 2-10 b4
Caſtle Court (White Croſs Street) 3-10 b81
John Baptiſt Court (White Croſs Street) 3-10 b82
Roſe and Crown Court (White Croſs Street) 3-11 b79
Three Leg Court (White Croſs Street) 4-10 c93
Horſhoe Alley (White Croſs Street) 4-10 c95
Half Moon Alley (White Croſs Street) 4-11 c96
Goat Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a28
Shipley’s Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a29
Sugar Loaf Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a30
Chequer Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a35
Adam and Eve Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a36
Satchel Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a37
Soapers Alley (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a38
Cherry-Tree Alley (White Croſs Street) 2-10 b1
Coopers Alley (White Croſs Street) 2-10 b2
Graſs-Hopper Alley (White Croſs Street) 3-10 b76
Bouling Alley (White Croſs Street) 3-10 b83
White Roſe Alley (White Croſs Street) 3-11 b78
Goat Yard (White Croſs Street) 1-9 a27
White Lyon Yard (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a31
Scott’s Yard (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a33
Bear and Ragged Staff Yard (White Croſs Street) 1-10 a34
Sir Reginald Foſter’s Houſe (White Croſs Street) 1-10 A3
Croſs Keys Inn (White Croſs Street) 4-10 A47
Harts Horn Court (White Chapel) 6-19 g21
Iriſh Court (White Chapel) 6-19 g23
Elephant Court (White Chapel) 6-20 g27
Peacock Court (White Chapel) 6-20 g28
Half Moon Court (White Chapel) 6-20 g29
White Hart Court (White Chapel) 6-20 g31
Swan Alley (White Chapel) 6-20 g25
Blue Anchor Alley (White Chapel) 6-20 g26
Eagle and Child Alley (White Chapel) 6-20 g30
Black Bull Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g14
Parot Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g15
White Horſe Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g16
Anchor and Hart Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g17
Bores Head Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g20
Sun Alley (White Chapel) 6-19 g22
Hatchet Alley (White Chapel) 6-18 g11
White Bear Alley (White Chapel) 6-18 g12
Sun and Trumpet Alley (White Chapel) 6-18 g13
Wind Mill Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e81
Plow Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e82
Cock Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e83
Greyhound Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e84
Church Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e86
Bell Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e87
Bolt and Tun Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e88
Katherine Wheel Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e89
Three Boul Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e90
Grid-iron Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e91
Moſes and Aaron Alley (White Chapel) 5-20 e92
Harrow Alley (White Chapel) 7-19 h79
Bell Alley (White Chapel) 7-19 h80
Chequer Yard (White Chapel) 7-19 h11
Conduit Yard (White Chapel) 7-18 h75
George Yard (White Chapel) 5-20 e80
Spread Eagle Yard (White Chapel) 5-20 e85
Red Lyon Yard (White Chapel) 6-19 g24
White Hart Yard (White Chapel) 6-20 g32
Red Lyon Inn (White Chapel) 5-20 A76
Naggs Head Inn (White Chapel) 5-20 A77
Crown Inn (White Chapel) 6-18 B29
Three Nun Inn (White Chapel) 6-18 B30
Blue Bore Inn (White Chapel) 6-19 B31
St. Buttolph Aldgate Church 6-19 N/A
Bird in Hand (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e66
Sun Court (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e72
Harrow Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e68
Three Tun Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e71
Black Bell Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e73
Horſhoe Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e74
Seven Step Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e75
Frying-Pan Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 4-17 d53
Kings Head Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 4-17 d54
Smock Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 4-17 N/A
Still Alley (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-19 e78
Hemp Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-19 e77
Bores Head Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 6-19 g18
Tripe Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 6-19 g19
Cobb’s Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e67
Bates’s Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e69
Sheer’s Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 5-18 e70
Gun Yard (Petty-Coat Lane) 4-17 d52
Thrapſton’s Court (White-Fryers) 9-4 k44
Eſſex Court (White-Fryers) 9-4 k45
Aſhen-Tree Court (White-Fryers) 9-4 k46
Dogwel Court (White-Fryers) 9-4 N/A
Creſſer’s Court (White-Fryers) 10-4 m2
Cloath-Workers Court (White-Fryers) 10-4 m3
Crown Court (Water Lane) 10-4 m4
New Inn (Wich Street) 10-1 N/A
Pav’d Court (Wood Street) 6-10 f56
Maidenhead Court (Wood Street) 6-10 f58
Shovel Court (Wood Street) 7-10 h5
Fryer Court (Wood Street) 7-10 h6
Coach and Horſes Court (Wood Street) 7-10 h7
Swan Alley (Wood Street) 6-10 f59
Bell Inn (Wood Street) 6-10 B5
Coach and Horſes Inn (Wood Street) 6-10 B9
Caſtle Inn (Wood Street) 6-10 B10
Croſs Keys Inn (Wood Street) 7-10 B47
Wood Street Compter (Wood Street) 7-10 B46
Clerks Hall (Wood Street) 6-10 B4
St. Michael Wood-ſtreet Church 6-10 B45
St. Alban Wood-ſtreet Church 6-10 N/A
Wooley’s Court (Maiden Lane) 6-10 f57
Mutton Court (Maiden Lane) 7-10 g99
Wax-Chandellors Hall (Maiden Lane) 7-10 B43
Haberdaſhers Hall (Maiden Lane) 7-10 B8
Sir Thomas Bludworth’s Houſe (Maiden Lane) 6-9 B3
St John Zachary Church (Maiden Lane) 6-9 N/A
Swann with two Necks (Ladd Lane) 6-10 B11
Pav’d Court (Huggin Lane) 7-10 h1
Helmet Court (Wormwood Street) 5-15 n63
Hand Alley (Wormwood Street) 5-15 e55
Queens Head Alley (Wormwood Street) 5-15 e56
Cock Alley (Wromwood Street) 5-15 e57
Wincheſter Street 6-14 f74

The ſeveral Marks and Names of the Wards, Pariſhes, and Liberties

A Faringdon Without
B Faringdon Within
C Bainard-Caſtle
D Bread-Street
E Queen-Hith
F Cordwainers
G Walbrook
H Vintry
I Dowgate
K Broad-Street
L Cornhil
M Cheap
N Baſſiſhaw
O Coleman-Street
P Biſhoſgate
Q Cripplegate
R Alderſgate
S Billingſgate
T Lime-Street
U Langborn
W Portſoken
X Aldgate
Y CAndlewick
Z Bridg
T Tower

Pariſhes and Liberties

1 St. James Clerkenwel
2 St. Giles Cripple-Gate
3 St. Leonard Shoreditch
4 Norton-Folgate Liberty
5 St. Butolph Biſhopſgate
6 Stepney
7 St. Stephen Coleman Street
8 Alhallows on the Wall
9 St. Andrew Holborn
10 St. Giles in the Fields
11 St. Sepulchersw


  1. Transcriber unable to make out placename. (MDH)
  2. A84 is a repeated gazetteer ID, denoting both Bell Inn and Black Bull Inn. It may be that both inns are located in the same building, or it could be a mistake in the source document. No duplicate A84 ids are evident on the Large Map itself. (LS)

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