Dowgate was a watergate opening to the Thames in Dowgate Ward, near Walbrook (Harben). According to Carlin and Belcher, Dowgate was a place where ships unloaded (Carlin and Belcher 72). According to Harben, Dowgate was called Duuegate, Douuegate, or Douegate, in the 12th and 13th centuries but because Stow mistook the second u for an n, the gate also became known as Downgate (Harben). According to Harben, the site is now occupied by Dowgate Dock (Harben).


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Disambiguation for Dowgate

Dowgate or Downgate is the name of several features in London. Dowgate was a watergate on the north side of the Thames in Dowgate Ward. It gave its name to Dowgate Ward and Dowgate Street.