Lambeth Hill

Lambeth Hill ran north-south between Knightrider Street and Thames Street. Part of it lay in Queenhithe Ward and part in Castle Baynard Ward. The Blacksmiths’ Hall was located on the west side of this street, but the precise location is unknown.
About Lambert Hill, now known as Lambeth Hill, Stow wrote:
Last of all, haue you Lambart hill lane, so called of one Lambart owner thereof: and this is the furthest west part of this warde.1 (Stow 2:1)
On the north side [of Lambert Hill] comming downe from Knightriders street, the East side of Lambart hill is wholly of this warde:2 and the west side, from the north end of the Blacke-smithes Hall (which is about the middest of this lane) vnto Thames streete. (Stow 2.2)
Next westward, is one other lane called Lambard hill, the East side whereof is wholy of this Warde,3 and but halfe the west side, to wit, from the north end of the blacke Smithes hall. (Stow 2.5)
Thus much for lanes out of Thames streete. The one halfe of the West side of Lambard hill lane being of this Warde,4 at the Northwest ende thereof, on the South side, and at the West end of Saint Mary Magdalens church on the North side beginneth Knightriders streeteto be of this Warde,5 and runneth West on both sides to the parish church of Saint Andrew by the Wardrope. (Stow 2.12)
In Lambart hill lane, on the west side thereof, is the Black Smithes hall, and adioyning to the North side thereof, haue ye one plot of ground, inclosed with a bricke wall for a church-yeard, or burying plot, for the dead of S. Mary Magdalens by old Fishstreet, which was giuen to that vse by Iohn Iwarby, an Officer in the receipt of the Exchequer, in the 26. of King Henry the sixt [1447–48], as appeareth by Patent. Iohn Iwarby, &c. gaue a peece of land lying voyde in the Parrish of Saint Mary Magdalen, nigh to olde Fishstreete, betweene the Tenement of Iohn Philpot on the south, and the Tenement of Bartholomewe Burwash on the west, and the Tenement pertayning to the Couent of the Holy Well on the North, and the way vpon Lambardes Hill on the East, for a Church yearde to the Parson and Church Wardens, &c.
Ouer against the North west ende of this Lambard Hill Lane in Knightriders streete, is the Parrish Church of Saint Mary Magdalen, a small Church, hauing but few monuments, Richard Woodroffe Marchant Taylor, 1519. Barnard Randolph Esquire, 1583. (Stow 2.17–18)


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