Bricklayers’ Hall

The Bricklayers’ Hall was east of Billiter Lane and stood on the south side of the street running west from the water pump near Aldgate. This street was named Leadenhall Street in the seventeenth century but was considered part of Aldgate Street when Stow was writing. Stow mentions the hall only in passing in his survey, so he neglects the hall’s appearance and history(Stow). The hall was incorporated in 1568 but by the eighteenth century the Bricklayers had abandoned it. Thereafter, it was used as a synagogue by Dutch Jews (Harben).
The Bricklayers’ Hall is not very distinct on the Agas map. It is one of the buildings near the northeast corner of Leadenhall Street and Billiter Lane, north of the four garden plots. There is a building featured on Richard Blome’s 1754 engraving of Aldgate Ward in the correct place (Blome), but it is not clear whether this represents the hall.


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