Long Lane (Southwark)

Long Lane ran east-west from Bermondsey Abbey to St. George Southwark (Stow 1598, sig. Y5v). Described as an ancient street by H.E. Malden, Long Lane was supposedly created sometime around 1104 to connect the Priory of Bermondsey Abbey with their lands in Southwark (Malden; Layers of London). Long Lane still exists today in its early modern location. While its eastern portion was renamed White Street by the eighteenth century, modern maps refer to the entire street as Long Lane. Long Lane was just south of the area depicted on the Agas map and is labelled Long Lane and White Street on Rocque and Pine’s 1746 map (A Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark with Contiguous Buildings).


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Disambiguation for Long Southwark and Long Lane (Southwark)

Long Southwark ran north-south between the London Bridge and St. George Southwark and is not to be confused with Long Lane (Southwark), which ran east-west between Bermondsey Abbey and St. George Southwark.



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