Release Notes for MoEML v.7.0

Fifth Static Release: Codename MAPS1

v.7.0 is the fifth release of a static version of our site. Older versions of MoEML are still available and may be browsed via the links at
This release has the codename MAPS1 because we are formally publishing the Mapography of Early Modern London.

Major Content Release

The Mapography of Early Modern London is our major content release in v.7.0. This finding aid for maps of early modern London has an extended preface about early modern maps, the scope of the finding aid, the data model employed in the finding aid, and recommendations for use. We list 135 maps of London, with links to digital surrogates and/or bibliographical details for print surrogates.
We are also publishing our encoded transcription of the 1598 A Survey of London. The entity tagging has been checked and corrected where necessary by the team currently encoding the 1633 edition. The 1598 text is undergoing peer review. For more information, see the Stow landing page. We will say more about the work and the contributors when the edition has gone through peer review.
The ward pages have been reworked. We have added images of the Blome maps in the Crace Collection (thanks to the British Library), links to the relevant sections of the 1598 and 1633 texts of the Survey of London, and a clarifying note about the ward boundaries drawn on our edition of the Agas map. RAs Jamie Zabel and Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar wrote abstracts for the ward pages.


To see a complete list of statistics, go to Statistics.
We added:
  • 305 new toponymic variants to the Gazetteer
  • 9 new locations to the Placeography
  • 575 new historical people to the Personography
  • 338 new bibliography entries to the Bibliography
  • 14 new organizations to the Orgography
  • 71 sets of geocoordinates to locations
  • 11 sets of Agas coordinates to locations
We tagged:
  • 4088 toponyms (place names) in texts across the site
  • 6231 person names across the site

Interface Changes

v.7.0 introduces some changes to the menu bar.
  • Our Mapography is now showcased on the Encyclopedia menu.
  • We removed the Bibliography link from the Encyclopedia menu and replaced it with three more granular items:
    • All Sources
    • Primary Sources
    • Secondary Sources
  • We removed Finding Aids from the Library and moved them to the Encyclopedia menu. You will also find all Finding Aids listed under Tools/Find Resources.
  • We added three drop-down items to the Maps menu:

New Articles

Pedagogical Partnership Articles

New Articles

New Dramatic Extracts

Stubs by MoEML Team Members

Addition of Blome’s Ward Maps

Thanks to the generosity of the British Library, which kindly waived permission fees, we have added Blome’s maps of the London wards to our ward pages. These maps were published in John Strype’s 1720 Survey of London. Even though they are post-fire, they are the earliest ward maps we have and represent the general footprint of the wards as they would have been in Stow’s day.

Updates to Praxis

Since the v.6.6 release, we have updated our documentation on how to encode interpolations and supplied characters (Encode a Primary Source Transcription).

Progress on the MoEML Anthology of Mayoral Shows

Most of the modern editions are now under contract. Our team of experts on mayoral pageantry are checking over the old-spelling transcriptions, which are published on the MoEML site. The modern editions will be published in the MoEML Mayoral Shows anthology (MoMS) on the LEMDO platform.
The Chapin Library provided us with images of Dekker’s Troia Nova Triumphans. These images are now embedded in the edition. We thank the Chapin Library and especially recently retired Director Wayne Hammond for their generosity. They make it possible for our viewers to click on open-access images while they are reading our transcription.

Progress on Stow’s Survey

With this release, we are formally publishing the encoded text of our edition of the 1598 A Survey of London. The text and encoding will soon be undergoing peer review.
We are nearing the end of our work on the 1633 text of Stow, Munday, and Dyson’s The Survey of London.
We are working with Alexandra Gillespie’s Old Books, New Science lab at the University of Toronto Mississauga to identify and encode all the sources Stow mentions in his prose and marginal notes.

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