Cripplegate Ward


Cripplegate Ward is east of Aldersgate Ward and Farringdon Within Ward, encompassing area both inside and outside the Wall. The ward is named after Cripplegate.
1720: Blome’s Map of Cripplegate Ward. Image courtesy of British Library Crace Collection. 
                        © British Library Board; Maps Crace Port. 8.21
1720: Blome’s Map of Cripplegate Ward. Image courtesy of British Library Crace Collection. © British Library Board; Maps Crace Port. 8.21

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1603 Description of Ward Boundaries

The following diplomatic transcription of the opening paragraph(s) of the 1603 chapter on this ward will eventually be subsumed into the MoEML edition of the 1603 Survey.1 Each ward chapter opens with a narrative circumnavigation of the ward—a verbal beating of the bounds that MoEML first transcribed in 2004 and later used to facilitate the drawing of approximate ward boundaries on our edition of the Agas map. Source: John Stow, A Survey of London (London, 1603; STC #23343).
THe next Warde is called of Crippleſgate, and conſiſteth of diuerſe ſtreetes and lanes, lying as well without the Gate and Wall of the Cittie, as within: firſt within the Wall on the Eaſt part thereof, towards the north, it runneth to the Weſt ſide of Baſſings hall Warde: and towardes the South it ioyneth to the Warde of Cheape, it beginneth at the Weſt ende of ſaint Laurence Church in the Iurie, on the North ſide, and runneth Weſt to a Pumpe, where ſometime was a Well with two Buckets, at the South corner of Alderman burie ſtreete, which ſtreet runneth downe North to Gay ſpurre lane, and ſo to London Wall, which ſtreete and lane are wholy on both ſides of this Warde, and ſo bee ſome few houſes on both the ſides from Gay ſpurre lane, by and agaynſt the Wall of the Citie, Eaſt to the Grates made for the Watercourſe of the Channels, and weſt to Crippleſgate. Now on the ſouthſide from ouer againſt the weſt end of ſaint Laurence church to the Pumpe, and then vp Milke ſtreete ſouth vnto Cheape, which Milkeſtreete, is wholy on both the ſides of Cripplegate warde, as alſo without the South ende of Milkeſtreete, a part of weſt Cheape, to wit from the ſtandarde to the Croſſe is all of Cripplegate warde. Then downe great Woodſtreete, which is wholy of this warde on both the ſides thereof, ſo is little Woodſtreete which runneth downe to Cripplegate.
Out of this Woodſtreete be diuerſe lanes, namely on the Eaſt ſide is Lad lane, which runneth eaſt to Milkeſtreete corner down lower in Woodſtreete is Louelane, which lyeth by the ſouth ſide of S. Albons church in Woodſtreete, and runneth downe to the Conduite in Aldermanburie ſtreete. Lower downe in Woodſtreet is Addleſtreete, out of the which runneth Phillip lane downe to London wall. Theſe be the lanes on the Eaſt ſide.
On the weſt ſide of Woodſtreete is Huggen lane by the ſouth ſide of S. Michaels church, and goeth through to Guthuruns lane. Then lower is Maiden lane, which runneth weſt to the north end of Gutherons lane, and vp the ſaid lane on the Eaſt ſide thereof, till againſt Kery lane, and backe againe: then the ſayd Maiden lane, on the north ſide goeth vp to ſtaining lane, and vp a part thereof on the Eaſt ſide, to the fartheſt North part of Haberdaſhers Hall, and backe againe to Woodſtreete, and there lower downe is Siluerſtreete, which is of this warde, till ye come to the Eaſt ende of S. Oliues church, on the ſouth ſide, and to Munkeswell ſtreete on the north ſide, then downe the ſaide Munkes well ſtreete on the Eaſt ſide thereof, and ſo to Crippleſgate, do make the boundes of this ward within the walles.
Without Cripplegate, Foreſtreete runneth thwart before the gate, from againſt the north ſide of ſaint Giles church, along to More lane end, and to a Poſterne lane ende that runneth betwixt the Towne ditch on the ſouth, and certaine Gardens on the north almoſt to Moregate, at the Eaſt of which lane is a Pot-makers houſe, which houſe with all other the Gardens, houſes, and Allies on that ſide the Morefieldes, till ye come to a Bridge and Cowhouſe neare unto Fenſburie Court is all of Criplegate ward then to turne back again through the ſaid Poſterne lane to More lane, which More lane with all the Allies and buildings there, is of this warde, after that is Grubſtreete, more then halfe thereof to the ſtreightning of the ſtreete, next is Whitecroſſe ſtreete, vp to the end of Bech lane, and then Redcroſſe ſtreete wholy, with a part of Golding lane, euen to the Poſtes there placed, as a bounder.
Then is Bechlane before ſpoken of, on the Eaſt ſide of the Red croſſe, and the Barbican ſtreete, more then halfe thereof, towarde Alderſgate ſtreete, and ſo haue you all the boundes of Cripplegate ward without the walles.

Note on Ward boundaries on Agas Map

Ward boundaries drawn on the Agas map are approximate. The Agas map does not lend itself well to georeferencing or georectification, which means that we have not been able to import the raster-based or vector-based shapes that have been generously offered to us by other projects. We have therefore used our drawing tools to draw polygons on the map surface that follow the lines traced verbally in the opening paragraph(s) of each ward chapter in the Survey. Read more about the cartographic genres of the Agas map.


  1. The 1603 Survey is widely available in reprints of C.L. Kingsford’s two-volume 1908 edition (Kingsford) and also in the British History Online transcription of the Kingsford edition (BHO). MoEML is completing its editions of all four texts in the following order: 1598, 1633, 1618, and 1603. (JJ)


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