Coldharbour was a mansion dating back to at least the reign of Edward II (Harben). It is not marked on the Agas map, but its location can be discerned from the position of All Hallows the Less. After 1543, the eastern portion of the house was leased to the Watermen’s Company (Harben). It ceased to function as a private residence in 1593 and became a tenement house (Harben). Nevertheless, it remained a distinctive site and is mentioned in dramatic works well into the 17th century (Sugden). It was destroyed in the Fire, after which a brewery was built on the site (Harben).
Harben records the following variant toponyms for Coldharbour: Coldherberghe, le Coldherbergh, inn or place called Coldeherbergh, Colde Arber, Colherberd, Colherbert, Colharbor, Colharborowe. Sugden records that it was known as Poultney’s Inn while under the posession of Sir John de Pulteney, although the account of Carlin and Belcher contradicts this (Carlin and Belcher 85, see Rose Manor).


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