Dowgate Ward


Dowgate Ward is east of Vintry Ward and west of Candlewick Street Ward. Both the ward and its main street, Dowgate Street, are named after Dowgate, a watergate on the Thames.

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1603 Description of Ward Boundaries

The following diplomatic transcription of the opening paragraph(s) of the 1603 chapter on this ward will eventually be subsumed into the MoEML edition of the 1603 Survey.1 Each ward chapter opens with a narrative circumnavigation of the ward—a verbal beating of the bounds that MoEML first transcribed in 2004 and later used to facilitate the drawing of approximate ward boundaries on our edition of the Agas map. Source: John Stow, A Survey of London (London, 1603; STC #23343).
DOwnegate warde beginneth at the ſouth end of Walbrooke warde, ouer againſt the Eaſt corner of Saint Iohns church vpon Walbrooke, and deſcendeth on both the ſides to Downegate, on the Thames, and is ſo called of that downe going or deſcending thereunto: and of this Downgate the ward taketh name. This ward turneth into Thames ſtreete weſtwarde, ſome ten houſes on a ſide to the courſe of Walbrooke, but Eaſt in Thames ſtreete on both ſides to Ebgate lane, or old Swan, the lande ſide whereof hath many lanes turning vp as ſhall bee ſhewed when I come to them.

Note on Ward boundaries on Agas Map

The boundaries of Dowgate Ward, as drawn on the Agas map, are approximate. See MoEML’s page on ward boundaries.


  1. The 1603 Survey is widely available in reprints of C.L. Kingsford’s two-volume 1908 edition (Kingsford) and also in the British History Online transcription of the Kingsford edition (BHO). MoEML is completing its editions of all four texts in the following order: 1598, 1633, 1618, and 1603. (JJ)


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Disambiguation for Dowgate

Dowgate or Downgate is the name of several features in London. Dowgate was a watergate on the north side of the Thames in Dowgate Ward. It gave its name to Dowgate Ward and Dowgate Street.



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