St. Ethelburga

St. Ethelburga was a church on the east side of Bishopsgate Street, south of Bishopsgate and east of St. Mary Axe. The church was in Bishopsgate Ward. St. Ethelburga, described by Stow as a small Parish Church (Stow), is located on the Agas map northwest of S. Elen and immediately east of the gate in the Busshopp gate Streate label.
The church, named after an Abbess of Barking who died in 676, originally belonged to the Priory of St. Helens (Harben). After the Dissolution of the Monasteries and St. Helens’ subsequent surrender, St. Ethelburga passed into the ownership of the Bishop of London. The seventeenth century saw many attempts to repair the church (Harben). It survived the Great Fire of London and therefore retained much of its early medieval architecture well into the later stages of the twentieth century. The church also survived the Blitz in World War II, but was devastated in 1993 by an IRA bomb. It has since been rebuilt.
For more information on St. Ethelburga’s modern church, see their website.


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The church of St. Ethelburga was within the Parish of St. Ethelburga.



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