1 and 2 Henry IV Mapping Assignment


Professor Sujata Iyengar created a mapping assignment for her Shakespeare in Context course (ENGL4320E and ENGL6320E) in June-July 2016 at the University of Georgia. She kindly gave MoEML permission to publish her assignment. In the accompanying blog post, Dr. Iyengar discusses the learning outcomes associated with this assignment and shares two students’ responses to Part Two of the assignment.



  • 1 Henry IV and 2 Henry IV, from The Bedford Shakespeare, ed. Lena Cowen Orlin and Russ McDonald; make sure to read the Preview and the View at the beginnings and ends of the plays, and also the essay on London



  • Early English Books Online (accessible via subscription at many university libraries)

The Assignment

Part One

Undergraduate Students
1 Henry IV famously mentions the Boar’s Head Tavern in Eastcheap (Cheapside). Find Eastcheap on the Agas Map of Early Modern London and post a screenshot of part of it to the discussion board or a screencast showing us or a document telling us how you searched and found it.
Did the historical information offered by The Map of Early Modern London help bring the Eastcheap scenes to life for you? How? Make sure to include textual evidence to support your answer. Write a 150-200 word posting summarizing your thoughts. Include a word count at the end of your answer.
Once you have posted Part One of your assignment, Part Two will appear.
Graduate Students
Watch my screencast, How to Access Early English Books Online, to search for historical printed documents and references. Find a printed text about early modern London and summarize it for us in 200 words. Include a screenshot of the title page. Include the word count of your post at the end of your response.
Once you have posted Part One of your assignment, Part Two will appear.

Part Two

Now identify another tavern, district, palace, or other feature of London in the map. How would you direct Hal, Falstaff, Poins, Peto, Mistress Quickly, or Bardolph from Eastcheap OR the Boar’s Head Tavern (there are several: pick whichever you choose) to the tavern, district, market, or palace you have chosen?
Include in your directions landmarks to help your particular character find his or her way. You may include explanations of why you’ve chosen those particular landmarks (for example, Falstaff might like to know where all the taverns are en route; Bardolph might need to visit the ironmonger).
You may write your directions in blank verse if you feel so inclined, or produce a screencast or an audio recording.
Once you have posted Part Two of your assignment, Part Three will appear.

Part Three

Now pick a partner and, using his or her directions and the Map of Early Modern London, try to draw a map of your own from Eastcheap to your partner’s location. Scan and upload your map, or link to it if you have made a Google mash-up.
Reflect upon the difficulties you encountered and how you dealt with them. Write a 300-word post that combines this reflection with your thoughts about London in 2 Henry IV in contrast to its function in 1 Henry IV now that you have completed this assignment. Include a word count at the end of your posting.
Graduate Students
Read your classmates’ postings, grad and undergrad. Can you add any landmarks to the undergraduates’ routes, in 150-200 words? Include a word count at the end of your posting.
Additional option for Graduate Students: If you chose a London location, investigate how you might contribute to MoEML! Would you have anything to offer the Library? The Encyclopedia? The Map? Take a screenshot of your application or paste in the draft of your email to MoEML’s director. If you chose Gad’s Hill for your location, make a 2-minute screencast of the information you found from your early modern map. Include an image from the early printed text and talk us through it, or take us on a walk using Google Maps.

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Documents relating to Sujata Iyengar’s 2016 MoEML classroom mapping exercise

Iyengar refers to the assignment in her blog post and the blog post provides additional context for the assignment.