Bibliography entry

Bibliotheca Westiana: a catalogue Of the curious and truly valuable library of the late James West, Esq; President of the Royal Society, Deceased: comprehending A choice Collection of Books in various Languages, and upon most Branches of polite Literature: More especially such as relate to The History and Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland Their early Navigators, Discoverers and Improvers, And the Ancient English Literature: Of which there are a great Number of uncommon Books and Tracts, elucidated by Manuscript Notes and Original Letters, and embellished with scarce Portraits and Devises, rarely to be found: Including the Works of Caxton, Lettou, Machlinia, the Anonymous St. Alban’s Schoolmaster, Wynkin de Worde, Pynson, and the rest of the old English Typographers. Digested by Samuel Paterson. Which (by Order of the Administratrix,) Will be sold by auction, By Mess. Langford, At Mr. West’s late Dwelling-House in King’s-Street, Covent-Garden, On Monday, the 29th of March 1773, and the Twenty-Three following Days (sundays excepted.) To begin each Day precisely at Half an Hour past Eleven. To be viewed on Thursday the 25th, and to the Time of Sale. London, 1773. Print.