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Stow, John. THE SVRVAY of LONDON: Containing, The Originall, Antiquitie, Encreaſe, and more Moderne Eſtate of the ſayd Famous CITIE. As alſo,the Rule and Gouernment thereof (both Eccleſiasticall and Temporall) from time to time. With a briefe Relation of all the memorable Monuments, and other eſpeciall Obſeruations, both in and about the fame CITIE. Written in the yeere 1598. by Iohn Stow, Citizen of LONDON. Since then, continued, corrected and much enlarged, with many rare and worthy Notes, both of Venerable Antiquity, and later memori; ſuch, as were neither publiſhed before this preſent yeere, 1618. London: George Purslowe, 1618. U of Victoria Copy. Print.

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