Thomas Nashe

(bap. 1567, d. 1601)
Playwright and writer.

Thomas Nashe authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Nashe, Thomas. Pierce Penileſſe His Svpplication to the Diuell. London, 1592. STC 18373.
  • Nashe, Thomas. The returne of the renowned Caualiero Pasquill of England from the other side the seas, and his meeting with Marforius at London vpon the Royall Exchange where they encounter with a little houshold talke of Martin and Martinisme, discouering the scabbe that is bredde in England, and conferring together about the speedie dispersing of the golden legende of the liues of saints. London, 1589. STC 19457.3.
  • Nashe, Thomas. A Wonderfull Strange and Miraculous Astrologicall Prognostication for this Yeere 1591. London: Thomas Scarlet, 1591.