Judy Nazar


Office administrator, Humanities Computing and Media Centre (HCMC). Judy Nazar began her career as Language Laboratory Assistant with the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre, formerly known as the Language Centre, in 1968. Her love of languages, and in particular, interests in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture and Studies, has led to a fascinating and rewarding career at the University of Victoria. Administrative, training, academic and technical responsibilities evolved with the growth of the Centre. Currently she is responsible for administering operations of the Centre; assisting with special project(s) management; organizing and participating in various academic conferences and multimedia workshops; maintaining the archives, inventory and media data-bases. Judy also maintains departmental websites, with a focus on those based on the current university templates. With specific interests in languages and student learning, Judy is currently co-coordinating the development of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture/Studies credit courses on campus.

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