Peter Heylyn

(b. 29 November 1599, d. 8 June 1662)
Clergymen and historian. Author of books on science and geography.

Peter Heylyn authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Heylyn, Peter. Ecclesia restaurata, or, The history of the reformation of the Church of England containing the beginning, progress, and successes of it, the counsels by which it was conducted, the rules of piety and prudence upon which it was founded, the several steps by which it was promoted or retarded in the change of times, from the first preparations to it by King Henry the Eight untill the legal settling and establishment of it under Queen Elizabeth : together with the intermixture of such civil actions and affairs of state, as either were co-incident with it or related to it. London: H. Twyford, 1660. Wing H1701.
  • Heylyn, Peter. Observations on the Historie of The reign of King Charles. London: Printed for John Clarke, 1656. Wing H1727.