Stephen Harrison

(fl. 1604-05)
Joiner and architect.

Stephen Harrison authored or edited the following items in MoEML’s bibliography:

  • Dekker, Thomas, Stephen Harrison, Ben Jonson, and Thomas Middleton. The Whole Royal and Magnificent Entertainment of King James through the City of London, 15 March 1604, with the Arches of Triumph. Ed. R. Malcolm Smuts. Thomas Middleton: The Collected Works. Gen. ed. Gary Taylor and John Lavagnino. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2007. 219–279. Print.
  • Harrison, Stephen. The arch’s of triumph erected in honor of the high and mighty prince. Iames. the first of that name. King, of England. and the sixt of Scotland at his Maiesties entrance and passage through his honorable citty & chamber of London. London: John Sudbury [and] George Humble, 1613. STC 12863a.