THe next is Aldersgate Ward, taking name of
that North gate of the citie: this Ward also cō
sisteth of diuers Stréetes and Lanes, lying as
well within the gate, and Wall, as without:
and first to speake of that part within the gate,
thus it is. The East part thereof, ioyneth vnto
the west part of Criplegate Ward in Engain
, or Maiden Lane. It beginneth on the North side of that lane,
at staining Lane end, and runneth vp that Lane, from the Haberda
shers Hall
, to S. Mary Staining church: and by the church East,
winding almost to Woodstréete. And West through Oatelane, and
then by the South side of Bacon house, to Noble stréet, and backe a
gaine by Lilipot lane, (which is also of that Ward) to Maiden Lane,
and so on that North side, west to S. Iohn Sacharies church, and to
Faster Lane. Now on the South side of Ingaine (or Maiden Lane)

is the West side of Guthuruns Lane, to Kery Lane, and Kery Lane
it selfe (which is of this Warde) and back againe into Engainlane, by
the North side of the Goldsmiths Hall, to Faster Lane: and this
is the East wing of this Ward. Then is Foster Lane almost wholly
of this Warde, and beginneth in the South toward Cheape, on the
East side by the North side of S. Fosters church, and runneth down
North west by the West ende of Engaine Lane, by Lilipot Lane,
and Oate Lane, to Noble stréete, and through that by Shelly house
(of olde time so called, as belonging to the Shelleyes) for Sir Tho
mas Shelley
knight, was owner thereof in the 1. of Hen. the 4. It is
now called Bacon house, because the same was new builded by Syr
Nicholas Bacon
Lord Kéeper of the great Seale. Downe on that
side by the Lane, by Seriant Fleetwoods house, (Recorder of Lon
, who also new builded it) to S. Olaues Church in Siluer-stréet,
which is by the Northwest ende of this Noble stréete. Then againe
in Foster Lane, this Ward beginneth on the West side therof, ouer
against the Southwest corner of Saint Fosters Church, and runneth
downe by S. Leonards church, by Pope Lane end, and by S. Anus
Lane end
, which Lane is also of this Ward, North to the stone wall
by the wall of the Citie, ouer against Bacon house, which is also of
this Ward. Then haue ye the Maine stréete of this Ward, which is
called S. Martins Lane, which includeth S. Martin on the East side
therof, and so downe on both the sides to Aldersgate. And these be the
bounds of this Ward within the wall and gate. Without the gate,
the Maine stréete called Aldersgate stréete, runneth vp North on the
East side, to the West ende of Hownds Ditch, or Barbican stréete:
A part of which stréete is also of this Warde. And on on the West
side to Longlane, a part whereof is likewise of this Warde. Beyond
the which Aldersgate stréete, is Cosewell stréete vp to the Barres.
And on this West side of Aldersgate stréet, by S. Buttolphes church,
is Briton stréete, which runneth West to a Pumpe, and then North
to the gate which entereth the church yard, sometime pertaining to
the Priorie of S. Bartholomewe on the East side: and on the West
side towards S. Bartholomewes Spittle, to a paine of postes
Staining Lane
Almes houses
fixed. And these be the bounds of this Aldersgate Warde without.
The antiquities be these, First in Staining Lane, of olde time so cal
led (as may be supposed) of Painter stainers dwelling there.

On the East side thereof, adioyning to the Haberdashers Hall, be
ten Almes houses pertaining to the Haberdashers, wherein be pla
ced ten Almes people of that Company, euery of them hauing eight
pence the péece euery Friday for euer, by the gift of Thomas Hunt
Haberdasher, one of the Sheriffes in the yeare 1539. And sir
George Baron
gaue them ten pounds by the yeare for euer.
Then is the small parrish Church of Saint Mary, called Stai
, because it standeth at the North ende of Staining Lane. In the
which Church being but newly builded, there remaine no Monu
ment worth the noting.
Then is Engaine Lane, (or Mayden Lane) and at the North-
West corner thereof, the parish Church of S. Iohn Sachary. A faire
Church, with the Monuments well preserued, of sir Nicholas Twi
Goldsmith, Maior, 1388. and Dame Margery his wife: of
whose goods The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified Church was made & new builded, with a Tombe for
them and others of their race, 1390. Drugo Barentine Maior,
1398. He gaue faire landes to the Goldsmithes: he dwelled right
against the Goldsmithes Hall. Betwéene the which Hall and his
dwelling house, he builded a Galorie thwarting the stréete, whereby
he might go from the one to the other: he was buried in this church,
and Christian his wife, 1427. Iohn Adis Goldsmith 1400. And
Margaret his wife. Iohn Frauncis Goldsmith Maior, 1400. And
Elizabeth his wife 1450. Iohn Sutton Goldsmith one of the She
riffes, 1413. Bartholomew Seman Golde-beater, Maister of the
Kings Mints, within the Tower of London, and the Towne of
Calice, 1430. Thomas Leichfield, Iohn Hewet Esquier, 1500.
William Brekespere Goldsmith, 1461. Christopher Eliot Gold
smith, 1505. Bartholmew Reade Goldsmith Maior, 1502. who
was burried in the Charterhouse, and gaue to this his parish Church
one hundred pound. His wife was buried in this church, with a faire
Monument, her Picture, in habit of a widow. Thomas Keyton
, 1522. William Potken
Esquier, 1537. Iohn Cor
with an Epitaph, 147. Robert Fenruther Goldsmith, one of
the Sheriffes in the yeare, 1512.
On the East side of this Faster Lane, at Engeyne Lane ende,
is the Goldsmithes Hall, a proper house, but not large. And therfore
to say that Bartholmew Read Goldsmith, Maior, in the yeare 1502.

kept such a feast in this Hall, as some haue fabuled is far incredible,
and altogither vnpossible, considering the smalnesse of the Hall, and
number of the guests, which as they say, were more then an hun
dreth persons of great estate. For the Messes & dishes of meates to
them serued, the paled parke in the same Hall, furnished with frute
full Trées, beasts of venery, and other circumstances of that preten
ded feast well weighed, Westminster Hall would hardly haue suffi
sed, and therfore I will ouerpasse it, and note somewhat of principall
First I reade, that Leefstane Goldsmith was Prouest
The first Ma
ior of London
was a Gold
of this
Citie, in the raign of Henry the 1. Also that Henry Fitz Alewin,
Fits Leafstane
Goldsmith was Maior of London, in the first of Ri
the first
, and continued Maior 24. yeares.
men of the
Citie Gold
Also that Gregory
, chiefe say-maister of all the Kings Mintes within Eng
, (and therefore by my coniecture) a Goldsmith was Maior in
the 3. of Edward the first, and continued Maior 7. yeares togither.
The William Farindon Goldsmith, Alderman of Farindon ward,
one of the Sheriffes 1281. the 9. of Edward the first, who was a
Goldsmith, as appeareth on record, as shall be shewed in Farindon
. Then Nicholas Farindon his sonne, Goldsmith, Alderman
of Farindon Warde, foure times Maior in the raigne of Edward
the second
, &c. For the rest of later time are more manifestly known,
and therefore I leaue them.
Then at the North ende of Noble stréete, is the parish Church
of S. Olaue in Siluer stréete
, a small thing, and without any note
worthie monuments.
On the West side of Foster Lane, is the small parish Church
of S. Leonards
, for them of S. Martins be graunde. A nomber of
Tenements beeing lately builded in place of the great Colegiate-
Church of Saint Martin
: that parish is mightily increased. In this
Church remaine these Monuments. First without the Church, is
grauen in stone on the East ende, Iohn Broke it well, an especiall
reedifier, or new builder thereof. In the Quire grauen in brasse, Ro
bert Purfet
Grocer, 1507. Robert Trappis Goldsmith, 1526.
with this Epitaphe.

This text is the corrected text. The original is 446246
When the belles be merily roong, And the Masse deuoutly sung,
And the meate merilie eaten, Then shall Rober Trips his wiues
And children be forgotten
. Then in Pope lane) so called of one
Pope that was owner therof) on the North side, is the parish church
of S. Anne, in the willowes
, so called, I know not vpon what occa
sion: but some say, of willowes growing thereabouts: but now
there is no such voide place for willowes to growe, more then the
church yard, wherin do growe some high Ashe trées.
This church by casualtie of fire, in the yeare 1548. was burnt, so
far as it was Combustible, but since being newly repaired, there re
main a fewe monuments of antiquitie of Thomas Beckhenton,
Clarke of the pipe, who was buried there 1499. Ralphe Caldwell
gentleman of Greyes Inne 1527. Iohn Lord Sheffield: Iohn
Mercer Esquire, 1572. these verses on an olde stone.

Qu an Tris de c vul stra
os guis ti ro um nere uit
h san Chris mi T mu la.

Then in S. Martins lane, was of old time a faire and large Col
ledge of a Deane and secular Cannons, or Priests, which house had
great priuiledges both of Sanctuary & otherwise, and was called S.
Martins le graunde
: Founded by Ingelricus & Ewardus his bro
ther, in the yeare 1056. and confirmed by William the Conqueror,
as appeareth by his Charter, dated 1068. This Colledge was sur
rendred to K. E. the 6. the 2. of his raigne, in the yeare 1548. and the
same yeare the Colledge church was pulled down, and in place ther
of many houses foorthwith builded, highly prised, and letten to
strangers borne, and other such as claime the benefit of The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified priuiledges
which were at the first granted only to The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified church, and to the Deane,
Prebends & Canons, seruing God according to The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified foundatiō. Lower
down on the west side of S. Martins lane, in the parish of S. Anne,
almost by Aldersgate, is one great house, commōly called Northum
: it belonged to Hen. Percey. K. Hen. the 4. in the 7. of
his raign
, gaue this house, with The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified tenements therunto appertaining,

to Quéene Iane his wife, and then it was called her Wardrobe.
Now without Aldersgate, on the East side of Aldersgate stréete,
is the Cookes Hall: which Cookes or Pastelars were admitted to be
a Company, and to haue a Maister and Wardens, in the 22. of Ed.
the 4
From thence along vnto Houndsditch or Barbican stréete, be
many faire houses. On the west side also be the like faire buildings,
till ye come to Longlane, and so to Coswell streete. In Britten stréet
is one proper parish church of S. Buttolphe, in which church, was
sometime a brotherhood of S. Fabian, and Sebestian, founded in the
yeare 1377. the 51. of Ed. the 3. and confirmed by H. the 4. in the 6.
of his raign
. Then H. the 6. in the 24. of his raigne, to the honour of
the Trinitie, gaue license to Dame Iohan Astley, sometime his
Nurse, to Robert Cawod and Thomas Smith, to found the same a
fraternitie, perpetually to haue a Maister & two Custose, with Bre
thren and Sisters, &c. This Brotherhood was indowed with lands,
more then 30. pound by the yeare, and was suppressed by Ed. the 6.
There lye buried, Iohn de Bathe Weuar, 1390. Philip at Uine,
Capper, 1396. Benet Gerarde Brewer, 1403. Iohn Bradmor
Chirurgian, Margaret and Katheren his wiues, 1411. Iohn Mi
Seriant at Armes, 1415. Allen Bret Carpenter, 1425. Ro
bert Malton
, 1426. Iohn Trigilion Brewer, 1417. Iohn Mason
Brewer, 1431. Robert Cawod Clarke of the Pipe in The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified Kings Ex
chequer, 1466. Ri. Emmesley, Iohn Walpole, Iohn Hartshorne
Esquire, seruant to the King, 1400. And other of that family, great
benefactors to The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified church. Williā Marrow Grocer Maior, & Kathren
his wife, wer buried therabout, 1468. The Lady Anne Packinton
widow, late wife to Ioh. Packinton knight, Chirographer of The special character yͤ (LATIN SMALL LETTER Y WITH LATIN SMALL LETTER E ABOVE) does not display on all browsers and has been replaced by its simplified court
of the Common pleas, she founded Almes houses neare vnto the
white Fryers church in Fléetstreete. And thus an end of this Ward,
which hath an Alderman, his Deputie, Common Counsellours
fiue. Constables eight. Skauingers nine. For the Wardmote In
quest, fourtéene, and a Bedle. It is taxed to the fiftéene in London,
seuen pound, and likewise in the Exchequer.

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