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The Map of Early Modern London

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<change who="mol:TAKE1" when="2016-02-27">Added <gi>sourceDesc</gi> information for born-digital documents.</change>
<change who="mol:TAKE1" when="2015-06-23">Standardized <gi>respStmt</gi>s for JENS1, MCFI1, and HOLM3 and added TAKE1 as Junior Programmer.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2014-09-29">Added XInclude for <gi>listPrefixDef</gi> in the header.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2014-02-26">Fixed erroneous <att>status</att> attribute 
<gi>revisionDesc</gi>, changing it from <val>stub</val> to <val>empty</val>.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-12-19">Added global publicationStmt through XInclude.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-08-23">Eliminated superfluous catRef elements from the header.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-08-23">Added <gi>catRef</gi> elements based on the <gi>place</gi>/<att>type</att> values in the document.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-08-13">Put <gi>change</gi> elements inside <gi>revisionDesc</gi> into the correct (latest first) order.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-08-12">Added <gi>profileDesc</gi> containing document type information expressed in <gi>catRef</gi> elements.</change>
<change who="mol:HOLM3" when="2013-02-04">Converted @rend to @style, through XSLT transformation.

Next (11 - 20 of 14404)

TEI CodeSharing service by Martin Holmes, running on The Map of Early Modern London.

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