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The Map of Early Modern London

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<cell role="label" rows="1" cols="1"> Component </cell>
<cell role="label" rows="1" cols="1"> Relevant Tag </cell>
<cell role="label" rows="1" cols="1"> Example </cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"> Author’s name </cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"> Tag each author’s name with an <gi>author</gi>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">
<egXML valid="true"> <author>Barber, Bruno</author> and <author>Christopher Thomas</author>... </egXML>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"> Title of an article in a periodical </cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"> Tag the title of an article using the
<gi>title</gi> tag with a <att>level</att> value of <val>a</val></cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">
<egXML valid="true"> <title level="a">Middleton’s Civic Employments</title> </egXML>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"> Title of a chapter in a monograph </cell>