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The Map of Early Modern London

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<catDesc>The Agas map, along with documents and transcriptions relating to it. </catDesc>
<catDesc>Database-like documents containing a sequence of records, such as a
<ref target="mdtlist:mdtEncyclopediaPersonography_subcategories">personography</ref></catDesc>
<catDesc>Database-like documents which have been programmatically generated from 
                  the data in the rest of the collection, such as the 
<title level="m">MoEML</title> gazetteer. </catDesc>
<catDesc>Born-digital documents created as part of this project, and not based on any
              pre-existing source text.
<catDesc>Digital editions of primary source documents such as <ref target="mdtlist:mdtPrimarySourceLibraryMayoral">mayoral shows</ref> and <name ref="mol:STOW6">Stow</name>’s
<title level="m">Survey of London</title>.</catDesc>
<catDesc><title level="m">MoEML</title>’s library of primary source texts (not including <name ref="mol:STOW6">Stow</name>’s work).</catDesc>
<catDesc>TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern lord mayor’s shows. When complete, these digital texts will constitute a complete anthology of mayoral pageantry in London between <date when-custom="1585" calendar="mol:julian" datingMethod="mol:julian">1585</date> and <date when-custom="1639" calendar="mol:julian" datingMethod="mol:julian">1639</date>.</catDesc>
<catDesc>TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern texts portraying the civic procession of soon-to-be-crowned English/British monarchs.</catDesc>
<catDesc>TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern dramatic extracts rich in London toponyms.</catDesc>
<catDesc>TEI-encoded, diplomatic transcriptions of early modern broadside proclamations from the <name type="org" ref="mol:MAYO2">lord mayor</name>, the <ref target="mol:livery_companies">livery companies</ref>, and the <name type="org" ref="mol:CHUR8">Church of England</name>.</catDesc>

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