A-Z index of all items in the document collection (published and unpublished)

Title Item type Link Status
Anglo-American Legal Tradition: Documents from Medieval and Early Modern England from the National Archives in London bibliographic item AALT1
Aaron, Melissa: Global Economics: A History of the Theatre Business, the Chamberlain’s / King’s Men, and Their Plays, 1599-1642 bibliographic item AARO1
Abbey of St. Clare Churches
ABBE1 Complete
Abbey of St. Mary Graces Churches
ABBE2 Stub
Abbey of Grace Churches
ABBE3 Empty
Abboud, Victoria person (cont) ABBO1
Abbot, George person (hist) ABBO2
Abbott, George: Cheap-side crosse censured and condemned bibliographic item ABBO3
Fleury, Abbo of person (hist) ABBO4
Abchurch Lane Streets
ABCH1 Complete
Buchevite, Andrew person (hist) ABUC1
Achilles person (lit) ACHI1
Acheley, Roger person (hist) ACHL1
Ackroyd, Peter: London: The Biography bibliographic item ACKR1
Acliuillus person (hist) ACOL1
Acts of the Privy Council of England bibliographic item ACTS1
Adams, Robert M.: John Donne bibliographic item ADAM1
Adams, Thomas: The works of Thomas Adams: being the sum of his sermons, meditations, and other divine and moral discourses bibliographic item ADAM10
Adam and Eve Sites
ADAM11 Empty
Adams, Reginald: The Parish Clerks of London: A History of the Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks of London bibliographic item ADAM12
Adams, Joseph Quincy: Shakespearean Playhouses bibliographic item ADAM13
Adams, Thomas: Mystical bedlam, or the vvorld of mad-men bibliographic item ADAM2
Adams, Thomas person (hist) ADAM3
Adams, Neil person (cont) ADAM4
Adams, Thomas: Eirenopolis bibliographic item ADAM5
Adams, Thomas: The deuills banket described in foure sermons bibliographic item ADAM6
Adam, Prior person (hist) ADAM7
Adams, Elizabeth D.: A Fragment of a Lord Mayor’s Pageant bibliographic item ADAM8
Adams, Joseph Quincy: The Conventual Buildings of Blackfriars, London, and the Playhouses Constructed Therein bibliographic item ADAM9
Addis, John person (hist) ADDI1
Addis, Margaret person (hist) ADDI2
Addle Hill Streets
ADDL1 Empty
Addle Street Streets
ADDL2 Empty
Louvain, Adeliza of person (hist) ADEL1
Adelman, Janet: Making Defect Perfection: Shakespeare and the One-Sex Model bibliographic item ADEL2
Elwin person (hist) AELF1
Æolus person (lit) AEOL1
Auesey, Nicholas de person (hist) AEUS1
Auesey, Margery de person (hist) AEUS2
Africa person (lit) AFRI1
Agas, Ralph person (hist) AGAS1
bibliographic item AGAS201
bibliographic item AGAS202
bibliographic item AGAS301
bibliographic item AGAS302
bibliographic item AGAS401
bibliographic item AGAS402
London and Westminster in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Anno Dom. 1563. bibliographic item AGAS403
LONDON and WESTMINSTER in the Reign of QUEEN ELIZABETH Anno Dom 1563. bibliographic item AGAS404
LONDON and WESTMINSTER in the Reign of QUEEN ELIZABETH Anno Dom 1563. bibliographic item AGAS405
Aglaia person (lit) AGLA1
Agnites person (lit) AGNI1
AIM25: Archives in London and the M25 Area bibliographic item AILM1
Ainsworth, Sarah-Jayne person (cont) AINS1
Aer person (lit) AIR1
Airs, Malcolm: The Buildings of Britain: Tudor and Jacobean. A Guide and Gazetteer bibliographic item AIRS2
The Renaissance Villa in Britain, 1500-1700 bibliographic item AIRS3
Albanact person (lit) ALBA1
Albania person (lit) ALBA2
Albion person (lit) ALBI1
Abbot of St. Alban’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
ALBO1 Empty
Aldermanbury Streets
ALDE1 Empty
Aldersgate Ward Wards
ALDE2 Complete
Aldersgate Sites
ALDE3 Empty
Aldersgate Street Streets
ALDE4 Empty
Aldermanbury Conduit Water Features
ALDE5 Empty
ALDE6 glossary item
The Court of Aldermen organization ALDE7
Aldgate Gates
Undergraduate Student Articles
ALDG1 Complete
Aldgate Ward Wards
ALDG2 Complete
Aldgate Bars Sites
ALDG3 Complete
Aldgate Street Streets
ALDG4 Complete
Aldred, Natalie person (cont) ALDR1
Alderman Bury Sites
ALDR2 Empty
Alehouse Generic Places
ALEH1 Empty
Alfred, King person (hist) ALFR1
London Aliens Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
ALIE1 Complete
ALIE2 glossary item
Allderidge, Patricia: Management and Mismanagement at Bedlam, 1547 to 1633 bibliographic item ALLD1
Allde, Edward person (hist) ALLD2
Allen, Sir John person (hist) ALLE1
Alleyn, Edward person (hist) ALLE2
Alley, Hugh: Hugh Alley’s Caveat: The Markets of London in 1598: Folger MS V.a. 318 bibliographic item ALLE3
Allen, Sir William person (hist) ALLE4
Allen, Martin: Mints and Money in Medieval England bibliographic item ALLE5
Alley, Hugh person (hist) ALLE6
Allen, Sarah person (cont) ALLE7
All Hallows, London Wall Churches
ALLH1 Complete
All Hallows, London Wall (Parish) Parishes
ALLH101 Empty
All Hallows Barking (Parish) Parishes
ALLH102 Empty
All Hallows, Bread Street (Parish) Parishes
ALLH103 Empty
All Hallows, Lombard Street (Parish) Parishes
ALLH104 Empty
All Hallows Staining (Parish) Parishes
ALLH105 Empty
All Hallows the Great (Parish) Parishes
ALLH106 Empty
All Hallows the Less (Parish) Parishes
ALLH107 Empty
All Hallows, Honey Lane (Parish) Parishes
ALLH108 Empty
All Hallows Barking Churches
ALLH2 Complete
All Hallows, Bread Street Churches
ALLH3 Empty
All Hallows, Lombard Street Churches
ALLH4 Empty
All Hallows Staining Churches
ALLH5 Empty
All Hallows the Great Churches
ALLH6 Empty
All Hallows the Less Churches
ALLH7 Empty
All Hallows, Honey Lane Churches
ALLH8 Empty
Allot, Sir John person (hist) ALLO1
Alston, John person (hist) ALST1
Æthelwine person (hist) ALWI1
Ambition person (lit) AMBI1
Amcotts, Henry person (hist) AMCO1
Amelang, James S.: Vox Populi: Popular Autobiographies as Sources for Early Modern Urban History bibliographic item AMEL1
Amen Corner Sites
AMEN1 Empty
America person (lit) AMER1
Ames, Joseph: Typographical Antiquities: or an historical account of the origin and progress of printing in Great Britain and Ireland bibliographic item AMES1
Amphitrita person (lit) AMPH1
Amphion person (lit) AMPH2
Amwell Head
AMWE1 Draft
Amwell Head Riverside Features
AMWE2 Empty
Anchor Lane Streets
ANCH1 Empty
Anderson, Aaron person (cont) ANDE1
Andrew Court Streets
ANDR1 Empty
Andro Morris Key Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
ANDR2 Draft
Andrews, William: Old Church Lore bibliographic item ANDR3
Angel Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
ANGE1 Empty
Truth’s Angel person (lit) ANGE2
Angel (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites
ANGE4 Empty
Angel (Without Newgate) Sites
ANGE5 Empty
Angel (Popes-Head-Alley) Sites
ANGE6 Empty
The Angel Sites
ANGL1 Empty
Boleyn, Anne person (hist) ANNE1
Anne, Queen person (hist) ANNE2
Anne of Bohemia person (hist) ANNE3
Annis a Cleare Water Features
ANNI2 Empty
The Annual Register, or, A View of the History and Politics of the Year 1851 bibliographic item ANNU1
Anonymity Topics
ANON1 Stub
Antiquity person (lit) ANTI1
Coma, St. Antony of person (hist) ANTO1
The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association bibliographic item APAP1
The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London organization APOT1
Apothecaries’ Hall Sites
APOT2 Empty
Appleby, John C.: Roydon, Sir Marmaduke bibliographic item APPL1
Appold Street Streets
APPO1 Empty
Apollo person (lit) APPO2
APPR1 glossary item
Aqua person (lit) AQUA1
Arab, Ronda A.: Work, Bodies, and Gender in The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item ARAB1
Arab, Ronda person (cont) ARAB2
Aragon, Katherine of person (hist) ARAG1
Archer, Ian W.: The Pursuit of Stability: Social Relations in Elizabethan London bibliographic item ARCH1
Archer, Ian: John Stow’s Survey of London: The Nostalgia of John Stow bibliographic item ARCH3
Archer, Ian: John Stow, Citizen and Historian bibliographic item ARCH4
Archer, Ian W.: The History of the Haberdashers’ Company bibliographic item ARCH5
Archer, Ian: City and Court Connected: The Material Dimensions of Royal Ceremonial, ca. 1480–1625 bibliographic item ARCH6
Archer, Ian: The London Lobbies in the Later Sixteenth Century bibliographic item ARCH7
The Progresses, Entertainments, and Pageants of Queen Elizabeth bibliographic item ARCH8
1615 Articles Inquired of by Every Parish within the Archdeaconrie of London Other Texts
Graduate Sudent Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
ARCH9 Draft
Arete person (lit) ARET1
Argonauts person (lit) ARGO1
Argurion person (lit) ARGU1
The Sun in Aries Lord Mayor’s Shows
ARIE1 Draft
Arion person (lit) ARIO1
Aristotle person (hist) ARIS1
Armin, Robert person (hist) ARMI1
Armin, Robert: Foole Upon Foole bibliographic item ARMI2
Armourers’ Hall Halls
ARMO1 Empty
Armorer, William person (hist) ARMO2
Armstrong, Julia person (cont) ARMS1
Arneil, Stewart person (cont) ARNL1
Arnold, Richard person (hist) ARNO1
Arnold, Christopher person (hist) ARNO2
Arnold, Thomas person (hist) ARNO3
Arnold, Agnes person (hist) ARNO4
Artillery Yard Sites
ARTI1 Empty
King’s Artirce Sites
ARTI2 Empty
Artillery Garden Sites
ARTI3 Empty
Artillery Walk Neighbourhoods
ARTI4 Empty
Arundel House Sites
Peer-reviewed Documents
Articles by Scholars
ARUN1 Complete
Arundell, Sir Edward person (hist) ARUN2
Arundell, Dame Elizabeth person (hist) ARUN3
Arundel Stairs Riverside Features
ARUN4 Empty
Ascham, Roger person (hist) ASCH1
Ascue, John person (hist) ASCU1
Secusme, Algare person (hist) ASEC1
Ashby, Thomas person (hist) ASHB1
Ashfield, John person (hist) ASHF1
Ashfed, Alice person (hist) ASHF2
Asher House Sites
ASHH1 Empty
Ashley, Katherine person (hist) ASHL1
bibliographic item ASHL202
Ashton, Robert: The City and the Court, 1603–1643 bibliographic item ASHT1
Ashton, Ralph person (hist) ASHT2
Asia person (lit) ASIA1
Asseldy, Sir Thomas person (hist) ASSE1
A Strange Sighted Traveller Other Texts
ASST1 Complete
Astington, John H.: The Career of Andrew Cane, Citizen, Goldsmith, and Player bibliographic item ASTI1
Astington, John H.: The Ages of Man and the Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item ASTI2
Astley, Dame Joan person (hist) ASTL1
Astrae person (lit) ASTR1
Astry, Ralph person (hist) ASTR2
Geographers’ A–Z Street Atlas: Big London Street Atlas bibliographic item ATOZ1
The A to Z of Georgian London bibliographic item ATOZ2
Attali, Jacques: Noise: The Political Economy of Music bibliographic item ATTA1
Atwell, William person (hist) ATWE1
Atwood, Emma Katherine: All Places Are Alike: Marlowe’s Edward II and English Spatial Imagination bibliographic item ATWO1
Atwood, Emma person (cont) ATWO2
Audley, Sir Thomas person (hist) AUDL1
St. Audoen Churches
AUDO1 Stub
Augustine, Katherine person (hist) AUGU1
Auguſtine, Benedick person (hist) AUGU2
St. Augustine of Canterbury person (hist) AUGU3
Austin Friars Sites
AUST1 Stub
Austin’s Gate Gates
AUSTI2 Empty
Autumne person (lit) AUTU1
Ave Maria Lane Streets
AVEM1 Empty
Axe Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
AXEI1 Empty
Bacchus person (lit) BACC1
BACH1 glossary item
Bacon, Sir Nicholas person (hist) BACO1
Bacon, G.W.: The A to Z of Victorian London bibliographic item BACO2
Bacon House Sites
BACO3 Empty
Bacon, Sir Francis person (hist) BACO4
Bacon, James person (hist) BACO5
Badke, David person (cont) BADK1
Baer, William C.: Stuart London’s Standard of Living: Re-Examining the Settlement of Tithes of 1638 for Rents, Income, and Poverty bibliographic item BAER1
Baer, William: Housing for the Lesser Sort in Stuart London: Findings from Certificates, and Returns of Divided Houses bibliographic item BAER2
Baer, William C.: Landlords and Tenants in London, 1550–1700 bibliographic item BAER3
Baer, William: The House-Building Sector of London’s Economy, 1550–1650 bibliographic item BAER4
Baillie, Philip: Pre-Globe Shakespeare Theater Unearthed in London bibliographic item BAIL1
person (cont) BAIL2
Baines, Paul: Ireland, Samuel (d. 1800) bibliographic item BAIN1
Baines, Paul: Ireland, William Henry (1775–1835) bibliographic item BAIN2
Bakers’ Hall Halls
BAKE1 Empty
Blackwell Hall Sites
BAKE2 Empty
Baker, Sir Richard: A chronicle of the Kings of England, from the time of the Romans goverment unto the raigne of our soveraigne lord, King Charles containing all passages of state or church, with all other observations proper for a chronicle bibliographic item BAKE3
The Worshipful Company of Bakers organization BAKE4
Baker, Sir Anthony person (hist) BAKE5
Paul’s Bakehouse Sites
BAKE6 Empty
Bakehouse Generic Places
BAKE7 Empty
Baldwin, Neil person (cont) BALD1
Bald, R.C.: John Donne: A Life bibliographic item BALD2
Bald, R.C.: Middleton’s Civic Employments bibliographic item BALD3
Bale, Anthony: Stow’s Medievalism and Antique Judaism in Early Modern London bibliographic item BALE1
Bale, John person (hist) BALE2
Balmes (Hoxton) Sites
BALM1 Empty
Band, Margery person (hist) BAND1
Band, Thomas person (hist) BAND2
Bangor Inn Sites
BANG1 Empty
Bank End Streets
BANK1 Empty
Bankside Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
BANK2 Assigned
Banqueting House Sites
BANQ1 Empty
Banstead Downs Sites
BANS1 Empty
Drew Barantyn person (hist) BARA1
Christine Barantyn person (hist) BARA2
Barbers’ Hall (?) Halls
BARB1 Empty
Barbican Streets
BARB2 Complete
Barbican (Tower) Sites
BARB3 Empty
Barber, Benjamin person (cont) BARB4
Barber, Bruno: The London Charterhouse bibliographic item BARB5
Barczewski, Stephanie L.: Ritson, Joseph (1752–1803) bibliographic item BARC1
Bardolf, Sir William person (hist) BARD1
Bardolph, Agnes person (hist) BARD2
Bardus person (lit) BARD3
Bard person (lit) BARD4
Barentin, Margaret person (hist) BARE1
Barge House Stairs Riverside Features
BARG1 Empty
BARG2 glossary item
Barkley’s Inn Sites
BARK1 Empty
Barker, Felix: London: 2000 Years of a City and its People bibliographic item BARK2
Barker, Richard Hindry: Thomas Middleton bibliographic item BARK3
Barker, William: Mulcaster, Richard (1531/2–1611): Schoolmaster and Author bibliographic item BARK4
Barkely, Sir John person (hist) BARK5
Barker, John person (hist) BARK6
Barnards Inn Sites
BARN1 Empty
Barnard’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BARN10 Empty
Barn Elms Sites
BARN11 Empty
Barnard-Castle, Thomas person (hist) BARN2
Barnewell Sites
BARN3 Empty
Barnard, Teresa: Seward’s Lichfield bibliographic item BARN4
Barnes, Sir T. person (hist) BARN5
Barnabie, William person (hist) BARN6
Barnham, Benedict person (hist) BARN7
Barne, Sir George person (hist) BARN8
Bernard person (hist) BARN9
Baron, Xavier: Medieval Traditions in the English Renaissance: John Stow’s Portrayal of London in 1603 bibliographic item BARO1
Barron, Caroline M.: London in the Later Middle Ages: Government and People 1200–1500 bibliographic item BARR1
Barron, Caroline M.: The Religious Houses of London and Middlesex bibliographic item BARR2
Barron, Caroline M.: Eyre, Simon (c.1395–1458) bibliographic item BARR3
Barron, Caroline M.: The Government of London: The Formative Phase, 1300–1500 bibliographic item BARR4
Barron, Caroline M.: Pageantry on London Bridge in the Early Fifteenth Century bibliographic item BARR5
Barry, Thomas person (hist) BARR6
Barry, Lording: Ram Alley, or Merry Tricks bibliographic item BARR7
Barry, Lording person (hist) BARR8
Crime and Punishment in England: A Sourcebook bibliographic item BARR9
BARS1 glossary item
Bartholomew Lane Streets
BART1 Stub
Bartholomew Fair Dramatic Extracts
BART2 Complete
Bartolovich, Crystal: London’s the Thing: Alienation, the Market, and Englishmen for My Money bibliographic item BART3
Bartolovich, Crystal: Baseless Fabric: London as a World City bibliographic item BART4
Barton, Sir Henry person (hist) BART5
Bassinghall Ward Wards
BASI1 Complete
Basinghall Street Streets
BASI2 Empty
Basing Lane Streets
BASI3 Complete
Basing, William person (hist) BASI4
Basing, William person (hist) BASI5
Basing Hall Halls
BASI6 Empty
Bath Inn Sites
BATH1 Empty
Bath, John de person (hist) BATH2
Battle Bridge, Tooley Street Sites
BATT1 Empty
Battersby, John person (hist) BATT2
Batte, Ralph person (hist) BATT3
Batte, William person (hist) BATT4
Bayer, Mark: Theatre, Community, and Civic Engagement in Jacobean London bibliographic item BAYE1
Bayer, Mark: The Curious Case of the Two Audiences: Thomas Dekker’s Match Me in London bibliographic item BAYE2
Bayer, Mark person (cont) BAYE3
Baynard’s Castle Sites
Graduate Sudent Articles
BAYN1 Complete
Baynard, William person (hist) BAYN2
Baynard person (hist) BAYN3
Bibliography of British and Irish History bibliographic item BBIH1
British Book Trade Index bibliographic item BBTI1
Beacher, Henry person (hist) BEAC1
Beachamp’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BEAC2 Empty
Beach, Lizzie person (cont) BEAC3
BEAD1 glossary item
Beale, M. person (hist) BEAL1
Bear Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BEAR1 Assigned
Bearbinder Lane Streets
BEAR2 Empty
Bear Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BEAR3 Empty
The Bear and Ragged Staff Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BEAR4 Empty
Bear’s Head, Southwark Placeography
BEAR5 Empty
Bearbaiting Topics
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BEAR6 Assigned
Bear (Paul’s Churchyard) Sites
BEAR7 Empty
Beaumont, Francis: The Knight of the Burning Pestle bibliographic item BEAU1
Beaumont, Francis person (hist) BEAU2
Beauchamp, Thomas person (hist) BEAU3
Beaumont, Frances: Letter from Beaumont to Ben Jonson bibliographic item BEAU4
Beaumont, Francis: The knight of the burning pestle bibliographic item BEAU5
Beaven, Alfred P.: The Aldermen of the City of London - Temp. Henry III - 1912 bibliographic item BEAV1
Bebbington, Gillian: London Street Names bibliographic item BEBB1
Bebbington, Suzanne person (cont) BEBB2
Beckland, Thomas person (hist) BECK1
Beckland, Sir William person (hist) BECK2
Becke, John person (hist) BECK3
Thomas Beckhenton person (hist) BECK4
Bedford House Sites
BEDF1 Empty
Neville, George person (hist) BEDF2
Bedford House Sites
BEDF3 Empty
Beech Lane Streets
BEEC1 Empty
Beer House No. 1 Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BEER1 Empty
Beer Lane Streets
BEER2 Complete
Beer, Barrett L.: Stow [Stowe], John (1524/5–1605) bibliographic item BEER3
Beer, Barrett L.: London and the Rebellions of 1548–1549 bibliographic item BEER4
Beer, Barrett L.: Tudor England Observed: The World of John Stow bibliographic item BEER5
Beer, Barrett L.: John Stow and the English Reformation, 1547-1559 bibliographic item BEER7
Beer, Barret L.: John Stow’s Historical Notes (1500-1605): The Craft of a Citizen Historian bibliographic item BEER8
bibliographic item BEER901
Beeston, Christopher person (hist) BEES1
Beeston, William person (hist) BEES2
Beeston’s Boys organization BEES3
Beggar’s Bush Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BEGG1 Empty
Beier, A.L.: London 1500–1700: The Making of the Metropolis bibliographic item BEIE1
Beier, A.L.: The Significance of the Metropolis bibliographic item BEIE2
Bell Yard, Temple Bar Streets
BELL1 Complete
Bell Inn, Gracechurch Street Placeography
BELL10 Stub
Bell, Southwark Placeography
BELL11 Empty
Bell Tavern, Warwick Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL12 Empty
Bell Tavern, Old Fish Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL13 Empty
Bell Tavern, Wood Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL14 Empty
Bell Tavern, Walbrook Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL15 Empty
Bell Inn, in the Strand Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL16 Empty
Bell Tavern, Stratford-at-Bow Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL17 Empty
Bell Tavern, Waltham Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL18 Empty
Bell Inn, Henley-on-Thames Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL19 Empty
Bell, Sir James person (hist) BELL2
bibliographic item BELL2001
bibliographic item BELL2002
Bell Inn, Holborn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL3 Empty
Bell Inn, Aldersgate Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL4 Empty
Bell Inn, Friday Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL5 Empty
Bell Inn, Coleman Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL6 Empty
Bell Savage Inn Placeography
Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL7 Stub
Bell Inn, St. John’s Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL8 Empty
Bell Inn, Smithfield Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BELL9 Empty
Belmeis, Richard de person (hist) BELM1
Belsize Neighbourhoods
BELS1 Empty
Benbridges Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BENB1 Complete
Bénézet, Delphine: Beyond Blank Fiction: Palimpsestic Flânerie and Converging Imaginaries in Karen Tei Tamashita’s Tropic of Orange bibliographic item BENE1
Ben Johnson’s Head Sites
BENJ1 Empty
Bennet’s Hill Streets
BENN1 Empty
Bennett, Kristen A. person (cont) BENN2
Bennett, Cameron person (cont) BENN3
The Riverside Chaucer bibliographic item BENS1
Bentley, G.E.: The Jacobean and Caroline Stage bibliographic item BENT1
Beresford, Edwin: The Annals of Fleet Street bibliographic item BERE1
Bergeron, David M.: English Civic Pageantry 1558–1642 bibliographic item BERG1
Bergeron, David M.: Practicing Renaissance Scholarship: Plays and Pageants, Patrons and Politics bibliographic item BERG10
Bergeron, David M.: Stuart Civic Pageants and Textual Performance bibliographic item BERG11
Bergeron, David M.: Symbolic Landscape in English Civic Pageantry bibliographic item BERG12
Berger, Thomas L.: Textual Problems in English Renaissance Masques, Pageants, and Entertainments: A Summary bibliographic item BERG13
Bergeron, David M.: The Bible in English Renaissance Civic Pageants bibliographic item BERG14
Bergeron, David M.: The Elizabethan Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item BERG15
Bergeron, David M.: Urban Pastoralism in English Civic Pageants bibliographic item BERG16
Bergeron, David M.: Venetian State Papers and English Civic Pageantry, 1558-1642 bibliographic item BERG17
Pageants and Entertainments of Anthony Munday: A Critical Edition bibliographic item BERG18
The Triumphs of Re-United Britannia bibliographic item BERG19
Bergeron, David M.: Middleton’s Moral Landscape: A Chaste Maid in Cheapside and The Triumphs of Truth bibliographic item BERG2
Camp-bell or the Ironmongers Faire Feild bibliographic item BERG20
Londons Love, to the Royal Prince Henrie bibliographic item BERG21
Chruso-thriambos bibliographic item BERG22
Himatia-Poleos bibliographic item BERG23
Metropolis Coronata bibliographic item BERG24
Chrysanaleia bibliographic item BERG25
Sidero-Thriambos bibliographic item BERG26
The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece bibliographic item BERG27
Bergeron, David M.: Harrison, Jonson and Dekker: The Magnificent Entertainment for King James I (1604) bibliographic item BERG3
Bergeron, David M.: Actors in English Civic Pageants bibliographic item BERG4
Bergeron, David M.: Anthony Munday: Pageant Poet to the City of London bibliographic item BERG5
Bergeron, David M.: Charismatic Audience: A 1559 Pageant bibliographic item BERG6
Bergeron, David M.: Civic Pageants and Historical Drama bibliographic item BERG7
Bergeron, David M.: Pageants, Politics, and Patrons bibliographic item BERG8
Bergeron, David M.: Patronage of Dramatists: The Case of Thomas Heywood bibliographic item BERG9
Beringham, John person (hist) BERI1
Berlin, Michael: Reordering Rituals: Ceremony and the Parish, 1520–1640 bibliographic item BERL1
Bermondsey Street Streets
BERM1 Empty
Bermondsey Neighbourhoods
BERM2 Empty
Bermondsey Abbey Churches
BERM3 Empty
Bermudas Generic Places
BERM4 Empty
Bernard, G.W.: Seymour, Thomas, Baron Seymour of Sudeley (b. in or before 1509, d. 1549) bibliographic item BERN1
Berosus person (hist) BERO1
Berry, Herbert: The Bell Savage Inn and Playhouse in London bibliographic item BERR1
Berry, Herbert: The Phoenix bibliographic item BERR2
Berry, Herbert: The Stage and Boxes at Blackfriars bibliographic item BERR3
Berry, Herbert: The View of London from the North and the Playhouses in Holywell bibliographic item BERR4
English Professional Theater, 1530-1660 bibliographic item BERR5
Berry, Herbert: Aspects of the Design and Use of the First Public Playhouse bibliographic item BERR6
Berwardes Lane Streets
BERW1 Empty
Best, Michael: Isabella Whitney bibliographic item BEST1
Best, Michael person (cont) BEST2
Best, John person (hist) BEST3
Bethlehem Hospital Sites
Graduate Sudent Articles
BETH1 Complete
Bethlem Royal Hospital: General Historical Information bibliographic item BETH2
Bethlem Royal Hospital: Visits bibliographic item BETH3
Bethnall Green Neighbourhoods
BETH4 Empty
Bevis Marks Streets
BEVI1 Stub
Bevis Marks (?) Sites
BEVI2 Empty
Bevington, David: The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item BEVI3
Bevington, David: Theatre as Holiday bibliographic item BEVI4
The Complete Works of Shakespeare bibliographic item BEVI5
Bevington, David: Tudor Drama and Politics: A Critical Approach to Topical Meaning bibliographic item BEVI6
Bevington, David: Henry IV, Part 1 bibliographic item BEVI7
British History Online bibliographic item BHON1
Bibliography Databases
BIBL1 Complete
The Bible Bookshops
BIBL2 Empty
BICO1 glossary item
Billingsgate Riverside Features
Undergraduate Student Articles
BILL1 Complete
Billingsgate Ward Wards
BILL2 Complete
Billiter Lane Streets
BILL3 Complete
Billingsgate Market Markets
BILL4 Empty
Birchin Lane Streets
BIRC1 Complete
Bird, James: The Geography of the Port of London bibliographic item BIRD1
Bird, Sir James: Shoreditch bibliographic item BIRD2
Bishopsgate Ward Wards
BISH1 Complete
Bishopsgate Gates
BISH2 Assigned
Bishopsgate Street Streets
BISH3 Complete
Bishop, Tom person (cont) BISH4
Bishop of Hereford’s Inn Sites
BISH5 Empty
Bishop’s Hall Sites
BISH6 Empty
Bishop’s Palace Sites
BISH7 Complete
Bishops of Winchester’s Stairs Sites
BISP1 Empty
Bible, The: Authorized King James Version with Apocrypha bibliographic item BKJV1
Blackfriars Precinct Sites
BLAC1 Empty
Blackheath Topographical Features
BLAC10 Empty
Black Lion Bookshops
BLAC11 Empty
Black Swan Sites
BLAC12 Empty
Blackwall Neighbourhoods
BLAC13 Empty
Blacksmiths’ Hall (?) Halls
BLAC2 Empty
Blackham, Colonel Robert J.: The Soul of the City: London’s Livery Companies. Their Storied Past, Their Living Present bibliographic item BLAC3
Will, Black person (lit) BLAC4
Blackwell, Sir Iohn person (hist) BLAC5
Blackfriars Theatre Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
BLAC6 Complete
Black Hall Sites
BLAC7 Empty
Blackfriars Monastery Churches
BLAC8 Empty
Blackfriar’s Stairs Riverside Features
BLAC9 Empty
Bladder Street Streets
BLAD1 Empty
Blair, Ian: A Roman Drainage Culvert, Great Fire Destruction Debris and Other Evidence from Hillside Sites North-East of London Bridge: Excavations at Monument House and 13—21 Eastcheap, City of London bibliographic item BLAI1
Blanch Appleton Sites
BLAN1 Empty
Bland, Mark: The Appearance of the Text in Early Modern England bibliographic item BLAN2
Blatherwick, Simon: Great Houses, Moats, and Mills on the South Bank of the Thames: Medieval and Tudor Southwark and Rotherhithe bibliographic item BLAT1
Blue Boar Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLBO1 Empty
Black Bull Inn, Smithfield Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLBU1 Empty
Black Bull Inn, Bishopsgate Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLBU2 Stub
Black Bull (Grey’s Inn Lane) Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLBU4 Empty
Bledlow, Thomas person (hist) BLED1
Encoding as WYSIWYG Production Blog Posts
BLOG1 Complete
CodeSharing: A Simple API for Disseminating our TEI Encoding Blog Posts
BLOG10 Complete
Dr. Strangecode, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog Blog Posts
BLOG11 Draft
Paint over Print Conference Blog Posts
BLOG12 Complete
Shakespeare Association of America 2015 Report Blog Posts
BLOG13 Draft
Encoding an Underground Text in the Underground Blog Posts
BLOG2 Complete
Welcome to MoEML v.5! Blog Posts
BLOG3 Complete
Fiction Set in Early Modern London Blog Posts
BLOG4 Draft
Dr. Strangecode, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog Blog Posts
BLOG5 Draft
To Blog or Not to Blog Blog Posts
BLOG6 Complete
MoEML’s Pedagogical Partnership Project (PPP) is launched! Blog Posts
BLOG7 Complete
Introducing the First Digital Gazetteer of Early Modern London! Blog Posts
BLOG8 Complete
Marking Up Stow’s Survey of London Blog Posts
BLOG9 Complete
Blome, Richard: ALDGATE WARD with its Diviſion into Pariſhes. Taken from the laſt Survey with Corrections & Additions bibliographic item BLOM1
Blome, Richard: PORTSOKEN WARD being part of the Pariſh of St. Buttolph’s Aldgate, taken from the laſt Survey, with corrections and Additions bibliographic item BLOM2
Blome, Richard: A MAPP OF LIME STREET WARD. Taken from ye laſt Surveys & corrected bibliographic item BLOM3
bibliographic item BLOM401
bibliographic item BLOM501
bibliographic item BLOM601
Blondell, Nicholas person (hist) BLON1
Bloomsbury Neighbourhoods
BLOO1 Empty
Blossoms Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLOS1 Empty
Black Swan Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLSW1 Empty
Blue Boar Sites
BLUE1 Empty
Blue Anchor Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BLUE2 Empty
Blue Bible Sites
BLUE3 Empty
Bly, Mary: Queer Virgins and Virgin Queans on the Early Modern Stage bibliographic item BLYM1
Bly, Mary: Playing the Tourist in Early Modern London: Selling the Liberties Onstage bibliographic item BLYM2
Boar’s Head Tavern Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BOAR1 Empty
Bockrill, Andrew person (hist) BOCK1
Boggia, Sam: History Hunters: Blossoms Inn bibliographic item BOGG1
The Boar’s Head Placeography
BOHE1 Stub
Bohun, Humphrey de person (hist) BOHU1
Bohun IV, Humphrey de person (hist) BOHU2
Bold, John: Bird’s-Eye Views: From Hollar to the London Eye bibliographic item BOLD1
Bold, John: Discovering London’s Buildings: With Twelve Walks bibliographic item BOLD2
Bolles, George person (hist) BOLL1
Bolt, John person (hist) BOLT1
Bolt, John person (hist) BOLT2
Bonahue, Edward T., Jr.: Citizen History: Stow’s Survey of London bibliographic item BONA1
Bond, William person (hist) BOND1
Bond, Nicholas person (hist) BOND2
Bonuice, Anthony person (hist) BONU1
Bookselling at Paul’s Churchyard Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
BOOK2 Complete
BOOK3 glossary item
Booth, Roy: ‘It must be called EBENEZAR’: Cheapside Cross and a Puritan Replacement bibliographic item BOOT1
Booth, Abram person (hist) BOOT2
Borer, Mary Cathcart: The City of London: A History bibliographic item BORE1
Sons of Boreas person (lit) BORE2
Borellus, Peter: A Summary or Compendium, of The Life of the most Famous Philosopher Renatus Descartes Written originally in Latin by Peter Borellus Physician to the French King; to which is also added an Epitome of his Life by Marcus Zurius Boxbornius Historiographer at Leyden bibliographic item BORE3
Borresbie, William person (hist) BORR1
Boss Alley Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
BOSS1 Assigned
Boss of Billingsgate Water Features
BOSS2 Empty
BOSS3 glossary item
Botelar, William person (hist) BOTE1
Botolph Lane Streets
BOTO1 Empty
Botolph’s Wharf Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
BOTO2 Assigned
Boulton, Jeremy: Residential Mobility in Seventeenth-Century Southwark bibliographic item BOUL1
Boulton, Jeremy: Neighbourhood and Society: A London Suburb in the Seventeenth Century bibliographic item BOUL2
Boulton, Jeremy: Theatrical Cultures in Early Modern London bibliographic item BOUL3
Bounty person (lit) BOUN1
Bourne, Nicholas person (hist) BOUR1
Bourser, William person (hist) BOUR2
Lord Bourchier person (hist) BOUR3
Bourchier, William person (hist) BOUR4
person (cont) BOUR5
Bowes, William person (hist) BOWE1
Bowers, Rick: Dick Whittington, Stow’s Survey, and Catte Streete bibliographic item BOWE2
Bowers, Rick: John Lowin: Actor-Manager of the King’s Company, 1630–1642 bibliographic item BOWE3
Bowen, Gwynneth: Oxford’s and Worcester’s Men and the Boar’s Head bibliographic item BOWE4
Bowes, Sir Martin person (hist) BOWE5
The Dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker bibliographic item BOWE6
Bowyer, Sir William person (hist) BOWI1
Bow Lane Streets
BOWL1 Complete
bibliographic item BOWL201
bibliographic item BOWL301
Bowman, Laurel person (cont) BOWM1
Bowsher, Julian: The Rose Theatre: An Archeological Discovery bibliographic item BOWS1
Bowsher, Julian: The Rose and the Globe—Playhouses of Shakespeare’s Bankside, Southwark: Excavations 1988–1991 bibliographic item BOWS2
Bowsher, Julian M.C.: The Chapel Royal at Greenwich Palace bibliographic item BOWS3
Bowsher, Julian: Holywell Priory and The Theatre in Shoreditch bibliographic item BOWS4
Bowsher, Julian: Greenwich Palace, England bibliographic item BOWS5
Bowsher, Julian: Shakespeare’s London Theatreland: Archaeology, History, and Drama bibliographic item BOWS6
Bowsher, David: The London Guildhall: An Archaeological History of a Neighbourhood from Early Medieval to Modern Times bibliographic item BOWS7
Bowsher, Julian: Shakespeare’s London Theatreland: Archaeology, History and Drama bibliographic item BOWS8
Bowyers’ Hall Halls
BOWY1 Empty
Bowyer Row Streets
BOWY2 Empty
Boy of the Royal Exchange person (lit) BOYR1
British Printed Images to 1700 (bpi1700) bibliographic item BPIM1
The British Literary Book Trade, 1475–1700 bibliographic item BRAC1
Bradbrook, Muriel Clara: The Politics of Pageantry: Social Implications in Jacobean London bibliographic item BRAD1
John Bradmore person (hist) BRAD2
Margaret Bradmore person (hist) BRAD3
Katherine Bradmore person (hist) BRAD4
Braithwaite, Laura person (cont) BRAI1
Brailowsky, Yan person (cont) BRAI2
Right-Hitting Brand person (lit) BRAN1
Van den Branden, Ron: TEI by Example bibliographic item BRAN2
Brayne, John person (hist) BRAY1
Bread Street Streets
BREA1 Complete
Bread Street Hill Streets
BREA2 Stub
Bread Street Ward Wards
BREA3 Complete
Bread Street Market Sites
BREA4 Empty
Breakspeare, William person (hist) BREK1
Brembre, Sir Nicholas person (hist) BREM1
Brenner, Robert: Merchants and Revolution: Commercial Change, Political Conflict, and London’s Overseas Traders, 1550–1653 bibliographic item BREN1
Brereton, J. Le Gay: De Witt at the Swan bibliographic item BRER1
Breton, John person (hist) BRET1
Breton, Robert person (hist) BRET2
Brett, Alan person (hist) BRET3
Brewers’ Hall Halls
BREW1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Brewers organization BREW2
Brewers’ Key Sites
BREW3 Empty
Brewers Lane Streets
BREW4 Empty
Briar, Thomas person (hist) BRIA1
Brick Lane Streets
BRIC1 Empty
Bricklayers’ Hall Halls
BRIC2 Stub
Bride Lane Streets
BRID1 Empty
Bridewell Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
BRID2 Assigned
Bridge Within Ward Wards
BRID3 Complete
Bridge Without Ward Wards
BRID4 Complete
Bridge House Sites
BRID5 Assigned
Bridges, Sir William person (hist) BRID6
Bridewell Dock Riverside Features
BRID8 Empty
Bridewell Precinct Placeography
BRID9 Empty
Brigden, Susan: London and the Reformation bibliographic item BRIG1
Brimhall, Kathryn person (cont) BRIM1
person (cont) BRIN1
Brissenden, Alan: Introduction bibliographic item BRIS1
Britain Topics
BRIT1 Stub
Enyclopedia Britannica Academic Edition bibliographic item BRIT2
Britannia person (lit) BRIT3
Brittannia’s Honor Lord Mayor’s Shows
BRIT4 Draft
Broad St. Giles Streets
BROA1 Empty
Broad Street Streets
BROA2 Stub
Broad Street Ward Wards
BROA3 Complete
Broadwall Streets
BROA4 Empty
BROA5 glossary item
Broad Lane Streets
BROA6 Empty
Broken Wharf Sites
BROC1 Empty
Broke IT Well, John person (hist) BROK1
Bromeflet, Thomas person (hist) BROM1
Brome, Richard person (hist) BROM2
Brontes person (lit) BRON1
Brosked, William person (hist) BROS1
person (cont) BROT1
Brown, Kim person (cont) BROW1
Brown, Beatrix person (hist) BROW2
Brown, William person (hist) BROW3
Brown, Richard person (hist) BROW4
Brown, Nancy Pollard: Paperchase: The Dissemination of Catholic Texts in Elizabethan England bibliographic item BROW5
Brune, Walter person (hist) BRUN1
Brune, Rosa person (hist) BRUN2
Brute person (lit) BRUT1
Bryant, Joseph A., Jr.: John Stow’s Continuator and the Defense of Brute bibliographic item BRYA1
Black Stanus person (hist) BSTA1
Bucholz, Robert O.: London: A Social and Cultural History, 1550-1750 bibliographic item BUCH1
Bucklersbury Streets
BUCK1 Empty
Bucket, Rowland person (hist) BUCK2
Stafford, Edward person (hist) BUCK3
Budge Row Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
BUDG1 Complete
Bull Baiting Sites
BULL1 Assigned
The Works of Thomas Middleton bibliographic item BULL2
Bull, Raoul: Holywell Priory and the Development of Shoreditch to c. 1600: Archaeology from the London Overground East London Line bibliographic item BULL3
Boleyn, Geoffrey person (hist) BULL4
Bull Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BULL5 Empty
Bull Wharf Riverside Features
BULL6 Empty
Bull Inn, Southwark Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
BULL7 Empty
Bunhill Field Sites
BUNH1 Empty
Burbage, Richard person (hist) BURB1
Burbage, Cuthbert person (hist) BURB2
Burbage, James person (hist) BURB3
Burchard person (hist) BURC1
Burch, Mark: The Development of Early Medieval and Later Poultry and Cheapside: Excavations at 1 Poultry and vicinity, City of London bibliographic item BURC2
Bourchier, Sir John person (hist) BURC3
Bourchier, Henry person (hist) BURC4
Burghart, Marjorie: The Present and Future of the TEI Community for Manuscript Encoding bibliographic item BURG2
A true report of al the burials and christnings within the citie of London and the liberties thereof, from the 23. of December, 1602. to the 22. of December, 1603. Other Texts
BURI1 Draft
Burke, Peter: Popular Culture in Seventeenth-Century London bibliographic item BURK1
Burley House Sites
BURL1 Empty
Burley, Sir Simon person (hist) BURL2
Burley, Sir John person (hist) BURL3
Burnett, Dr. Alexander person (hist) BURN1
Burn, Jacob Henry: A Descriptive Catalogue of the London Traders, Tavern, and Coffee-house Tokens Current in the Seventeenth Century bibliographic item BURN2
Burnall, Thomas person (hist) BURN3
Bursire, Sir W. person (hist) BURS1
Bury Street Streets
BURY1 Empty
Bush Lane Streets
BUSH1 Empty
Busino, Orazio: Orazio Busino’s Eyewitness Account of The Triumphs of Honour and Industry bibliographic item BUSI1
Busino, Orazio person (hist) BUSI2
Busse, Ashley Denham: Quod me nutrit me destruit: Discovering the Abject on the Early Modern Stage bibliographic item BUSS1
Butcher Row Streets
BUTC1 Empty
Butchers’ Hall (?) Halls
BUTC2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Butchers organization BUTC3
Butchers’ Alley Streets
BUTC4 Stub
Buterbaugh, Margaret person (cont) BUTE1
Butler, Jennie person (cont) BUTL1
Butler, Eleanor person (hist) BUTL2
Butler, Sir Thomas person (hist) BUTL3
Butler, Jennie: Introduction bibliographic item BUTL4
Butler, Martin: Theatre and Crisis 1632-1642 bibliographic item BUTL5
Butt, Cameron person (cont) BUTT1
Butter, Nathaniel person (hist) BUTT2
Binneman, Henry person (hist) BYNN1
person (cont) BYTH1
Cade, Jack person (hist) CADE1
Caesar, Julius person (hist) CAES1
Cain, Piers: Robert Smith and the Reform of the Archives of the City of London, 1580–1623 bibliographic item CAIN1
Cai, Phillip person (cont) CAIP1
Calais person (lit) CALA1
Calcos person (lit) CALC1
Ralph Caldwell person (hist) CALD1
Calendar of the Charter Rolls Preserved in the Public Record Office bibliographic item CALE1
Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series, of the reign of Charles II bibliographic item CALE2
Calendar of State Papers, James I bibliographic item CALE3
Entry Book: November 1660 bibliographic item CALE4
Calliope person (lit) CALL1
Calthrope, Martin person (hist) CALT1
Calumny person (lit) CALU1
Calvin, John person (hist) CALV1
Camaj, Lindita person (cont) CAMA1
Camber person (lit) CAMB1
Cambria person (lit) CAMB2
Camden, William: Britain, or A chorographicall description of the most flourishing kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the ilands adjoyning, out of the depth of antiquitie beautified vvith mappes of the severall shires of England: vvritten first in Latine by William Camden Clarenceux K. of A. Translated newly into English by Philémon Holland Doctour in Physick: finally, revised, amended, and enlarged with sundry additions by the said author bibliographic item CAMD1
Camden, William person (hist) CAMD2
Camden, William: Britannia bibliographic item CAMD3
Camomile Street Streets
CAMO1 Empty
Camomile Street (Lime Street Ward) Streets
CAMO2 Complete
Campbell, James person (cont) CAMP1
The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance bibliographic item CAMP10
Campbell, Gordon: Admiral’s Men bibliographic item CAMP2
Camp-Bell, or the Ironmongers’ Fair Field Lord Mayor’s Shows
CAMP3 Complete
Campbell, Thomas person (hist) CAMP4
Campeggio, Cardinal Lorenzo person (hist) CAMP5
Campion Lane Streets
CAMP6 Empty
Campeggio: Henry VIII: August 1529, 1-10 bibliographic item CAMP7
Campbell, Sir James person (hist) CAMP8
Campbell, Gordon: Milton, John (1608–1674) bibliographic item CAMP9
Canavan, Michael person (cont) CANA1
Candlewick Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
CAND1 Complete
Candlewick Street Ward Wards
CAND2 Complete
Cannon Row Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
CANN1 Assigned
Writing Royal Entries in Early Modern Europe bibliographic item CANO1
Capobianco, Nicole person (cont) CAPO1
Cappell, Sir William person (hist) CAPP1
Capper, Charles: The Port and Trade of London, Historical, Statistical, Local, and General bibliographic item CAPP2
Cardano, Gerolamo person (hist) CARD1
Cardinal’s Hat Tavern Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CARD2 Empty
Cardinal’s Hat, Southwark Placeography
CARD3 Empty
Carey Lane Streets
CARE1 Complete
Carey, John: John Donne: Life, Mind and Art bibliographic item CARE2
Care person (lit) CARE3
Carew, Sir Nicholas person (hist) CARE4
Carew, Thomas person (hist) CARE5
Carey, Henry person (hist) CARE6
Carlone, Dominic person (cont) CARL1
Carlin, Martha: What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?: The Evolution of Public Dining in Medieval and Tudor London bibliographic item CARL2
Carleill, Christopher person (hist) CARL3
Carlin, Martha: Gazetteer to the c.1270 and c.1520 Maps with Historical Notes bibliographic item CARL4
Carnegie, David: Galley-Foists, the Lord Mayor’s Show, and Early Modern English Drama bibliographic item CARN1
Carnegie, David person (cont) CARN2
Carpenters’ Hall (?) Halls
CARP1 Empty
Carpenter, John person (hist) CARP2
The Worshipful Company of Carpenters organization CARP3
The Carriers’ Cosmography Other Texts
CARR1 Complete
Carriers’ Hall Halls
CARR2 Empty
Carrel, Helen: Food, Drink, and Public Order in the London Liber Albus bibliographic item CARR3
Carson, Neil: A Companion to Henslowe’s Diary bibliographic item CARS1
Carter Lane Streets
CART1 Complete
Cartwright, Kent: The Folger 1560 View of London bibliographic item CART2
Carter Court Sites
CART3 Empty
Cassidy, Christopher person (cont) CASS1
Castle Alley Streets
CAST1 Stub
Castle Baynard Ward Wards
CAST2 Complete
Castor person (lit) CAST3
Castle Inn, Wood Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CAST4 Empty
Castle Inn, Smithfield Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CAST5 Empty
The Castle Sites
CAST6 Empty
Castle, Southwark Placeography
CAST7 Empty
Casway person (hist) CASW1
Catcher, John person (hist) CATC1
Cateaton Street Streets
CATE1 Empty
Cathcart, Charles: Plural Authorship, Attribution, and The Children of the King’s Revels bibliographic item CATH1
St. Catherine of Alexandria person (lit) CATH2
Catherine Wheel Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CATH3 Empty
Cavendish, Thomas person (hist) CAVE1
Cawarden, Thomas person (hist) CAWA1
Cawarden, Elizabeth person (hist) CAWA2
Cawood, Robert person (hist) CAWO1
Cecil, William person (hist) CECI1
Cecil, Robert person (hist) CECI2
Cecil, William: A Collection of State Papers Relating to Affairs in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, from the year 1571 to 1596 bibliographic item CECI3
Cely, Richard person (hist) CELY1
Cely, Robert person (hist) CELY2
Central Criminal Court Sites
CENT1 Empty
Cerasano, S.P.: Alleyn, Edward (1566–1629) bibliographic item CERA1
Cerasano, S.P.: Henslowe, Philip (c.1555–1616) bibliographic item CERA2
Ceres person (lit) CERE1
Chalfant, Fran C.: Ben Jonson’s London: A Jacobean Placename Dictionary bibliographic item CHAL1
Challoner, Jacob person (hist) CHAL2
Chambers, E.K.: The Elizabethan Stage bibliographic item CHAM1
Chamberlain, John.: The Letters of John Chamberlain bibliographic item CHAM2
Chamberlain, John person (hist) CHAM3
Champneys, John person (hist) CHAM4
Chamberlain, Sir Richard person (hist) CHAM5
Champion, Walter person (hist) CHAM6
Champyon, Richard person (hist) CHAM7
Champneys, Sir John person (hist) CHAM8
Chambers, Douglas: John Evelyn and English Architecture bibliographic item CHAM9
Champion person (lit) CHAMP1
Chancery Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
CHAN1 Complete
Chandler, W.K.: The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item CHAN2
CHAN3 glossary item
Channels Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
CHAN4 Complete
Chapman, George: Eastward Ho! bibliographic item CHAP1
Chapman, George person (hist) CHAP2
Chapel Children organization CHAP3
Charing Cross Sites
CHAR1 Empty
Charity person (lit) CHAR10
Charlewood, John person (hist) CHAR11
Chartesey House Sites
CHAR16 Empty
Charterhouse Sites
CHAR2 Empty
Charterhouse Lane Streets
CHAR3 Empty
Charles I person (hist) CHAR4
Charles II person (hist) CHAR5
Charles I of Spain person (hist) CHAR6
Charcam, Ambrose person (hist) CHAR7
CHAR8 glossary item
Charles, Thomas person (hist) CHAR9
Chatterjee, K.: Europe Observed: Multiple Gazes in Early Modern Encounters bibliographic item CHAT1
Chaucer, Geoffrey person (hist) CHAU1
Chawry, Richard person (hist) CHAW1
Cheap Ward Wards
CHEA1 Complete
Cheapside Street Streets
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
CHEA2 Assigned
Cheapside’s Triumphs and Chyron’s Cross’s Lamentation Other Texts
CHEA4 Complete
Cheapside Market Markets
CHEA5 Empty
A Handbook of Dates for Students of British History bibliographic item CHEN1
Chequer Inn, Charing Cross Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CHEQ1 Empty
Chequer Inn, Holborn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CHEQ2 Empty
Chequer Inn, Dowgate Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CHEQ3 Empty
Chernyk, Melanie person (cont) CHER1
Chertsey House Sites
CHER2 Stub
Chester, Sir Robert person (hist) CHES1
Chester, Richard person (hist) CHES2
Chester, William person (hist) CHEST2
Chettle, Henry person (hist) CHET1
Barkely, Margaret person (hist) CHEV1
Chevie, Raph person (hist) CHEV2
Cheyney, Alexander person (hist) CHEY1
Charlton House Sites
CHHS1 Empty
Chibary, Roger person (hist) CHIB1
Chick Lane, Smithfield Streets
CHIC1 Empty
Chick Lane, Tower Street Ward Streets
CHIC2 Complete
Chicheley, William person (hist) CHIC3
Chicheley, Robert person (hist) CHIC4
Chicheley, Henry person (hist) CHIC5
Chicheley, John person (hist) CHIC6
Chicheley, William person (hist) CHIC7
Chichester, John person (hist) CHIC8
Chicheley, Elizabeth person (hist) CHIC9
Childbed Generic Places
CHIL1 Empty
The Chimney-Sweepers Sad Complaint bibliographic item CHIM1
Chirwide, Robert person (hist) CHIR1
Chiswell Street Streets
CHIS1 Empty
Chitty, C.W.: Aliens in England in the Sixteenth Century bibliographic item CHIT1
Chitcroft, John person (hist) CHIT2
Chornet, John person (hist) CHOR1
Chorley, Oliver person (hist) CHOR2
Children of Paul’s organization CHPA1
Blackfriars Children organization CHQR1
Christ Church Churches
CHRI1 Empty
Christchurch Southwark (Parish) Parishes
CHRI101 Empty
Library of Gray-Friars Sites
CHRI13 Empty
Christ’s Hospital Sites
CHRI2 Empty
Christensen, Ann C.: Being Mistress Eyre in Dekker’s The Shoemaker’s Holiday and Deloney’s The Gentle Craft bibliographic item CHRI3
St. Christopher’s Alley Streets
CHRI4 Stub
Ascue, Sir Christopher person (hist) CHRI5
Christopher Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CHRS1 Empty
Chrusothriambos Lord Mayor’s Shows
CHRU1 Complete
Critical Companion to Chrusothriambos Critical Editorial Documents
CHRU1_critical Draft
Chrusos person (lit) CHRU2
Chrysanaleia Lord Mayor’s Shows
CHRY1 Complete
Chthoon person (lit) CHTH1
Church Alley Streets
CHUR1 Empty
Church Alley (Langbourne Ward) Streets
CHUR2 Empty
Church Lane (Tower Street Ward) Streets
CHUR3 Complete
Churches in Aldgate Topics
CHUR4 Draft
Churchman, John person (hist) CHUR6
Church Generic Places
CHUR7 Empty
Church of England organization CHUR8
Church Lane (All Hallows) Streets
CHUR9 Empty
Commision of Inquiry into Charities in England and Wales: Further report of the commissioners appointed in pursuance of two several acts of Parliament; the one, made and passed in the 58th year of His Late Majesty, c. 91, intituled,"an act for appointing commissioners to inquire concerning charities in England, for the education of the poor;" and the other, made and passed in the 59th year of His Late Majesty, c. 81, intituled,"an act to amend an act of the last session of Parliament, for appointing commissioners to inquire concerning charities in England, for the education of the poor, and to extend the powers thereof to other charities in England and Wales." And both of which acts have been continued by an act passed in the 5th year of His Present Majesty, c. 58 bibliographic item CICE1
Ciran person (hist) CIRA1
CITI1 glossary item
City Dog House Sites
CITY1 Assigned
City Shield Non-textual Markings on the Agas Map
CITY2 Empty
Citty person (lit) CITY3
Ormrod, David: City and Region: Urban and Agricultural Rent in England, 1400–1914 bibliographic item CITY4
Duke of Clarence, George person (hist) CLAR1
Clark, Peter: The English Alehouse: A Social History 1200-1830 bibliographic item CLAR10
Clark, Glenn person (cont) CLAR2
Clarentiaulx, John person (hist) CLAR3
Clark, Robert person (cont) CLAR4
Clarentius, Thomas person (hist) CLAR5
Clarell, Alcie person (hist) CLAR6
Clarell, William person (hist) CLAR7
Clarell, John person (hist) CLAR8
Clarell, Thomas person (hist) CLAR9
Clavering, John person (hist) CLAV1
1623 London Act for the Preservation and Cleansing of the Thames Other Texts
Graduate Sudent Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
CLEA1 Complete
Clerkenwell Road Streets
CLEK1 Empty
Clements Inn Sites
CLEM1 Empty
Clement’s Well Water Features
CLEM2 Empty
Clerkenwell Sites
CLER1 Empty
Clerkenwell Road Streets
CLER2 Empty
Clerk’s Hall Halls
CLER3 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks organization CLER4
Cleves, Anne of person (hist) CLEV1
Clifford, Sir Roger person (hist) CLIF1
Clifford’s Inn Sites
CLIF2 Empty
Clifton, Henry person (hist) CLIF3
Clifton, Thomas person (hist) CLIF4
Clink Prison Sites
CLIN1 Empty
Clink Street Streets
CLIN2 Empty
Clinton, Geoffrey of person (hist) CLIN3
Clinton, William of person (hist) CLIN4
Clitherow, William person (hist) CLIT1
Clitherow, Margaret person (hist) CLIT2
Cloak Lane Streets
CLOA1 Empty
Clopton, Sir Hugh person (hist) CLOP1
Close, Patrick person (cont) CLOS1
Clothworkers’ Hall Halls
CLOT1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Clothworkers organization CLOT2
Clyo person (lit) CLYO1
The Chicago Manual of Style Online bibliographic item CMSO1
Canute person (hist) CNUT1
Cobbes, Edmund: Mundanum speculum, or, The worldlings looking glasse Wherein hee may clearly see what a woefull bargaine he makes if he lose his soule for the game of the vvorld. A worke needfull and necessarie for this carelesse age, wherein many neglect the meanes of their saluation. Preached and now published by Edmund Cobbes, master of the Word of God bibliographic item COBB1
Cobb, Gerald: The Old Churches of London bibliographic item COBB2
Cobham, Reginald person (hist) COBH1
Cobham’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
COBH2 Empty
Cochrane, Joy person (cont) COCH1
Cock Lane Streets
COCK1 Empty
Cockspur Street Streets
COCK2 Empty
Cock Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
COCK3 Empty
William Cockayne person (hist) COCK4
The Cockpit Playhouses
Articles by Scholars
Peer-reviewed Documents
COCK5 Complete
Cockpit Alley (Pitt Court) Streets
COCK6 Stub
The Cockpit-in-Court Placeography
COCK7 Stub
The Canadian Oxford Dictionary bibliographic item CODI1
Cogshal, Thomas person (hist) COGS1
Coken, Joan person (hist) COKE1
Coken, John person (hist) COKE2
Coldharbour Sites
COLD1 Empty
The Cold Tearme Other Texts
COLD2 Draft
Coleman Street Streets
COLE1 Empty
Coleman Street Ward Wards
COLE2 Complete
Coles, Francis person (hist) COLE3
Cole, Benjamin: TOWER STREET WARD with their Divisions into Pariſhes according to a New Survey bibliographic item COLE4
Cole, Benjamin: ALDGATE WARD with its DIVISIONS into Precincts & Pariſhes according to a NEW SURVEY bibliographic item COLE5
Coleman, Susanna person (cont) COLE6
bibliographic item COLE701
bibliographic item COLE801
College Hill Streets
COLL1 Empty
Collier, John: The History of English Dramatic Poetry bibliographic item COLL10
College of Arms (?) Sites
COLL2 Empty
Collinson, Patrick: John Stow and Nostalgic Antiquarianism bibliographic item COLL3
Collins, Amy person (cont) COLL4
Catalogue bibliographic item COLL5
Collingbourne, William person (hist) COLL6
Collins, Eleanor: Repertory and Riot bibliographic item COLL7
St. Paul’s College Sites
COLL8 Empty
Collins-Sussman, Ben: Version Control with Subversion bibliographic item COLL9
Colt, Thomas person (hist) COLT1
Colver person (hist) COLU1
Comensoli, Viviana: Enacting Gender on the English Renaissance Stage bibliographic item COME1
A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Year 1783 bibliographic item COME2
COMM1 glossary item
Commiseration person (lit) COMM2
Common Wealth person (lit) COMM3
COMM4 glossary item
Concord person (lit) CONC1
COND1 glossary item
Conduit at Bishopsgate Water Features
COND2 Empty
Conduit upon Cornhill Water Features
COND3 Empty
Condell, Henry person (hist) COND4
Conduit Generic Places
COND5 Empty
Constables Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
CONS1 Complete
Constantine, William person (hist) CONS2
Constantine, Emma person (hist) CONS3
Consistory Database bibliographic item CONS4
CONS5 glossary item
Covent Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
CONV1 Assigned
Conyhope Lane Streets
CONY1 Empty
Cooks’ Hall Halls
COOK1 Empty
Cook, Sir Thomas person (hist) COOK2
Cook, M. Edward person (hist) COOK3
Cook, Ann Jennalie: John Stow’s Storm and the Demolition of the Theatre bibliographic item COOK5
Cook’s Row Sites
COOK6 Empty
Cook-shop Generic Places
COOK7 Empty
Coolby, William person (hist) COOL1
person (cont) COOL2
Coopers’ Hall Halls
COOP1 Empty
Cooper, Thomas: Thesaurus linguae Romanae et Britannicae bibliographic item COOP2
Copeland, Edward: Defoe and the London Wall: Mapped Perspectives bibliographic item COPE1
person (cont) COPL1
Copynger, William person (hist) COPY1
Cordwainer Street Ward Wards
CORD1 Complete
Cordwainers’ Hall Halls
CORD2 Empty
Cordwainer Street Streets
CORD3 Empty
Corey, John person (hist) CORE1
Corineus the Briton person (lit) CORI1
Cornhill Ward Wards
CORN1 Complete
Cornhill Streets
CORN2 Stub
Cornwallos, M. person (hist) CORN4
Cornett, Michael: New Books across the Disciplines bibliographic item CORN5
Corn Market Markets
CORN6 Empty
Cornwall, John person (hist) CORN7
Cornish, John person (hist) CORN8
bibliographic item CORN801
The Corporation of London organization CORP1
Corrigan, Brian Jay: Of Dogges and Gulls: Sharp Dealing at the Swan (1597), and Again at St. Paul’s (1606) bibliographic item CORR1
Corrigan, Nora L.: 1 Edward IV bibliographic item CORR2
Corrigan, Brian Jay: The Repertory of the London Playhouse Part II: The Children’s Houses St. Paul’s, First and Second Blackfriars, Whitefriars bibliographic item CORR3
Corbin, Peter: Introduction bibliographic item CORR4
Costin, John person (hist) COST1
Cotes, Richard person (hist) COTE1
Cotgrave, Randle: A Dictionary of the French and English Tongues bibliographic item COTG1
Cotton, Sir Allan person (hist) COTT1
Couderow, Nicholas person (hist) COUD1
Couderow, Elizabeth person (hist) COUD2
Coles, Francis person (hist) COUL1
Wood Street Counter (?) Sites
COUN1 Empty
Counters Topics
COUN2 Complete
Country person (lit) COUN3
Councel person (lit) COUN4
The Court of Common Council organization COUN5
Courtney, Sir Francis person (hist) COUR1
Courtney, Alice person (hist) COUR2
Courtney, Sir Thomas person (hist) COUR3
Courage person (lit) COUR4
Cousin Lane Streets
COUS1 Empty
Coventry, John person (hist) COVE1
Cow Bridge, Smithfield Streets
COWB1 Empty
Cow Cross Street Streets
COWC1 Empty
Cow Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
COWL1 Complete
bibliographic item CRAC1
Craddock, Sir David person (hist) CRAD1
Crampton, J. W.: Space, Knowledge, and Power: Foucault and Geography bibliographic item CRAM1
Crane, Southwark Placeography
CRAN1 Empty
Creaton, Heather: London Diarists bibliographic item CREA1
Creaton, Heather Janet: London bibliographic item CREA2
Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939 bibliographic item CREA3
Creaton, Heather Janet: London Journal bibliographic item CREA4
Creechurch Lane Streets
CREE1 Empty
Creed Lane Streets
CREE2 Empty
Crepin, Edmund person (hist) CREP1
Cripplegate Gates
CRIP1 Complete
Cripplegate Ward Wards
CRIP2 Complete
Cripplegate Conduit Water Features
CRIP3 Empty
Criswicke, William person (hist) CRIS1
Christmas, Gerard person (hist) CRIS2
Critchley, T.A.: A History of Police in England and Wales 900–1966 bibliographic item CRIT1
Cross Keys Inn, Gracechurch Street Placeography
Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CRKE1 Stub
Cross Keys Inn, St. John’s Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CRKE2 Empty
Cross Keys Inn, Holborn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CRKE3 Empty
Crockers Lane Streets
CROC1 Empty
Crokehorne Alley Streets
CROK1 Empty
Croke, John person (hist) CROKE1
Cromwell, Thomas person (hist) CROM1
Crooked Lane Streets
CROO1 Empty
Crophull, Roger person (hist) CROP1
Crosby Hall Sites
CROS1 Empty
Crosby, Sir John person (hist) CROS2
Crosby, Anne person (hist) CROS3
Crosby, John person (hist) CROS4
Cross Keys, Southwark Placeography
CROS5 Empty
Cross Bones Graveyard Sites
CROS6 Empty
Crouch, John: Londinenses Lacrymæ. Londons Second Tears mingled with her Aſhes bibliographic item CROU1
Prince Edmund Crouchback person (hist) CROU2
Crowmere, William person (hist) CROW1
Crown Inn, Aldgate High Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CROW2 Empty
Crown Inn, Holborn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
CROW3 Empty
Crown Court, Warwick Lane Sites
CROW4 Empty
Crowley, Richard person (hist) CROW5
Croydon Markets
CROY1 Empty
Crutched Friars Streets
CRUT1 Stub
Crutched Friars Priory Churches
CRUT2 Stub
Crystal, David: Shakespeare’s Words: A Glossary and Language Companion bibliographic item CRYS1
Cuckod’s Haven Sites
CUCK1 Empty
Culver Alley Streets
CULV1 Empty
Cunningham, W.: Alien Immigrants to England bibliographic item CUNN1
Cunningham, Peter: Handbook of London Past and Present bibliographic item CUNN2
Curriers’ Hall Halls
CURR1 Empty
Curriers Row Streets
CURR2 Empty
Currie, Christopher K.: Fishponds as Garden Features, c. 1550-1750 bibliographic item CURR3
Cursitors Alley Streets
CURS1 Empty
Curtain Road Streets
CURT1 Empty
The Curtain Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Peer-reviewed Documents
CURT2 Complete
Curtes, Thomas person (hist) CURT3
Curtis, Thomas person (hist) CURT4
CURT5 glossary item
Curtain bibliographic item CURT6
Curtain Theatre bibliographic item CURT7
Curtain Theatre bibliographic item CURT8
Finding the Curtain Theatre bibliographic item CURT9
Custom House Sites
CUST1 Empty
Custom Key Riverside Features
CUST2 Empty
CUST3 glossary item
Cuthing, James person (hist) CUTH1
Cutlers’ Hall (?) Halls
CUTL1 Empty
Project CV Project CV
Site Landing Pages
CV Complete
Dadlegate, Sir Bartholomew person (hist) DADL1
Danaus person (lit) DANA1
Dane, Joseph A.: In Search of Stow’s Chaucer bibliographic item DANE1
Daniell, David: Tyndale, William (c.1494–1536) bibliographic item DANI1
Daniell, David: Shakespeare and the City bibliographic item DANI2
Daniels, S: Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds: Geography and the Humanities bibliographic item DANI3
Daniell, Christopher: Atlas of Early Modern Britain, 1485-1715 bibliographic item DANI4
Daniel, Samuel person (hist) DANI5
Darbie, I. person (hist) DARB1
Darcy, Sir Arthur person (hist) DARC1
Darcy, Lord Thomas person (hist) DARC2
Davenant, William person (hist) DAVE1
Davenant, William: The Just Italian bibliographic item DAVE2
Davis, Michael person (cont) DAVI1
Davies, Matthew: The History of the Merchant Taylors’ Company bibliographic item DAVI2
Die, David person (lit) DAVI3
Williams, David ap person (lit) DAVI4
Sign of King David Sites
DAVI5 Empty
Bishop of St. David’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
DAVI6 Empty
Davis, John person (hist) DAVI8
Daubeney, Sir John person (hist) DAWB1
Daubeney, Sir Giles person (hist) DAWB2
Daubeney, Dame Joan person (hist) DAWB3
Daubeney, Sir William person (hist) DAWB4
Daubeney, Sir John person (hist) DAWB5
Daubeney, Robert person (hist) DAWB6
Dawson, Heather: Shakespeare’s Theater? Excavation at 4-6 New Inn, Broadway, Hackney bibliographic item DAWS1
Dawson, Alex person (cont) DAWS2
Dawtry, Sir John person (hist) DAWT1
Day, John person (hist) DAYJ1
Day, John person (hist) DAYJ2
De Certeau, Michel: The Practice of Everyday Life bibliographic item DCER1
Dead Man’s Place Streets
DEAD1 Empty
Dean, Richard person (hist) DEAN1
Death person (lit) DEAT1
Deborah person (lit) DEBO1
De Bres, Karen: English Village Street Names bibliographic item DEBR1
Decensus Astraeae Lord Mayor’s Shows
DECE1 Draft
Dedham, Sir John person (hist) DEDH1
DEEP: Database of Early English Playbooks bibliographic item DEEP1
Deferrari, Roy J.: A Latin-English Dictionary of St. Thomas Aquinas, Based on the Summa Theologica and Selected Passages of his Other Works bibliographic item DEFE1
bibliographic item DEFE201
person (cont) DEIL1
Deiter, Kristen: The Tower of London in English Renaissance Drama: Icon of Opposition bibliographic item DEIT1
Dekker, Thomas person (hist) DEKK1
Dekker, Thomas: The magnificent entertainment giuen to King James, Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the Prince, upon the day of his Majesties triumphant passage (from the Tower) through his honourable citie (and chamber) of London, being the 15. of March. 1603. As well by the English as by the strangers: with the speeches and songes, deliuered in the severall pageants bibliographic item DEKK10
Dekker, Thomas: Westward Hoe bibliographic item DEKK11
Dekker, Thomas: London’s Tempe bibliographic item DEKK12
Dekker, Thomas: The Whole Royal and Magnificent Entertainment of King James through the City of London, 15 March 1604, with the Arches of Triumph bibliographic item DEKK13
Dekker, Thomas: The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item DEKK2
Dekker, Thomas: The Shomakers Holiday: or, The Gentle Craft With the Humorous Life of Simon Eyre, Shoomaker, and Lord Maior of London bibliographic item DEKK3
Dekker, Thomas: The seuen deadly sinnes of London drawne in seuen seuerall coaches, through the seuen seuerall gates of the citie bringing the plague with them bibliographic item DEKK4
Dekker, Thomas: The Owles almanacke prognosticating many strange accidents which shall happen to this kingdome of Great Britaine this yeere, 1618 : calculated as well for the meridian mirth of London, as any other part of Great Britaine : found in an Iuy-bush written in old characters / and now published in English by the painefull labours of Mr. Iocundary Merry-braines bibliographic item DEKK5
Dekker, Thomas: The Dead Tearme. Or Westminsters Complaint for long Vacations and short Termes. Written in Manner of a Dialogue betweene the two Cityes London and Westminster bibliographic item DEKK6
Dekker, Thomas: Lantern and Candlelight bibliographic item DEKK7
Dekker, Thomas: The Gull’s Horn-Book: Or, Fashions to Please All Sorts of Gulls bibliographic item DEKK8
Dekker, Thomas: Troia-Noua Triumphans, or London Triumphing bibliographic item DEKK9
Deloney, Thomas: The gentle craft A discourse containing many matters of delight, very pleasant to be read: shewing what famous men have beene shoomakers in time past in this land, with their worthy deeds and great hospitality. Declaring the cause why it is called the gentle craft: and also how the proverbe first grew; a shoemakers sonne is a prince borne bibliographic item DELO1
Deloney, Thomas person (hist) DELO2
Deluca, Elizabeth person (cont) DELU1
DeMolen, Richard L.: Richard Mulcaster and Elizabethan Pageantry bibliographic item DEMO1
Deneault, Benjamin: The World Runs on Wheeles: John Stow’s Indescribable London bibliographic item DENE1
Denham, William person (hist) DENH1
Denmark House Sites
DENM1 Empty
Denny, Sir Robert person (hist) DENN1
Denny, Thomas person (hist) DENN2
Dennis, Phillip person (hist) DENN3
Dento, Robert person (hist) DENT1
bibliographic item DERA101
bibliographic item DERA102
PLAN de la Ville DE LONDRES bibliographic item DERA103
Ros, Baron of Ros John de person (hist) DERO1
Desborne Lane Streets
DESB1 Empty
A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds in the Public Record Office: prepared under the superintendence of the deputy keeper of the records bibliographic item DESC1
Desert person (lit) DESE1
Desire person (lit) DESI1
Desky, Henry person (hist) DESK1
Devereux, E. J.: Empty Tuns and Unfruitful Grafts: Richard Grafton’s Historical Publications bibliographic item DEVE1
The Devil Is an Ass Dramatic Extracts
DEVI1 Complete
Devine, Marina person (cont) DEVI2
The Device of the Pageant Lord Mayor’s Shows
DEVI3 Draft
Devil’s Tavern Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
DEVI4 Empty
Devlin, Christopher: The Life of Robert Southwell: Poet and Martyr bibliographic item DEVL1
Witt, Johannes de person (hist) DEWI1
bibliographic item DEWI201
bibliographic item DEWI202
DHUM 491: Remediating Bills of Mortality Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Undergraduate Student Articles
DHUM491_2015 Draft
Appendix IV: Documents Relating to the Port of London bibliographic item DIET1
DiGangi, Mario: The Homoerotics of Early Modern Drama bibliographic item DIGA1
Dillon, Janette: Theatre, Court and City, 1595–1610: Drama and Social Space in London bibliographic item DILL1
Dillon, Janette: Fashion, Nation and Theatre in Late Sixteenth-Century London bibliographic item DILL2
Dillon, Janette: ’Is Not All the World Mile End, Mother?’: The Blackfriars Theater, the City of London, and The Knight of the Burning Pestle bibliographic item DILL3
Dillon, Janette: The Language of Space in Court Performance, 1400–1625 bibliographic item DILL4
Dillon, Janette: Clerkenwell and Smithfield as a Neglected Home of London Theater bibliographic item DILL5
Dillion, Janette: Shakespeare & the Staging of English History bibliographic item DILL6
Dillion, Janette: John Rastell v. Henry Walton bibliographic item DILL7
Dillion, Janette: John Rastell’s Stage bibliographic item DILL8
Dionne, Craig: Fashioning Outlaws: The Early Modern Rogue and Urban Culture bibliographic item DION1
Dionne, Craig: Rogues and Early Modern English Culture bibliographic item DION2
Dioscorides, Pedanius person (hist) DIOS1
DIPLO1 glossary item
Disdain person (lit) DISD1
Distaff Lane Streets
DIST1 Complete
City Ditch, the Minories Sites
DITC1 Stub
Ditchfield, P. H.: The Parish Clerk bibliographic item DITC2
Dixie, Sir Wolstan person (hist) DIXI1
The Device of the Pageant Borne before Wolstan Dixie Primary Sources
Lord Mayor’s Shows
DIXI2 Complete
Dixon, Henry: John Stow Memorial bibliographic item DIXO1
Dobb, Clifford: London’s Prisons bibliographic item DOBB1
Doctors’ Commons (?) Sites
DOCT1 Empty
Dodding Pond Topographical Features
Water Features
DODD1 Stub
person (cont) DODS1
Dogberry person (lit) DOGB1
The Dolefull lamentation of Cheap-side crosse bibliographic item DOLE1
The Doleful Lamentation of Cheapside Cross Other Texts
DOLE2 Complete
The Dolefull Lamentation of Cheap-side Crosse bibliographic item DOLE3
Do Little Lane Streets
DOLI1 Complete
Dolphin Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
DOLP1 Empty
Donahoe, Emily person (cont) DONA1
Donne, John person (hist) DONN1
Dean John Donne Full-length Biographies
Undergraduate Student Articles
DONN2 Complete
bibliographic item DOOR101
Platte grondt der Vebrande Stadt London by Marcus Williamsz Doornick. bibliographic item DOOR102
Dorey, Margaret: Controlling Corruption: Regulating Meat Consumption as a Preventative to Plague in Seventeenth-Century London bibliographic item DORE1
Dorsch, T. S.: Two English Antiquaries: John Leland and John Stow bibliographic item DORS1
Douglas-Irvine, Miss H.: Cathedral of St. Paul bibliographic item DOUG1
Dowgate Street Streets
DOWG1 Empty
Dowgate Ward Wards
DOWN1 Complete
The Downe-fall of Dagon bibliographic item DOWN2
Conduit upon Dowgate Water Features
DOWN3 Empty
Dowgate Sites
DOWN4 Empty
Drake, Sir Francis person (hist) DRAK1
Draper’s Almshouses Sites
DRAP1 Empty
Drapers’ Hall Halls
DRAP2 Stub
The Worshipful Company of Drapers organization DRAP3
Draper, William person (hist) DRAP4
Draper, Iſabel person (hist) DRAP5
Draper, Margaret person (hist) DRAP6
Draper, Christopher person (hist) DRAP7
Drayton, Michael: Poly-Olbion. or A chorographicall description of tracts, riuers, mountaines, forests, and other parts of this renowned isle of Great Britaine with intermixture of the most remarquable stories, antiquities, wonders, rarityes, pleasures, and commodities of the same: digested in a poem by Michael Drayton, Esq. With a table added, for direction to those occurrences of story and antiquitie, whereunto the course of the volume easily leades not bibliographic item DRAY1
Drayton, Michael: Poly-Olbion bibliographic item DRAY2
Drayton, Michael person (hist) DRAY3
Drayton, Michael: A Paean Trivmphall bibliographic item DRAY4
Drayton, Michael: A paean triumphall Composed for the Societie of the Goldsmiths of London: congratulating his Highnes magnificent entring the citie. To the Maiestie of the King bibliographic item DRAY5
Drew, Jane person (hist) DREW1
Driffield, Sir William person (hist) DRIF1
Drinkwater Wharf Sites
DRIN1 Empty
Driver, Martha W.: Stow’s Books Bequeathed: Some Notes on William Browne (1591-c.1643) and Peter Le Neve (1661–1729) bibliographic item DRIV1
Drouillard, Tara person (cont) DROU1
Drouin, Jennifer person (cont) DROU2
Druis person (lit) DRUI1
Drury House Sites
DRUR1 Empty
Drury Lane Streets
DRUR2 Empty
Ducye, Robert person (hist) DUCY1
Dugdale, Sir William person (hist) DUGD1
Dugdale, Gilbert person (hist) DUGD2
Dugdale, Gilbert: The time triumphant declaring in briefe, the arival of our soveraigne liedge Lord, King James into England, his coronation at Westminster: together with his late royal progresse, from the Towre of London throúgh the Cittie, to his Highnes manor of White Hall. Shewing also, the varieties & rarieties of al the sundry trophies or pageants, erected... With a rehearsall of the King and Queenes late comming to the Exchaunge in London bibliographic item DUGD3
Dugdale, Sir William: The History of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London: From its Foundation untill these Times: Extracted out of Originall Charters, Records, Leiger Books, and Other Manuscripts: Beautified with Sundry Prospects of the Church, Figures of Tombes and Monuments bibliographic item DUGD4
Duke’s Place Sites
DUKE1 Empty
Dull, Anthony person (lit) DULL1
Duncan-Jones, Katherine: John Stow (1525–1605) and the Making of the English Past: Studies in Early Modern Culture and the History of the Book bibliographic item DUNC1
Duncan, Helga L.: Here at the Fringe of the Forest: Staging Sacred Space in As You Like It bibliographic item DUNC2
Duncan, Catriona person (cont) DUNC3
Dune, Angel person (hist) DUNE1
Dunning, Stefanie K.: The Wounded City: Ambiguous Subjectivities and the Riotous Metropolis in Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren bibliographic item DUNN1
Dunn, Sydni: Digital Humanists: If you Want Tenure, Do Double the Work bibliographic item DUNN2
St. Dunstan’s, Stepney Churches
DUNS1 Empty
St. Dunstan’s Stepney (Parish) Parishes
DUNS101 Empty
DUOD1 glossary item
Durham House Sites
Undergraduate Student Articles
DURH1 Complete
Durrem, Thomas person (hist) DURR1
Durrem, Margaret person (hist) DURR2
Duxbury, Telka person (cont) DUXB1
Dwyer, Kathleen person (cont) DWYE1
Dyers’ Hall (?) Halls
DYER1 Empty
Dymmocke, John person (hist) DYMO1
Dyson, Humphrey person (hist) DYSO1
Eastcheap Market Markets
EACH1 Empty
Earle, Peter: A City Full of People: Men and Women of London 1650–1750 bibliographic item EARL1
Early Theatre: A Journal with the Records of Early English Drama bibliographic item EARL2
Easeby, John person (hist) EASE1
East Smithfield Neighbourhoods
EAST1 Stub
Eastcheap Streets
EAST2 Complete
Eastward Ho! Dramatic Extracts
EAST3 Complete
Easterling, Heather: Parsing the City: Jonson, Middleton, Dekker, and City Comedy’s London as Language bibliographic item EAST4
East India House Sites
EAST5 Empty
English Broadside Ballad Archive bibliographic item EBBA1
Ecgbert, King person (hist) ECGB1
Edelstein, Barry: Interview bibliographic item EDEL1
Edgar person (hist) EDGA1
Edmond, Mary: Burbage, James (c.1531–1597) bibliographic item EDMO1
Edmund person (hist) EDMU1
Mortimer, Edmund person (hist) EDMU2
Edward I person (hist) EDWA1
Edwards, A. S. G.: John Stow, Thomas Nash, and BL Add. 29729 bibliographic item EDWA10
Edward, William person (hist) EDWA11
Edward of Langley person (hist) EDWA12
Edward, Dame Isabell person (hist) EDWA13
person (cont) EDWA14
Edward the Black Prince person (hist) EDWA2
Edward III person (hist) EDWA3
Edward VI person (hist) EDWA4
Edward II person (hist) EDWA5
Edward IV person (hist) EDWA6
Edward the Confessor person (hist) EDWA7
Edwards, A.S.G.: John Stow and Middle English Literature bibliographic item EDWA8
Edwards, Jess: How to Read an Early Modern Map: Between the Particular and the General, the Material and the Abstract, Words and Mathematics bibliographic item EDWA9
Edwatars person (hist) EDWS1
EEBO-TCP bibliographic item EEBO1
Early English Books Online (EEBO) bibliographic item EEBO2
Early English Books Online–Text Creation Partnership organization EEBO3
A Guide to Using EEBO Undergraduate Student Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
EEBO_guide Draft
Egan, Gabriel: Rose Theatre bibliographic item EGAN1
Egan, Geoff: Material Culture in London in an Age of Transition: Tudor and Stuart Period Finds c. 1450–c. 1700 from Excavations at Riverside Sites in Southwark bibliographic item EGAN2
Hupcornehill, Edward person (hist) EHUP1
520 Class 8 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
EIG1 Complete
Einsohn, Amy: The Copyeditor’s Handbook bibliographic item EINS1
Eirenopolis Other Texts
EIRE1 Draft
Critical Introduction to Thomas Adams’s Eirenopolis Critical Editorial Documents
Graduate Sudent Articles
EIRE1_critical Draft
Ekwall, Eilert: Street-Names of the City of London bibliographic item EKWA1
Elaskirion person (lit) ELAS1
Elvanus person (hist) ELAV1
Elbow person (lit) ELBO1
Elbow Lane Streets
ELBO2 Empty
Elder, John: Appendix X: John Elder’s letter describing the arrival and marriage of King Philip, his triumphal entry into London, the legation of Cardinal Pole, &c.. To Lord Robert Stuart, c. 1554 bibliographic item ELDE1
Cheapside Cross (Eleanor Cross) Sites
ELEA1 Complete
Castile, Eleanor of person (hist) ELEA2
Bohun, Eleanor de person (hist) ELEA3
Cobham, Eleanor de person (hist) ELEA4
Elers, Peter person (hist) ELER1
Eleutherios person (lit) ELEU1
520 Class 11 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
ELEV1 Complete
Eliot, Christopher person (hist) ELIO1
Elizabeth I person (hist) ELIZ1
York, Elizabeth of person (hist) ELIZ2
Elizabeth I person (lit) ELIZ3
Woodville, Elizabeth person (hist) ELIZ4
Elizabeth Stuart, Princess person (hist) ELIZ5
Elkink, Mike person (cont) ELK1
Elkens, William person (hist) ELKE1
Ellis, Jim: Sexuality and Citizenship: Metamorphosis in Elizabethan Erotic Verse bibliographic item ELLI1
Original Letters, Illustrative of English History: To 1586 bibliographic item ELLI2
ELLU1 glossary item
The Elms, Smithfield Sites
ELMS1 Empty
Elrington, Edward person (hist) ELRI1
Elsing, Robert person (hist) ELSI1
Elsing, William person (hist) ELSI2
Estrildis person (lit) ELST1
Ely Place Sites
ELYP1 Empty
Ely Place Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
ELYP2 Assigned
Embroiderers’ Hall Halls
EMBR1 Empty
Emerson, Geoffrey person (cont) EMER1
Early Modern London Theatres bibliographic item EMLT1
Emperor’s Head Lane Streets
EMPE1 Empty
Londini Emporia or Londons Mercatura Lord Mayor’s Shows
EMPO1 Draft
Englands deadly disease to bee sick of a king, or, Religions iust complaint against her enemies the hereticks, who call the diety into question and revoke their covenant, scornfully to have it hanged lower in the steeple-houses, for dogs to pisse upon & bibliographic item ENGL1
England Topics
ENGL2 Stub
England person (lit) ENGL3
Envy person (lit) ENUY1
Epicene, or the Silent Woman Dramatic Extracts
EPIC1 Complete
Epimeleia person (lit) EPIM1
Erasmus, Desiderius person (hist) ERAS1
Erato person (lit) ERAT1
Erconwald, St. person (hist) ERKE1
Eros person (lit) EROS1
Error person (lit) ERRO1
Escalus person (lit) ESCA1
Esling, Natalia person (cont) ESLI1
Esser, Raingard: They obey all magistrates and all good lawes... and we thinke our cittie happie to enjoye them: Migrants and Urban Stability in Early Modern English Towns bibliographic item ESSE1
Devereux, Robert person (hist) ESSE2
Æstas person (lit) ESTA1
English Short Title Catalogue bibliographic item ESTC1
Full Record: STC (2nd ed.), 24242 bibliographic item ESTC2
Estes, Heide: Blogging and Academic Identity bibliographic item ESTE1
Eastfield, Sir William person (hist) ESTF1
Estill, Laura person (cont) ESTI1
Eternity person (lit) ETER1
person (cont) ETER2
Ethelred II person (hist) ETHE1
Ethington, Philip J.: Introduction: An Atlas of the Urban Icons Project bibliographic item ETHI1
Euphrosyne person (lit) EUPH1
Euphrates person (lit) EUPH2
Europa person (lit) EURO1
Eustacius person (hist) EUST1
Euterpe person (lit) EUTE1
Evans, Hugh C.: Comic Constables—Fictional and Historical bibliographic item EVAN1
Evans, Henry person (hist) EVAN2
person (cont) EVAN3
Evelyn, John person (hist) EVEL1
Evelyn, John: The Diary of John Evelyn bibliographic item EVEL2
bibliographic item EVEL301
bibliographic item EVEL302
bibliographic item EVEL303
LONDINVM REDIVIVVM. Presented by me to his Majesty, a Week after the Conflagration, together with a Discourse now in the Paper Office bibliographic item EVEL304
Evenger, Adrew person (hist) EVEN2
Example person (lit) EXAM1
King’s Exchange Churches
EXCH1 Empty
Executions Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
EXEC1 Complete
Expectation person (lit) EXPE1
Exton, Nicholas person (hist) EXTO1
Eyre, Simon person (hist) EYRE1
Eyre, Simon person (lit) EYRE2
Simon Eyre (Draper and Mayor) Full-length Biographies
Graduate Sudent Articles
EYRE3 Complete
Fabian, Robert person (hist) FABI1
Fabyan, Robert: Fabyan’s cronycle newly prynted, wyth the cronycle, actes, and dedes done in the tyme of the reygne of the moste excellent prynce kynge Henry the vii bibliographic item FABY1
Fairall, Jeremy person (cont) FAIR1
Faith person (lit) FAIT1
Falcon Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
FALC1 Assigned
Falcon Stairs Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
FALC2 Assigned
Falleron, James person (hist) FALL1
Falstaff person (lit) FALS1
Fame person (lit) FAME1
The Triumphs of Fame and Honour Lord Mayor’s Shows
FAME2 Draft
Faringdon, Nicholas person (lit) FARI1
William Faringdon person (hist) FARI2
Farringdon Within Ward Wards
FARR1 Complete
Farringdon Without Ward Wards
FARR2 Complete
Farringdon Road Streets
FARR3 Empty
Farringdon Ward Wards
FARR4 Stub
Farrant, Richard person (hist) FARR5
Farrant (née Bower), Anne person (hist) FARR6
Fastolph, George person (hist) FAST1
Fastolph, Hugh person (hist) FAST2
Fauconberg, Bishop Eustace de person (hist) FAUC1
Faukconbridge, John person (hist) FAUK1
Faulconer, Thomas person (hist) FAUL1
Fauset, Thomas person (hist) FAUS1
Festival Culture Online: 17th Century German Imprints of Baroque Festival Culture bibliographic item FCCO1
Fear person (lit) FEAR1
Fehrenback, R.J.: A Letter sent by the Maydens of London bibliographic item FEHR1
Fenchurch Street Streets
Graduate Sudent Articles
FENC1 Complete
Fennor, William: The Counter’s Commonwealth bibliographic item FENN1
Fennor, William: Cornu-copiae, Pasquils night-cap bibliographic item FENN2
Fennor, William person (hist) FENN3
Robert Fenrother person (hist) FENR1
Fenton, Jill: Teaching London: A Two-Day Conference jointly organised by The Centre for Metropolitan History, Institute for Historical Research and the University of Westminster London Studies Programme, 3–4 November 2006 bibliographic item FENT1
Ferris, Sumner: John Stow and the Tomb of Blanche the Duchess bibliographic item FERR1
Ousley, Ferreis of person (hist) FERR2
Fetter Lane Streets
FETT1 Complete
bibliographic item FEUI101
bibliographic item FEUI102
Ficket’s Field Sites
FICK1 Empty
Fidelity person (lit) FIDE1
Field, Jacob: Apprenticeship Migration to London from the North-East of England in the Seventeenth Century bibliographic item FIEL1
Field, Jacob F.: Charitable Giving and its Distribution to Londoners after the Great Fire, 1666–1676 bibliographic item FIEL2
Filding, Geffery person (hist) FILD1
Finch Lane Streets
FINC1 Empty
Fine-Trail, Samatha person (cont) FINE1
Finimore Lane Streets
FINI1 Complete
Fink Lane Streets
FINK1 Empty
Fink, Robert person (hist) FINK2
Fink, Robert person (hist) FINK3
Fink, James person (hist) FINK4
Fink, Rosamund person (hist) FINK5
Finlay, Roger: Population and Metropolis: The Demography of London 1580–1650 bibliographic item FINL1
Finlayson, J. Caitlin: John Squire: The Unknown Author of The Tryumphs of Peace, the London Lord Mayor’s Show for 1620 bibliographic item FINL2
Finlayson, J. Caitlin: Mercantilism and the Path to Spiritual Salvation in Thomas Heywood’s Londini Emporia, or Londons Mercatura (1633) bibliographic item FINL3
Finlayson, J. Caitlin: Thomas Heywood’s Panegyric to London’s University in Londini Artium & Scientiarum Scaturigo or Londons Fountain of Arts and Sciences (1632) bibliographic item FINL4
Finlayson, J. Caitlin: Jacobean Foreign Policy, London’s Civic Polity and Squire’s Lord Mayor’s Show, The Tryumphs of Peace (1620) bibliographic item FINL5
Finsbury Court Sites
FINS1 Empty
Finsbury Field Sites
FINS2 Assigned
Finsbury Neighbourhoods
FINS3 Empty
The Great Fire of London Topics
FIRE1 Assigned
Firk person (lit) FIRK1
Fischer, Sandra K.: Econolingua: A Glossary of Coins and Economic Language in Renaissance Drama bibliographic item FISC1
Fisher’s Folly Sites
FISH1 Stub
Fishmongers’ Hall Halls
FISH2 Empty
Fish Wharf Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
FISH3 Assigned
Fisher, F.J.: London and the English Economy, 1500–1700 bibliographic item FISH4
The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers organization FISH5
Fisher, Jasper person (hist) FISH6
Fish, Cornelius person (hist) FISH7
Fish, Walter person (hist) FISH8
Fitzstephen, William person (hist) FITZ1
Fitz-Alwine, Fitz-Leofstane, Henry person (hist) FITZ10
Fitzwilliam, William person (hist) FITZ11
Fitzmary, Simon person (hist) FITZ2
The Idea of the City: Early-Modern and Post-Modern Locations and Communities bibliographic item FITZ3
Fitzpatrick, Joan: Editor’s Introduction bibliographic item FITZ4
Fitzalwine, Henry person (hist) FITZ5
FitzAlan, Richard person (hist) FITZ6
Fitzalan, Lord Henry person (hist) FITZ7
Fitzpatrick, Tim: Spaces, Doors and Places in Early Modern English Staging bibliographic item FITZ8
Fitz-Alwine, Peter person (hist) FITZ9
520 Class 5 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Sudent Articles
FIVE1 Complete
Flash, Sir Petronel person (lit) FLAS1
Flasket, John person (hist) FLAS2
Fleet Ditch Sites
FLEE1 Assigned
Fleet Hill or Ludgate Hill Sites
FLEE2 Empty
Fleet Lane Streets
FLEE3 Empty
Fleet Prison Sites
FLEE4 Empty
Fleet River Topographical Features
Water Features
FLEE5 Empty
Fleet Street Streets
FLEE6 Empty
Fleet Bridge Streets
FLEE7 Empty
Fleet Street Conduit Water Features
FLEE8 Empty
Fleetwood, Sergeant person (hist) FLEE9
Fleming, Sir Thomas person (hist) FLEM1
Fleming, Margaret person (hist) FLEM2
Fleming, Richard person (hist) FLEM3
Flemming, Sir Thomas person (hist) FLEM4
Fletchers’ Hall Halls
FLET1 Empty
Fletcher, Althea person (cont) FLET2
Fletcher, John person (hist) FLET3
Florio, John: A worlde of wordes, or, Most copious and exact dictionarie in Italian and English bibliographic item FLOR1
Florentine, Chapone a person (hist) FLOR2
Flora person (lit) FLOR3
person (cont) FLOR4
Flower de Luce Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
FLOW1 Empty
Henslowe’s Diary bibliographic item FOAK1
Foley, Christopher person (cont) FOLE1
FOLI1 glossary item
Ford, John person (hist) FORD1
Ford, Harry person (cont) FORD2
Fore Street Streets
FORE1 Empty
Fox, Michael: Mappae Mundi: Representing the World and its Inhabitants in Texts, Maps, and Images in Medieval and Early Modern Europe bibliographic item FORE2
Forrow, Alexander: The Thames and Its Docks bibliographic item FORR2
The Fortune Playhouses
FORT1 Assigned
Fortune person (lit) FORT2
Fortitude person (lit) FORT3
Fortescue, John person (hist) FORT4
Foster Lane Streets
FOST1 Empty
Forster, Agnes person (hist) FOST2
Forster, Stephen person (hist) FOST3
St. Foster Streets
FOST4 Empty
Four Swans Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
FOSW1 Empty
Foucault, Michel: Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison bibliographic item FOUC1
Foucault, Michel: Of Other Spaces bibliographic item FOUC2
Founders’ Hall (?) Halls
FOUN1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Founders organization FOUN2
520 Class 4 Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans
Graduate Sudent Articles
FOUR1 Complete
The Four Winds person (lit) FOUR2
Fowle Lane, Tower Street Ward Streets
FOWL1 Empty
Fowle Lane, Southwark Streets
FOWL2 Empty
Foxe, John person (hist) FOXE1
Foxe, John: Actes and monuments bibliographic item FOXE2
Frank, Robert Worth, Jr.: Chaucer and the London Bell-Founders bibliographic item FRAN1
Frances, Adam person (hist) FRAN2
Francis, John person (hist) FRAN3
FRAN3 glossary item
Addis, Elizabeth person (hist) FRAN4
Fraternitie of the Papie organization FRAT1
Fraternitie of the Trinity organization FRAT2
Francis, Simon person (hist) FRAU1
Frazer, Paul: Performing Places in Thomas Dekker’s Old Fortunatus bibliographic item FRAZ1
Frederick II person (hist) FRED1
Frederick of Denmark person (hist) FRED2
Freeman, Arthur: Collier, John Payne (1789–1883) bibliographic item FREE1
Freeman, Arthur: John Payne Collier: Scholarship and Forgery in the Nineteenth Century bibliographic item FREE2
FREE3 glossary item
FREE4 glossary item
Freeman, Bethany person (cont) FREE5
The Frenchman person (lit) FREN1
Fresh Wharf Riverside Features
FRES1 Empty
Frey, John person (hist) FREY1
Frey, Sir John person (hist) FREY2
Friday Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
FRID1 Complete
Friedenreich, Kenneth: Introduction: How to Read Middleton bibliographic item FRIE1
Friedman, Alice T.: John Evelyn and English Architecture bibliographic item FRIE2
Friar, William person (hist) FRIE3
Frith, Mary person (hist) FRIT1
Frobisher, Sir Martin person (hist) FROB1
person (cont) FROI1
Frost, Briony person (cont) FROS1
Frowyck, Henry person (hist) FROW1
Handbook of British Chronology bibliographic item FRYD1
Furnivals Inn Sites
FURN1 Empty
Romeo and Juliet: New Variorum Edition bibliographic item FURN12
Gadd, Ian: John Stow (1525–1605) and the Making of the English Past: Studies in Early Modern Culture and the History of the Book bibliographic item GADD1
Gadd, Ian: ’For his paynes’: John Stow and the Stationers bibliographic item GADD2
Gadd, Ian Anders: Guilds, Society and Economy in London, 1450–1800 bibliographic item GADD3
Galinou, Mireille: City Merchants and the Arts, LBertrand Westphalondon Guildhall bibliographic item GALI1
Galley Key Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
GALL1 Assigned
Galley Row Sites
GALL2 Stub
GALL3 glossary item
Ganges person (lit) GANG1
Gannott, Mark person (cont) GANN1
Ganzel, Dewey: Fortune and Men’s Eyes: The Career of John Payne Collier bibliographic item GANZ1
person (cont) GARD1
Garlick Hill Streets
GARL1 Stub
Garland, John person (hist) GARL2
Garland in Little Eastcheap Sites
GARL3 Empty
Garnado, Sir James person (hist) GARN1
Garrioch, David: Sounds of the City: The Soundscape of Early Modern European Towns bibliographic item GARR1
Garrioch, David: House Names, Shop Signs, and Social Organization in Western European Cities, 1500–1900 bibliographic item GARR2
Capital Histories: A Bibliographical Study of London bibliographic item GARS1
Gascoigne, George person (hist) GASC1
Gatehouse Sites
GATE1 Empty
All Hallows, Barking-by-the-Tower, pt II bibliographic item GATE2
Gater, G.H.: St Martin-in-the-Fields II: The Strand bibliographic item GATE3
person (cont) GATE4
Gaunt, John of person (hist) GAUN1
Gay, John: Trivia: Or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London bibliographic item GAYJ1
Gay, John person (hist) GAYJ2
Gayspur Lane Streets
GAYS1 Empty
Barne, George person (hist) GBAR1
Gedney, John person (hist) GEDN1
Geffert person (hist) GEFF1
Gehazi person (lit) GEHA1
Genings, Stephen person (hist) GENI1
London’s Genius person (lit) GENI2
GENI3 glossary item
GeoNames bibliographic item GEON1
George Yard Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
GEOR1 Assigned
George Inn, Bread Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GEOR2 Empty
George Inn, Holborn Bridge Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GEOR3 Empty
George Inn, Lombard Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GEOR4 Empty
George Inn, Southwark Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GEOR5 Empty
Gerard, John person (hist) GERA1
Gerard, Bennett person (hist) GERA2
Gerrards Hall Halls
GERR1 Empty
Gerritsen, Johan: De Witt, van Buchell, the Swan and the Globe: Some Notes bibliographic item GERR2
Gerritsen, Johan: De Witt, Van Buchell, the Swan, and the Second Globe: An Assessment of the Evidence bibliographic item GERR3
Gerrard, John person (hist) GERR4
Gessner, Conrad person (hist) GESS1
Ghertsey House Sites
GHER1 Empty
Ghose, Ipshita: Bombay, Multipli-City: De-Marginalizing Urban Identities and Activities in Gregory David Roberts’s Shantaram and Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City bibliographic item GHOS1
Giant person (lit) GIAN1
Gibbons, Grinling person (hist) GIBB1
Gibbs, Richard: An invitation to Mr. John Garlick’s houſe at the sign of the George in Love-Lane near Billingſgate, to the eating of a diſh of meat, called a Spanish oleo bibliographic item GIBB2
Gibson, Avice person (hist) GIBS1
Gedney, John person (hist) GIDN1
Giese, Loreen L.: Theatrical Citings and Bitings bibliographic item GIES1
Gifford, John person (hist) GIFF1
Ben Jonson: The Works of Ben Jonson bibliographic item GIFF2
Gilbert, David: The Three Ages of Aerial Vision: London’s Aerial Iconography from Wenceslaus Hollar to Google Earth bibliographic item GILB1
Gilbert, Pamela: The Idea of the City: Afterword bibliographic item GILB2
Gilbert, Thomas person (hist) GILB3
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey person (hist) GILB4
Gilbert, Jonathan person (cont) GILB5
Giles, Nathaniel person (hist) GILE1
Gillespie, Alexandra: Introduction bibliographic item GILL1
Gillespie, Alexandra: Stow’s ’owlde’ Manuscripts of London Chronicles bibliographic item GILL2
Gill, John person (hist) GILL3
person (cont) GILL4
Giltspur Street Streets
GILT1 Empty
Girdlers’ Hall Halls
GIRD1 Empty
Bibliography of Works in Print on Historical GIS bibliographic item GISB1
Giser, Sir Thomas person (hist) GISE1
Giles-Watson, Maura: John Rastell’s London Stage: Reconstructing Repertory and Collaborative Practice bibliographic item GIWA1
Glanville, Philippa: London in Maps bibliographic item GLAN1
Glass House (Blackfriars) Sites
GLAS1 Empty
Glaziers’ Hall (?) Halls
GLAZ1 Empty
Gleason, John B.: The Dutch Humanist Origins of the De Witt Drawing of the Swan Theatre bibliographic item GLEA1
Gleed, Paul: ’I lov’de thee best’: London as Male Beloved in Isabella Whitney’s The Manner of her Wyll bibliographic item GLEE1
Glinert, Ed: The London Compendium: A Street-By-Street Exploration of the Hidden Metropolis bibliographic item GLIN1
The Globe Playhouses
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
GLOB1 Assigned
Glossary of Terms Databases
GLOSS1 Complete
Magum, Godfrey person (hist) GMAG1
Gniady, Tassie person (other) GNIA1
Goad, John person (hist) GOAD1
Goade, Joan person (hist) GOAD2
Godet, Giles: The city of London, as it was before the burning of St. Pauls ste[eple] bibliographic item GODE1
Magum, Godfrey de person (hist) GODF1
God’s Truth person (lit) GODS1
Golden Lane Streets
GOLD1 Empty
Goldsmiths’ Hall Halls
GOLD2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths organization GOLD3
The Triumphs of the Golden Fleece Lord Mayor’s Shows
GOLD4 Draft
Goldring, Elizabeth: Shows and Pageants bibliographic item GOLD5
Goldsmiths’ Row Streets
GOLD6 Stub
Golden Lion Sites
GOLD7 Empty
Gomme, Sir Laurence: London bibliographic item GOMM1
Goodmans Field Sites
GOOD1 Empty
Goodman, Nicholas: Hollands leaguer bibliographic item GOOD2
Goodwine, Thomas person (hist) GOOD3
Goodworks person (lit) GOOD4
Goodman person (hist) GOOD5
Goodman person (hist) GOOD6
Google Inc.: Google Earth bibliographic item GOOG1
Goose Alley Streets
GOOS1 Empty
Gordon, Andrew: Overseeing and Overlooking: John Stow and the Surveying of the City bibliographic item GORD1
Gordon, Andrew: The Act of Libel: Conscripting Civic Space in Early Modern England bibliographic item GORD2
Gordon, Andrew: Performing London: The Map and the City in Ceremony bibliographic item GORD3
Gordon, Andrew: Writing Early Modern London: Memory, Text and Community bibliographic item GORD4
Gore, Sir John person (hist) GORE1
Gossip and Gossips Topics
Graduate Sudent Articles
GOSS1 Complete
Gossip at Paul’s Walking Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
GOSS2 Complete
Gosson, Henry person (hist) GOSS3
Gosson, Stephen person (hist) GOSS4
Gosson, Stephen: Plays Confuted in Five Actions bibliographic item GOSS5
Goswell Road Streets
GOSW1 Empty
Gogmagog the Albione person (lit) GOTM1
Gower, John person (hist) GOWE1
Gowing, Laura: ’The freedom of the streets’: Women and Social Space, 1560–1640 bibliographic item GOWI1
Gowing, Laura: Gender and the Language of Insult in Early Modern London bibliographic item GOWI2
Gowing, Laura: Domestic Dangers: Women, Words and Sex in Early Modern London bibliographic item GOWI3
Gracechurch Street Streets
GRAC1 Complete
Grace person (lit) GRAC2
Gracechurch Market Markets
GRAC3 Empty
Gracechurch Street Conduit Water Features
GRAC4 Empty
Grafton, Richard person (hist) GRAF1
Graham, Nolan person (cont) GRAH1
Grainger, Ian: The Black Death Cemetery, East Smithfield, London bibliographic item GRAI1
Grainger, Ian: The Royal Navy Victualling Yard, East Smithfield, London bibliographic item GRAI2
Grantley, Darryll: London in Early Modern English Drama: Representing the Built Environment bibliographic item GRAN1
Henry VIII: November 1545, 26-30 bibliographic item GRAN2
Gravel Lane Streets
GRAV1 Empty
Graves, T. S.: A Note on the Swan Theatre bibliographic item GRAV2
Gravity person (lit) GRAV3
Graves, C. P.: Social Space in the English Medieval Parish-Church bibliographic item GRAV4
Gray’s Inn Sites
GRAY1 Stub
Gray’s Inn Road Streets
GRAY2 Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Bishopsgate Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GRDR1 Empty
Green Dragon Inn, Southwark Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GRDR2 Empty
Great Conduit (Cheapside) Water Features
GREA1 Empty
Great St. Thomas Apostles Streets
GREA2 Empty
Great Stone Gate Gates
GREA3 Empty
The great boobee To a pleasant new tune: or, Salengers round bibliographic item GREA4
The Great Boobee Other Texts
GREA5 Complete
The Great Boobee bibliographic item GREA6
Greatorex, Ralph person (hist) GREA7
Greene, Robert: The Second Part of Cony-Catching bibliographic item GREE1
Greenberg, Marissa: Metropolitan Tragedy: Genre, Justice, and the City in Early Modern England bibliographic item GREE10
The Green Gate Gates
GREE2 Complete
Greene, Robert person (hist) GREE3
Greenberg, Marissa: Women and the Theatre in Thomas Heywood’s London bibliographic item GREE4
Greer, Margaret R.: A Tale of Three Cities: The Place of the Theatre in Early Modern Madrid, Paris, and London bibliographic item GREE5
Greenwich Neighbourhoods
GREE6 Empty
Greenwich Lane Streets
GREE7 Empty
Greenway, Ralph person (hist) GREE8
GREE9 glossary item
Henslowe’s Diary bibliographic item GREG1
Henslowe Papers: Being Documents Supplementary to Henslowe’s Diary bibliographic item GREG2
Gregerson, Linda: Isabella Whitney bibliographic item GREG3
Gregory, Ian person (cont) GREG4
Gregory, Sir William person (hist) GREG5
Greg, Walter W.: A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the Restoration bibliographic item GREG6
Gresham House Sites
GRES1 Empty
Gresham, Sir Thomas person (hist) GRES2
Gresham, Sir Thomas person (lit) GRES3
Gresham, John person (lit) GRES4
Grey, Lady Jane person (hist) GREY1
Grey Friar’s Church Sites
GREY2 Empty
Grey, Reynold person (hist) GREY3
Greyhound Inn, Smithfield Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GREY4 Empty
Greyhound Inn, Southwark Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GREY5 Empty
Grey, Thomas person (hist) GREY6
Greyhound Inn, Fleet Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
GREY7 Empty
Griffiths, Jane: Text and Authority: John Stow’s 1568 Edition of Skelton’s Workes bibliographic item GRIF1
Griffiths, Paul: Lost Londons: Change, Crime and Control in the Capital City, 1550–1660 bibliographic item GRIF2
Griffiths, Paul: Contesting London Bridewell, 1576–1580 bibliographic item GRIF3
Griffiths, Paul: Politics Made Visible: Order, Residence, and Uniformity in Cheapside, 1600–45 bibliographic item GRIF4
Griffin, Andrew: Preserving and Reserving the Past in Stow’s Survey of London bibliographic item GRIF5
Griffin, Anne person (hist) GRIF6
Grinkin, John person (hist) GRIN1
Grinfers, Sir Peter person (hist) GRIN2
Grismand, John person (hist) GRIS1
Griste’s House Sites
GRIS2 Empty
Grifta person (hist) GRIS3
Grocers’ Hall Halls
GROC1 Empty
Grocers’ Company: A Short History of the Grocers’ Company, Together With a Description of the Grocers’ Hall and the Principal Objects Therein bibliographic item GROC2
The Worshipful Company of Grocers organization GROC3
The Great Parchment Book of The Honourable The Irish Society bibliographic item GRPB1
Grub Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
GRUB1 Complete
The Grub Street Project: Topographies of Literature & Culture in Eighteenth-Century London bibliographic item GRUB2
Gruenewald, Aleta person (cont) GRUE1
Great Wild Street Streets
GRWI1 Empty
Gwendoline person (lit) GUEN1
Guildhall Halls
GUIL1 Empty
The Chapel of St. Mary Magdalen, Guildhall Churches
GUIL2 Empty
Guildhall Library bibliographic item GUIL3
Guildhall Yard Sites
GUIL4 Empty
Gully Hole Streets
GULL1 Empty
person (cont) GUMI1
The Works of John Webster bibliographic item GUNB1
Gunfoundry Sites
GUNF1 Stub
Gunn, Southwark Placeography
GUNN1 Empty
Gunpowder Alley (John Street) Streets
GUNP1 Empty
Gunpowder Alley (Shoe Lane) Streets
GUNP2 Empty
Gurr, A.J.: De Witt’s Sketch of the Swan bibliographic item GURR1
Gurr, Andrew: The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642 bibliographic item GURR10
Moving Shakespeare Indoors: Performance and Repertoire in the Jacobean Playhouse bibliographic item GURR11
Gurr, Andrew: Staging in Shakespeare’s Theatres bibliographic item GURR2
Gurr, Andrew: The Shakespearian Playing Companies bibliographic item GURR3
Gurr, Andrew: The Shakespearean Stage 1574–1642 bibliographic item GURR4
Gurr, Andrew: The Condition of Theatre in England in 1599 bibliographic item GURR5
Gurr, Andrew: Playgoing in Shakespeare’s London bibliographic item GURR6
Gurr, Andrew: Within the Compass of the City Walls: Allegiances in Plays for and about the City bibliographic item GURR7
Gurr, Andrew: The Shakespearean Stage 1574-1642 bibliographic item GURR8
Gurr, Andrew: Rebuilding Shakespeare’s Globe bibliographic item GURR9
Gutter Lane Streets
GUTT1 Complete
Greenwood’s Map of London 1827 bibliographic item GWML1
Haberdashers’ Hall Halls
HABE1 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Haberdashers organization HABE2
Hacket person (hist) HACK1
Hadar, Sarah person (cont) HADA1
Haddon, Sir Richard person (hist) HADD1
Hadley, Guy: Citizens and Founders: A History of the Worshipful Company of Founders, London, 1365–1975 bibliographic item HADL1
Hart’s Horns Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
HAHO1 Empty
Hal, Prince person (lit) HAL1
Hallett, Michael: The Technical Evolution bibliographic item HALL1
Hall, William Keith: John Stow (1525 - 5 April 1605) bibliographic item HALL2
Hall, William Kieth: A Topography of Time: Historical Narration in John Stow’s Survey of London bibliographic item HALL3
HALL4 glossary item
Hall, C. M.: The Geography of Tourism & Recreation: Environment, Place and Space bibliographic item HALL5
Hall, William person (hist) HALL6
Halton, John person (hist) HALT1
Hammersly, Hugh person (hist) HAMA1
Hamburger, John person (hist) HAMB1
Hamilton, Dakota L: Thomas, William bibliographic item HAMI1
Hammerson, Michael J.: Excavations on the Site of Arundel House in the Strand, W.C.2., in 1972 bibliographic item HAMM1
Hampton Court Sites
HAMP1 Empty
Hampton, William person (hist) HAMP2
Hampstead Heath Topographical Features
HAMP4 Empty
Hanging Sword Court Streets
HANG1 Empty
Lacey person (lit) HANS1
Hanson, Michael: 2000 Years of London: An Illustrated Survey bibliographic item HANS2
Happiness person (lit) HAPP1
Harben, Henry: A Dictionary of London bibliographic item HARB1
Annals of English Drama, 975-1700 bibliographic item HARB2
Harding, Vanessa: The Dead and the Living in Paris and London, 1500–1670 bibliographic item HARD1
Harding, Vanessa: Cheapside: Commerce and Commemoration bibliographic item HARD2
Harding, Vanessa: And one more may be laid there: the Location of Burials in Early Modern London bibliographic item HARD3
Harding, Vanessa: The Population of London, 1550–1700: A Review of the Plubished Evidence bibliographic item HARD4
London Bridge: Selected Accounts and Rentals, 1381–1538 bibliographic item HARD5
Hariot, Sir John person (hist) HARI1
Hariot, William person (hist) HARI2
Haringdon, William person (hist) HARI3
Harkness, Deborah: Introduction: The Great World of Early Modern London bibliographic item HARK1
Harkness, Deborah E.: The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution bibliographic item HARK2
Harkness, Deborah E.: A View from the Streets: Women and Medical Work in Elizabethan London bibliographic item HARK3
Harley, Robert person (hist) HARL1
Harman, Thomas person (hist) HARM1
Harmony person (lit) HARM2
Harp Lane Streets
HARP1 Empty
Harpsfield, Nicholas person (hist) HARP2
Harrison, William person (hist) HARR1
Harris, Oliver: Stow and the Contemporary Antiquarian Network bibliographic item HARR2
Harris, Jonathan Gil: Ludgate Time: Simon Eyre’s Oath and the Temporal Economies of The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item HARR3
Harrison, Stephen: The arch’s of triumph erected in honor of the high and mighty prince. James. the first of that name. King, of England. and the sixt of Scotland at his Majesties entrance and passage through his honorable citty & chamber of London. upon the 15th. day of march 1603. Invented and published by Stephen Harrison ioyner and architect: and graven by William Kip bibliographic item HARR4
Harrison, Jennifer: Lord Mayor’s Day in the 1590s bibliographic item HARR5
Harrison, Stephen person (hist) HARR6
bibliographic item HARR701
A NEW and Complete PLAN of LONDON WESTMINSTER and SOUTHWARK, with the Additional Buildings to the Year 1777. bibliographic item HARR702
bibliographic item HARR801
bibliographic item HARR802
A New and Exact Map of the DIOCESE OF LONDON bibliographic item HARR803
Hart Street Streets
HART1 Complete
Hartlen, Paul person (cont) HART2
The New Draperies in the Low Countries and England, 1300–1800 bibliographic item HART3
Hartshorn Alley Streets
HART4 Stub
Hart, Sir Percivlal person (hist) HART5
Harvey, Thomas person (hist) HARV1
Harvey, Sebastian person (hist) HARV2
Harvey, Sir James person (hist) HARV3
Harvey, James person (hist) HARV4
Haswell, Eric person (cont) HASW1
Hatherle, John person (hist) HATH1
Hatton Garden Sites
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
HATT1 Assigned
Haughton, William: English-men For my Money: or, A pleasant Comedy, called, A Woman will haue her Will bibliographic item HAUG1
Haughty, Lady person (lit) HAUG2
Haughton, William person (hist) HAUG3
Hawkins, Sir John person (hist) HAWK1
Hawkwood, Sir John person (hist) HAWK2
Hayes, Thomas person (hist) HAYE1
Haymarket Streets
HAYM1 Empty
Haynes, D.E.L.: The Arundel Marbles bibliographic item HAYN1
Hayward, M.: Reflections on Gender and Status Distinctions: An Analysis of the Liturgical Textiles Recorded in Mid-Sixteenth-Century London bibliographic item HAYW1
bibliographic item HAYW201
bibliographic item HAYW202
A True and Exact Draught of the TOWER LIBERTIES, ſurvey’d in the Year 1597 bibliographic item HAYW203
Buclie, Hugh de person (hist) HBUC1
The University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre organization HCMC1
Programmers for MoEML organization HCMC1_1
Graphic editors for MoEML organization HCMC1_2
Heal, Felicity: The Holinshed Editors: Religious Attitudes and their Consequences bibliographic item HEAL1
Triumphs of Health and Prosperity Lord Mayor’s Shows
HEAL2 Draft
Health person (lit) HEAL3
Heal, Sir Ambrose: The London Goldsmiths, 1200-1800: A Record of the Names and Addresses of the Craftsmen, their Shop-Signs, and Trade-Cards bibliographic item HEAL4
Heal, Sir Ambrose: The Signboards of Old London Shops: A Review of the Shop Signs Employed by the London Tradesmen uring the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries bibliographic item HEAL5
Heard, Kieron: Investigating the Maritime History of Rotherhithe: Excavations at Pacific Wharf, 165 Rotherhithe Street, Southwark bibliographic item HEAR1
Heath, John: Two Centuries of Epigrammes bibliographic item HEAT1
The Works of Michael Drayton bibliographic item HEBE1
Hedge Lane Streets
HEDG1 Empty
Newton, Gill: Housing, Environment, and Health in Early Modern London bibliographic item HEHE1
Hehmeyer, Paxton.: The Social Function of the Broadside Ballad; or, a New Medley of Readers bibliographic item HEHM1
Heinemann, Margot: Puritanism and Theatre: Thomas Middleton and Opposition Drama under the Early Stuarts bibliographic item HEIN1
Helgerson, Richard: The Land Speaks: Cartography, Chorography, and Subversion in Renaissance England bibliographic item HELG1
Helling person (hist) HELL1
Henrietta Maria, Queen person (hist) HEMA1
Heminges, John person (hist) HEMI1
Heneage, Sir John person (hist) HENA1
Heneage, Sir Thomas person (hist) HENA2
Hengist person (hist) HENG1
Heningham, John person (hist) HENI1
Heningham, Iſabel person (hist) HENI2
Henley, Trish Thomas person (other) HENL1
Henry VIII person (hist) HENR1
Henry VI person (hist) HENR2
Henry I person (hist) HENR3
Henry IV person (hist) HENR4
Henry VII person (hist) HENR5
Henry II person (hist) HENR6
Henry III person (hist) HENR7
Henry V person (hist) HENR8
Prince Henry Frederick person (hist) HENR9
Henslowe, Philip person (hist) HENS1
Henslowe’s Diary Topics
Undergraduate Student Articles
HENS2 Complete
Ioppollo, Grace: Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project bibliographic item HENS3
Hentschell, Roze: The Culture of Cloth in Early Modern England: Textual Constructions of a National Identity bibliographic item HENT1
The Herber Sites
HERB1 Empty
Herbert, William person (hist) HERB2
Herbert, William: The History of the Twelve Great Livery Companies of London bibliographic item HERB3
Herbert, Henry person (hist) HERB4
Herbert, Henry person (hist) HERB5
Harbour Lane Streets
HERB6 Empty
Hercules person (lit) HERC1
Herdson, Henry person (hist) HERD1
Here begynneth a treatyſe of this Galaunt With the maryage of the boſſe of Byllyngeſgate. vnto London Stone bibliographic item HERE1
The Marriage of London Stone and the Boss of Billingsgate bibliographic item HERE3
Herne, Richard person (hist) HERM1
Hermitage Dock Sites
HERM2 Empty
Herman, Peter C. person (cont) HERM3
bibliographic item HERM401
Hertel, Ralf: Mapping the Globe: The Cartographic Gaze and Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 1 bibliographic item HERT1
Hervey, Mary F.S.: The Life Correspondence, Collections of Thomas Howard Earl of Arundel bibliographic item HERV1
Hewet, John person (hist) HEWE1
person (hist) HEYL1
Heylyn, Peter: Ecclesia Restaurata, Or, The History of the Reformation of the Church of England bibliographic item HEYL2
Hey, Thomas person (hist) HEYT1
Hey, Ellis person (hist) HEYT2
Heywood, Thomas person (hist) HEYW1
Heywood, Thomas: The Second Part of, If you know not me, you know no bodie. VVith the building of the Royall Exchange: And the famous Victorie of Queene Elizabeth, in the Yeare 1588 bibliographic item HEYW2
Heywood, Thomas: The foure prentises of London bibliographic item HEYW3
Heywood, Thomas: The First and Second Parts of King Edward IV bibliographic item HEYW4
Heyward, Rowland person (hist) HEYW5
Fitzvulgar, Hugh person (hist) HFIT1
History of Fenchurch Street Station bibliographic item HFSS1
Historical GIS Clearinghouse and Forum bibliographic item HGIS1
Hiatt, Alfred: Stow, Grafton, and Fifteenth-Century Historiography bibliographic item HIAT1
Hibbert, Christopher: London: The Biography of a City bibliographic item HIBB1
Higgot, Gordon: Reassessing the drawings for the Inigo Jones theatre: a Restoration project by John Webb? bibliographic item HIGG1
Highley, Christopher person (cont) HIGH1
Highbury Sites
HIGH3 Empty
Hill, Tracey person (cont) HILL1
Hills, Helen: Mapping the Early Modern City bibliographic item HILL2
Hill, Tracey: Anthony Munday and Civic Culture: Theatre, History and Power in Early Modern London, 1580-1633 bibliographic item HILL3
Hills, Richard person (hist) HILL4
Hill, Tracey: Pageantry and Power: A cultural history of the early modern Lord Mayor’s Show 1585–1639 bibliographic item HILL5
Himatia-Poleos: The Triumphs of Old Drapery, or the Rich Clothing of England Lord Mayor’s Shows
HIMA1 Complete
Himatia person (lit) HIMA2
Him that Rideth on the Merman person (lit) HIMT1
Him that Rideth on the Unicorn person (lit) HIMT2
Hinchcliffe, Tanis and Davide Deriu: Eyes over London: Re-Imagining the Metropolis in the Age of Aerial Vision bibliographic item HINC1
Hirsch, Brett D. person (cont) HIRS1
Historical Abstracts bibliographic item HISA1
Historic Cities bibliographic item HIST1
Historical Towns Trust: A Map of Tudor London, 1520 bibliographic item HIST2
History person (lit) HIST4
Man, Henry person (hist) HMAN1
Carter, Hob person (hist) HOBC1
Hobson, Old person (lit) HOBS1
Hockley in the Hole Streets
HOCK1 Empty
Hockey, Susan: The History of Humanities Computing bibliographic item HOCK2
Hod, John person (hist) HODD1
Hodges, C. Walter: De Witt Again bibliographic item HODG1
Hoenselaars, Ton: The Topography of Fear: The Dutch in Early Modern Literature bibliographic item HOEN1
Hogarth, William person (hist) HOGA1
Hogan, Sarah person (cont) HOGA2
bibliographic item HOGE101
bibliographic item HOGE102
bibliographic item HOGE103
bibliographic item HOGE104
bibliographic item HOGE105
A Plan of London Weſtmr and Southwark in th ye Rivr Thames, as they were Survey’d and publish’t by Authority toward ye latter end of ye Raign of Queen Elizabeth; or about ye year of our Lord 1600. which being compared wth ye New Map of London - The prodigious increaſe of Building and other alterations of ye names & situations of street &c. in this laſt Centry will plainly appear. bibliographic item HOGE107
Hog Lane Streets
HOGL1 Empty
Hog Lane, Norton Folgate Streets
HOGL2 Empty
Hog Lane (East Smithfield) Streets
HOGL3 Stub
person (cont) HOGU1
Holborn Streets
HOLB1 Empty
Holborn Bars Sites
HOLB2 Empty
Holborn Bridge Streets
HOLB3 Stub
Holborn Conduit Water Features
HOLB4 Empty
Holborn Hill Sites
HOLB5 Empty
Holborn Cross Sites
HOLB6 Empty
Holborn Hall Sites
HOLB7 Empty
Holderness, B.A.: The Reception and Distribution of the New Draperies in England bibliographic item HOLD1
Holinshed, Raphael: The first and second volumes of Chronicles comprising 1 The description and historie of England, 2 The description and historie of Ireland, 3 The description and historie of Scotland: first collected and published by Raphaell Holinshed, William Harrison, and others: now newlie augmented and continued (with manifold matters of singular note and worthie memorie) to the yeare 1586. by Iohn Hooker aliàs Vowell Gent and others. With conuenient tables at the end of these volumes bibliographic item HOLI1
Holinshed, Raphael person (hist) HOLI2
The Holinshed Project bibliographic item HOLI3
Holinshed, Raphael: The firste volume of the chronicles of England, Scotlande, and Irelande bibliographic item HOLI4
Holland, Thomas person (hist) HOLL1
Holland, John person (hist) HOLL10
bibliographic item HOLL1001
bibliographic item HOLL1101
bibliographic item HOLL1201
bibliographic item HOLL1202
London. Wenceslaus Hollar delineavit et fecit Londini et Antverpiæ, 1647. bibliographic item HOLL1203
bibliographic item HOLL1301
Hollar’s Prospect of London and Westminster taken from Lambeth in 2 versions c. 1665 and c. 1707 bibliographic item HOLL1302
Prospect of London & Westminster from the South bibliographic item HOLL1303
bibliographic item HOLL1401
bibliographic item HOLL1402
bibliographic item HOLL1501
bibliographic item HOLL1502
A PLAN of the CITY and LIBERTIES of LONDON; shewing the Extent of the Dreadful Conflagration in the Year 1666. bibliographic item HOLL1503
bibliographic item HOLL1601
bibliographic item HOLL1602
bibliographic item HOLL1701
bibliographic item HOLL1702
bibliographic item HOLL1801
bibliographic item HOLL1802
bibliographic item HOLL1803
bibliographic item HOLL1804
A PLAN of the CITY and LIBERTIES of LONDON after the Dreadful Conflagration in the Year 1666. The Blank Part whereof represents the Ruins and Extent of the Fire; & the Perſpective that left standing. bibliographic item HOLL1805
bibliographic item HOLL1901
Holland, Peter: Style at the Swan bibliographic item HOLL2
Hollar, Wenceslaus person (hist) HOLL3
Hollar, Wenceslaus: A map or groundplot of the citty of London and the suburbes thereof that is to say all which is within the iurisdiction of the Lord Mayor bibliographic item HOLL4
Holles, William person (hist) HOLL5
Holliday, Sir Leonard person (hist) HOLL6
Holland, John person (hist) HOLL7
Holland, Edmond person (hist) HOLL8
Hollar, Wenceslaus: Plate 3: Extract from map by Hollar, c.1658 bibliographic item HOLL9
Holland, Philemon person (hist) HOLLA1
Holmes, Martin: Elizabethan London bibliographic item HOLM1
Holmes, David M.: The Art of Thomas Middleton bibliographic item HOLM2
Holmes, Martin D. person (cont) HOLM3
Holmes, Meredith person (cont) HOLM4
Holy Trinity Priory Churches
HOLY1 Stub
Holy Trinity the Less (Parish) Parishes
HOLY103 Empty
Holy Trinity Minories (Parish) Parishes
HOLY104 Empty
Holywell Street Streets
HOLY2 Empty
Holy Trinity the Less Churches
HOLY3 Empty
Holy Trinity, Minories Churches
HOLY4 Empty
Holy Trinity Churchyard, East Smithfield Churches
HOLY5 Stub
Holy Well Lane Streets
HOLY6 Empty
bibliographic item HOMA101
bibliographic item HOMA102
bibliographic item HOMA201
Homenuik, Julie person (cont) HOME1
Homer person (hist) HOME2
Honesty person (lit) HONE1
Honeybourne, Marjorie Blanche: A Sketch Map of London under Richard II bibliographic item HONE2
Honigmann, E.A.J.: Review of Henslowe’s Diary bibliographic item HONI1
Playhouse Wills, 1558-1642: An Edition of Wills by Shakespeare and his Contemporaries in the London Theatre bibliographic item HONI2
Honor person (lit) HONO1
Honey Lane Streets
HONY1 Empty
Hood, Robin person (lit) HOOD1
Hood, Gilbert person (lit) HOOD2
Hooke, Robert person (hist) HOOK1
Hope person (lit) HOPE1
The Hope Placeography
HOPE2 Stub
Horne, Jane person (hist) HORN1
Horner’s Key Sites
HORN2 Empty
Horse Ferry Riverside Features
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
HORS1 Assigned
Horsleydown Streets
HORS2 Empty
Horshew Bridge Streets
HORS3 Empty
Horsepool Topographical Features
Water Features
HORS4 Empty
Horwood, Richard: The A to Z of Regency London bibliographic item HORW1
bibliographic item HORW201
Horwood’s Plan of London, Westminster, Southwark & parts adjoining, 1792-1799 bibliographic item HORW202
Hosier Lane Streets
HOSI1 Empty
Hosiar, Raph person (hist) HOSI2
Hosley, Richard: Elizabethan Theatres and Audiences bibliographic item HOSL1
Hosley, Richard: The Shakespearean Theatre bibliographic item HOSL2
Hosley, Richard: The Stage Superstructures of the First Globe and the Swan and the Hypothesis of a Projecting Tiring House at the Swan bibliographic item HOSL3
Hostility person (lit) HOST1
Hothouse Generic Places
HOTH1 Empty
Houghton, Peter person (hist) HOUG1
Houndsditch Streets
HOUN1 Stub
House, Seymour Baker: More, Sir Thomas (1478–1535) bibliographic item HOUS1
Hou, Yichen person (cont) HOUY1
Roger of Hoveden person (hist) HOVE1
Howard, Henry person (hist) HOWA1
Howard, Lord William person (hist) HOWA10
Howarth, David: Thomas Howard, 2nd Earl of Arundel bibliographic item HOWA11
Howarth, David: The Arundel Collection: Collecting and Patronage in England in the Reigns of Philip III and Philip IV bibliographic item HOWA12
Howard, Jean: Theater of a City: The Places of London Comedy, 1598–1642 bibliographic item HOWA2
Howard, Jean E.: Other Englands: The View from the Non-Shakespearean History Play bibliographic item HOWA3
Howard, Lord Thomas Sr. person (hist) HOWA4
Howard, St. Philip person (hist) HOWA5
Howard, Lord Thomas Jr. person (hist) HOWA6
Howard, Lady Alethea person (hist) HOWA7
Howard, Lady Anne person (hist) HOWA8
Howard, Lord Henry person (hist) HOWA9
Howell, James: Londinopolis, an historicall discourse or perlustration of the city of London, the imperial chamber, and chief emporium of Great Britain whereunto is added another of the city of Westminster, with the courts of justice, antiquities, and new buildings thereunto belonging bibliographic item HOWE1
Howes, Edmund person (hist) HOWE2
Howe, Elizabeth: Roman and Medieval Cripplegate, City of London: Archaeological Excavations 1992–8 bibliographic item HOWE3
Howe, Elizabeth: Roman and Medieval Cripplegate, City of London: Excavations 1992–8 bibliographic item HOWE4
Howell, James person (hist) HOWE5
bibliographic item HOWE601
bibliographic item HOWE602
Hoy, Cyrus: Introductions, Notes, and Commentaries to texts in The Dramatic Works of Thomas Dekker bibliographic item HOYC1
History of Parliament Online: British Political, Social, and Local History bibliographic item HPO1
Calendars of Inner Temple Records, 1505–1845 bibliographic item HSIT1
Hubbard, Eleanor: City Women: Money, Sex, and the Social Order in Early Modern London bibliographic item HUBB1
Huberthorne, Sir Henry person (hist) HUBE1
Hubert person (hist) HUBE2
Huch, John person (hist) HUCH1
Huck, Thomas William: London in Braun and Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum bibliographic item HUCK1
Huggin Lane Streets
HUGG1 Complete
Huggin Lane, Upper Thames Street Streets
HUGG2 Empty
Hughson, David: London; Being an Accurate History and Description of the London Metropolis and its Neighbourhood to Thirty Miles Extent, from an actual Perambulation bibliographic item HUGH1
Hughes, Richard Graylin person (cont) HUGH2
Hulyn, William person (hist) HULY1
Humber person (lit) HUMB1
Humber person (lit) HUMB2
The Experience of Domestic Service for Women in Early Modern London bibliographic item HUMF1
Heyford, Humphrey person (hist) HUMF2
Humphreys, Rob: The Rough Guide to London bibliographic item HUMP1
Hungerford House Sites
HUNG1 Empty
Hungerford, Barbara person (hist) HUNG2
Hungerford, Anthony person (hist) HUNG3
Hungerford, Sir THomas person (hist) HUNG4
Hunnis person (hist) HUNN1
Huntington, Walter person (hist) HUNT1
Countess of Hungtington person (hist) HUNT12
person (cont) HUNT13
Huntington House Sites
HUNT2 Empty
Hunt, John Dixon: Garden and Grove: The Italian Renaissance Garden in the English Imagination bibliographic item HUNT3
Huntlowe, Thomas person (hist) HUNT4
Huss, John person (hist) HUSS1
Hutz, Joanna person (cont) HUTZ1
Waleys, Henry le person (hist) HWAL1
Hyde Park Sites
HYDE1 Empty
Hyde, Ralph: Ward Maps of the City of London bibliographic item HYDE2
Hypomone person (lit) HYPO1
Ignis person (lit) IGNI1
Ignorance person (lit) IGNO1
Ihgham, Sir Oliver person (hist) IHGH1
Imbracsio, Nicola person (other) IMBR1
Bodenhamer, David J.: Spatial Humanities bibliographic item INDI1
India person (lit) INDI2
Industry person (lit) INDU1
Ingelricus Edwardus person (hist) INGE1
Ingram, William: A London Life in the Brazen Age bibliographic item INGR1
Ingram, William: ‘Neere the Playe Howse’: The Swan Theatre and Community Blight bibliographic item INGR2
Inner Temple Sites
INNE1 Stub
Inn Generic Places
INNE2 Empty
Innholders’ Hall Halls
INNH1 Empty
Innocent III person (hist) INNO1
Innogen person (lit) INNO2
The Inns of Court Sites
INNS1 Stub
The Triumphs of Integrity Lord Mayor’s Shows
INTE1 Draft
Ioppolo, Grace: Forgery bibliographic item IOPP1
Ipris Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
IPRI1 Empty
Ironmonger Lane Streets
IRON1 Assigned
Ironmongers’ Hall (?) Halls
IRON2 Empty
The Worshipful Company of Ironmongers organization IRON3
Isaac, William person (hist) ISAA1
Isabel person (lit) ISAB1
Standoff links between MoEML locations and ISE plays Databases
ISE1 Complete
The Internet Shakespeare Editions bibliographic item ISED1
Islington Neighbourhoods
ISLI1 Empty
Islip, Wiliam person (hist) ISLI2
Ivan IV person (hist) IVAN1
person (cont) IVIE1
Ivy Bridge Lane Streets
IVYB1 Empty
Ivy Lane Streets
IVYL1 Empty
Iwarby, John person (hist) IWAR1
If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody, Part 2 Dramatic Extracts
IYKN2 Complete
Jackson, Kenneth S: Separate Theaters: Bethlem (Bedlam) Hospital and the Shakespearean Stage bibliographic item JACK1
Jackson, Ken: Bethlem and Bridewell in The Honest Whore Plays bibliographic item JACK2
Straw, Jack person (lit) JACK3
Straw, Jack person (hist) JACK4
person (cont) JACK5
person (cont) JACO1
Jaggard, William person (hist) JAGG1
Jaggard, Isaac person (hist) JAGG2
Jakacki, Diane person (cont) JAKA1
James VI and I person (hist) JAME1
James IV person (hist) JAME2
James, Sir Bartholomew person (hist) JAME3
Lady James person (hist) JAME4
St. James’s Palace Sites
JAME5 Empty
James V person (hist) JAME6
Japhet person (lit) JAPH1
Luxembourg, Jaquetta de person (hist) JAQU1
Jason person (lit) JASO1
Jaye, Henry person (hist) JAYE1
Chamberlain, John person (hist) JCHA1
Drope, Joanne person (hist) JDRO1
Jenner, Mark S.R.: From Conduit Community to Commercial Network? Water in London, 1500–1725 bibliographic item JENN1
Jenstad, Janelle person (cont) JENS1
Jenstad, Janelle: Lying-in Like a Countess: The Lisle Letters, the Cecil Family, and A Chaste Maid in Cheapside bibliographic item JENS2
Jenstad, Janelle: Smock Secrets: Birth and Women’s Mysteries on the Early Modern Stage bibliographic item JENS3
Jenstad, Janelle: The Burse and the Merchant’s Purse: Coin, Credit, and the Nation in Heywood’s 2 If You Know Not Me You Know Nobody bibliographic item JENS4
Jenstad, Janelle: Public Glory, Private Gilt: The Goldsmiths’ Company and the Spectacle of Punishment bibliographic item JENS5
Jenstad, Janelle: ‘The City Cannot Hold You’: Social Conversion in the Goldsmith’s Shop bibliographic item JENS6
Jenstad, Janelle: ’The Gouldesmythes Storehowse’: Early Evidence for Specialisation bibliographic item JENS7
Jenstad, Janelle: Using Early Modern Maps in Literary Studies: Views and Caveats from London bibliographic item JENS8
Jenstad, Janelle: Introduction to A Paean Trivmphall bibliographic item JENS9
Jenyns, Sir Stephen person (hist) JENY1
Jesus’ College Sites
JESE1 Empty
Holland, John person (hist) JHOL1
Chamberlain, Joan person (hist) JOAN1
John I person (hist) JOHN1
Johnson, Richard: The Nine Worthies of London bibliographic item JOHN11
Johns, Adrian: Coleman Street bibliographic item JOHN2
Johnston, Alexandra: The Politics of Civic Drama and Ceremony in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain bibliographic item JOHN3
Johnson, Richard: The nine Worthies of London bibliographic item JOHN4
Johnston, Mark Albert: To What Bawdy House Doth Your Maister Belong?: Barbers, Bawds, and Vice in the Early Modern London Barbershop bibliographic item JOHN5
Johnson, Ben: The Tabard Inn, Southwark bibliographic item JOHN6
John person (hist) JOHN7
Joiners’ Hall Halls
JOIN1 Stub
Jolles, Sir John person (hist) JOLL1
Gough, Jollo person (lit) JOLL2
Jones, Inigo person (hist) JONE1
Jones, Ann Rosalind: Renaissance Clothing and the Materials of Memory bibliographic item JONE2
Jones, Ann Rosalind: Maidservants of London: Sisterhoods of Kinship and Labor bibliographic item JONE3
Jones, Richard person (hist) JONE4
Jones, Inigo: Design for the new ‘Italyan’ gate, Arundel House, Strand, London bibliographic item JONE5
Jones, Sir Francis person (hist) JONE6
Jonson, Ben person (hist) JONS1
Jonson, Ben: Bartholomew Fayre bibliographic item JONS10
Jonson, Ben: The Complete Poetry of Ben Jonson bibliographic item JONS11
Jonson, Ben: B. Ion: his part of King Iames his royall and magnificent entertainement through his honorable cittie of London, Thurseday the 15. of March. 1603 so much as was presented in the first and last of their triumphall arch’s bibliographic item JONS12
Jonson, Ben: To Penshurst bibliographic item JONS13
Jonson, Ben: The Devil is an Ass bibliographic item JONS2
Jonson, Ben: The Staple of News bibliographic item JONS3
Jonson, Ben: Bartholomew Fair bibliographic item JONS4
Jonson, Ben: Epicene bibliographic item JONS5
Jonson, Ben: The vvorkes of Beniamin Ionson. Containing these playes, viz. 1 Bartholomew Fayre. 2 The staple of newes. 3 The Divell is an asse bibliographic item JONS6
Jonson, Ben: Epicoene, or the silent woman bibliographic item JONS7
Jonson, Ben: On the Famous Voyage bibliographic item JONS8
Jonson, Ben: Bartholomew Fair bibliographic item JONS9
Jordain, Joan person (hist) JORD1
Jordain, John person (hist) JORD2
Joslin, Dalyce person (cont) JOSL1
JOUR1 glossary item
Journals of the House of Commons bibliographic item JOUR2
John Rastell’s Stage Placeography
JRST1 Stub
Judde, Andrew person (hist) JUDD1
Jupiter person (lit) JUPE1
London’s Jus Honorarium Lord Mayor’s Shows
JUSH1 Draft
Justice person (lit) JUST1
Kagan, Richard L.: Urbs and Civitas in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spain bibliographic item KAGA1
Kalu, Ogbu U.: Continuity in Change: Bishops of London and Religious Dissent in Early Stuart England bibliographic item KALU1
Kassel, Lauren: How to Read Simon Forman’s Casebooks: Medicine, Astrology, and Gender in Elizabethan London bibliographic item KASS1
Kastan, David Scott: Workshop and/as Playhouse: Comedy and Commerce in The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item KAST1
Kastan, David Scott: Opening Gates and Stopping Hedges: Grafton, Stow, and the Politics of Elizabethan History Writing bibliographic item KAST2
Kathman, David: Grocers, Goldsmiths, and Drapers: Freemen and Apprentices in the Elizabethan Theater bibliographic item KATH1
Kathman, David: The Rise of Commercial Playing in 1540s London bibliographic item KATH2
Kaufman, Noam person (cont) KAUF1
Kaylor, Sir Peter person (hist) KAYO1
Edward, K. person (hist) KEDW1
Keen, Maurice Hugh: English Society in the Later Middle Ages, 1348–1500 bibliographic item KEEN1
Keene, Derek: St Paul’s: The Cathedral Church of London 604–2004 bibliographic item KEEN2
Keene, Derek: A New Study of London Before the Great Fire bibliographic item KEEN3
Keene, Derek: Tall Buildings in Medieval London: Precipitation, Aspiration and Thrills bibliographic item KEEN4
Keene, Derek: Issues of Water in Medieval London to c. 1300 bibliographic item KEEN5
Keene, Derek: Historical Gazetteer of London before the Great Fire: Cheapside; Parishes of All Hallows Honey Lane, St Martin Pomary, St Mary le Bow, St Mary Colechurch and St Pancras Soper Lane bibliographic item KEEN6
Keene, Derek: Survey of Documentary Sources for Property Holding in London before the Great Fire bibliographic item KEEN7
Kelley, Shannon person (cont) KELL1
Kelly, Sarah person (cont) KELL2
Kempe, Simon person (hist) KEMP1
Kempe, John person (hist) KEMP2
Kempe, William person (hist) KEMP3
Kenington, John person (hist) KENI1
Kenley, William person (hist) KENL1
The Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance bibliographic item KENN1
Kennedy, Maev: Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre Unearthed in East London bibliographic item KENN2
Kent, William: An Encyclopedia of London bibliographic item KENT1
Kent, Joan person (hist) KENT2
Kenude, Sir William person (hist) KENU1
Kerion Lane Streets
KERI1 Empty
Kirkby, John person (hist) KERK1
Kermode, Lloyd Edward: Experiencing the Space and Place of Early Modern Theater bibliographic item KERM1
Kernochan, Jack person (cont) KERN1
Keyes, Jarrad: Archaeologies of the Future: Niall Griffiths—Pathways of the Urban bibliographic item KEYE1
Khansari, Yasamin person (cont) KHAN1
King’s Arms Inn, Holborn Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIAR1 Empty
King’s Arms Inn, Leadenhall Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIAR2 Empty
King’s Arms, Cheapside Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIAR3 Empty
KIAR4 glossary item
King’s Head Inn, Fenchurch Street Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIHE1 Empty
King’s Head Inn, Old Change Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIHE2 Empty
King’s Head Inn, Southwark Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
KIHE3 Empty
The King’s Men organization KIME1
The King’s Revels Children organization KIME2
King Street Streets
KING1 Empty
King’s Alley Streets
KING10 Empty
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge: Bath Inn or Arundel House bibliographic item KING11
King’s House in Cornhill Sites
KING12 Empty
King’s Wardrobe Sites
KING2 Empty
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge: A Survey of London by John Stow. Reprinted from the Text of 1603 bibliographic item KING3
King’s Bench Sites
KING4 Empty
King’s Street Streets
KING5 Empty
Kingstone, William person (hist) KING6
Kingston, Felix person (hist) KING7
Kingsford, Charles Lethbridge: The early history of Piccadilly, Leicester square, Soho and their neighborhood based on a plan drawn in 1585 and published by the London topographical society in 1925 bibliographic item KING8
Kipling, Gordon: Wonderfull Spectacles: Theater and Civic Culture bibliographic item KIPL1
Kirkebies Castle Sites
KIRK1 Empty
Kirschenbaum, Matthew G.: Done: Finishing Projects in the Digital Humanities bibliographic item KIRS1
Kirton, Stephen person (hist) KIRT1
Kitchens by the Guildhall Sites
KITC1 Empty
Klein, B: Maps and the Writing of Space in Early Modern England and Ireland bibliographic item KLEI1
Klemic, Emily person (cont) KLEM1
Klemic, Kane person (cont) KLEM2
person (cont) KLUC1
Kneseworth, Thomas person (hist) KNES1
Knightrider Street Streets
KNIG1 Complete
Knight, Alison person (cont) KNIG2
Knollys, Sir Robert person (hist) KNOL1
Knollys, Sir Thomis person (hist) KNOL2
Knowles, James: The Spectacle of the Realm: Civic Consciousness, Rhetoric and Ritual in Early Modern London bibliographic item KNOW1
King Henry VI Part 2 bibliographic item KNOW2
Knowles, Dame Lucy person (hist) KNOW3
Knox, Alyssa person (cont) KNOX1
Knutson, Roslyn: What If There Wasn’t a ‘Blackfriars Repertory?’ bibliographic item KNUT1
Prockter, Adrian: Know Your London bibliographic item KNYL1
Korda, Natasha: Staging Alien Women’s Work in Civic Pageants bibliographic item KORD1
Korda, Natasha: The Sign of the Last: Gender, Material Culture, and Artisanal Nostalgia in The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item KORD2
Kozusko, Matt: Taking Liberties bibliographic item KOZU1
Krahn, Cornelius person (cont) KRAH1
Krantz, Susan E.: The Roaring Girl bibliographic item KRAN1
Kristall, Tamara person (cont) KRIS1
Van Der Krogt, Peter: Mapping the Towns of Europe: The European towns in Braun and Hogenberg’s Town Atlas, 1572-1617 bibliographic item KROG1
Kuhn, Sherman M.: Middle English Dictionary bibliographic item KUHN1
Kümin, Beat: Drinking Matters: Public Houses and Social Exchange in Early Modern Central Europe bibliographic item KUMI1
Kwiatkowski, Charlene person (cont) KWIA1
Kyiton, Stephen person (hist) KYIT1
Kyle, Chris: Parliament and the Politics of Carting in Early Stuart London bibliographic item KYLE1
Kyle, Chris R.: Afterword: Remapping London bibliographic item KYLE2
Kyriel, Nicholas person (hist) KYRI1
Kyriel, William person (hist) KYRI2
Kyriell, Sir Thomas person (hist) KYRI3
Kyroll, John person (hist) KYRO1
Kyroll, Thomas person (hist) KYRO2
Kyrton, Stephen person (hist) KYRT1
London Archaeological Archive and Research Centre bibliographic item LAAR1
Labour person (lit) LABO1
Lacy, Dame Julian person (hist) LACI1
Lacie, Sir Richard person (hist) LACI2
Lacy, Henry de person (hist) LACY1
Lad Lane Streets
LADL1 Empty
The Lady Elizabeth’s Men organization LAEL1
Lake, Peter: The Boxmaker’s Revenge: "Orthodoxy," "Heterodoxy" and the Politics of the Parish in Early Stuart London bibliographic item LAKE1
Lambeth Sites
LAMB1 Empty
Lambeth Hill Streets
LAMB2 Complete
Lambeth Marsh Streets
LAMB3 Empty
Lambeth Road Streets
LAMB4 Empty
The Lamb Sites
LAMB5 Empty
Lambert, Michael person (cont) LAMB9
person (cont) LAMM1
Lamproe, Krista person (cont) LAMP1
Lancashire, Anne K.: Continuing Civic Ceremonies of 1530s London bibliographic item LANC1
Humfrey of Lancaster person (hist) LANC2
Lancashire, Anne: London Civic Theatre: City Drama and Pageantry from Roman Times to 1558 bibliographic item LANC3
Lancashire, Ian: Selected Poetry of Isabella Whitney bibliographic item LANC4
Lancashire, Anne: Dekker’s Accession Pageant for James I bibliographic item LANC5
Lancashire, Anne: The Comedy of Love and the London Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item LANC6
Lander, Jesse M.: Edward IV bibliographic item LAND1
Landels, Tye person (cont) LAND2
Lande, Sir Thomas de la person (hist) LAND3
Langbourn Ward Wards
LANG1 Complete
Langley, Edmund of person (hist) LANG2
Langley, Francis person (hist) LANG3
Lang, R.G.: Social Origins and Social Aspirations of Jacobean London Merchants bibliographic item LANG4
Two Tudor Subsidy Rolls for the City of London: 1541 and 1582 bibliographic item LANG5
Langton, Thomas person (hist) LANG6
Langthorpe, John person (hist) LANG7
Langley, Thomas person (hist) LANG8
Lanman, Henry person (hist) LANM1
Lant, Richard person (hist) LANT1
Launde, Sir Robert person (hist) LAUN1
Laurence, John: A History of Capital Punishment with Special Reference to Capital Punishment in Great Britain bibliographic item LAUR1
Law person (lit) LAW1
Laz, Wolfgang person (hist) LAZI1
Livery Companies Database bibliographic item LCDA1
Leadenhall Sites
LEAD1 Empty
Leadenhall Topics
Graduate Sudent Articles
LEAD101 Draft
Leadenhall Street Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
LEAD2 Complete
Leaden Porch Sites
LEAD3 Empty
Leadenhall Manor Sites
LEAD4 Empty
Leadenhall Market Markets
LEAD5 Empty
Leadenhall Street and Shaft Alley 129 to 139 bibliographic item LEAD6
Leafstanus person (hist) LEAF1
Leahy, William: Propaganda or a Record of Events? Richard Mulcaster’s The Passage of Our Most Drad Soveraigne Lady Quene Elyzabeth through the Citie of London Westminster the Daye before Her Coronacion bibliographic item LEAH1
Leahy, William: Elizabethan Triumphal Processions bibliographic item LEAH2
bibliographic item LEAK101
Hollar’s "exact surveigh" of the city of London, 1667 [art reproduction] : from the 1669 copy in the British Museum. bibliographic item LEAK103
Leather Lane Streets
LEAT1 Empty
Leathersellers’ Hall Halls
LEAT2 Stub
The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers organization LEAT3
bibliographic item LEDI101
Lee, Alexander: Sin City? The Image of Babylon in Petrarch’s Canzoniere bibliographic item LEEA1
Leech, Clifford: The Revels History of Drama in English bibliographic item LEEC1
Lee, Sir John person (hist) LEEE1
Lees-Jeffries, Hester: Location as Metaphor in Elizabeth I’s Coronation Entry (1559): Veritas Temporis Filia (1559) bibliographic item LEES1
Legate’s Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
LEGA1 Empty
LEGA2 glossary item
Legget, Helming person (hist) LEGG1
Leggatt, Alexander: Citizen Comedy in the Age of Shakespeare bibliographic item LEGG2
Leinwand, Theodore B.: The City Staged: Jacobean Comedy, 1603–1613 bibliographic item LEIN1
Leinwand, Theodore B.: London’s Triumphing: The Jacobean Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item LEIN2
Leland, John person (hist) LELA1
Leman, John person (hist) LEMA1
Lexicons of Early Modern English (LEME) bibliographic item LEME1
Leofstane person (lit) LEOF1
Lesley, Bishop John person (hist) LESL1
Leveson, Nicholas person (hist) LEUI1
Levin Harry: Jonson, Stow, and Drummond bibliographic item LEVI1
Leviathan person (lit) LEVI2
Lewes Inn Sites
LEWE1 Empty
Lewkner, Roger person (hist) LEWK1
LIBE1 glossary item
Lichfield, Thomas person (hist) LICH1
LICO1 glossary item
Liddy, Christian D.: The Rhetoric of the Royal Chamber in Late Medieval London, York, and Coventry bibliographic item LIDD1
Little John person (lit) LIJO1
Lilley, Keith D.: City and Cosmos: The Medieval World in Urban Form bibliographic item LILL1
Lillywhite, Bryant: London Signs: A Reference Book of London Signs from Earliest Times to About the Mid-Nineteenth Century bibliographic item LILL2
The Literary London Journal bibliographic item LILO1
Lily Pot Lane Streets
LILY1 Empty
Lime Street Ward Wards
LIME1 Complete
Lime Street Streets
LIME2 Complete
Limehouse Neighbourhoods
LIME3 Empty
Limon, Henryk: An Interpretation of De Witt’s Drawing on the Methodological Ground of Perspective Restitution bibliographic item LIMO1
Lincoln’s Inn Fields Sites
LINC1 Empty
Lincoln’s Inn Sites
LINC2 Stub
Lindericle, Thomas person (hist) LIND1
Standoff links between related MoEML documents Databases
LINKS1 Complete
Lippman, Jane person (cont) LIPP1
Lister, Emma person (cont) LIST1
Little Britain Streets
LITT1 Empty
The Medieval Records of a London City Church (St. Mary at Hill) A.D. 1420-1559 bibliographic item LITT10
Little Conduit (Cheapside) Water Features
LITT2 Stub
Little Drury Lane Streets
LITT3 Empty
Little Eastcheap Streets
LITT4 Empty
Little Moorfields Streets
LITT5 Empty
Little St. Thomas Apostles Streets
LITT6 Empty
Little Tower Hill Sites
Graduate Sudent Articles
LITT7 Stub
Little Wood Street Streets
LITT8 Empty
Little Bailey Sites
LITT9 Empty
LIVE1 glossary item
LIVE2 glossary item
London: A Life in Maps bibliographic item LLIM1
Lloyd, Edward person (hist) LLOY1
Locating London’s Past bibliographic item LLPA1
Llwyd, Humphrey person (hist) LLWY1
London Metropolitan Archives bibliographic item LMAR1
Palmer, Leigh Anne: London Maps in the Collection of the Folger Shakespeare Library bibliographic item LMIF1
The Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item LMSW1
Lobanov-Rostovsky, Sergei: The Triumphs of Golde: Economic Authority in the Jacobean Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item LOBA1
Furneis, Loceline of person (hist) LOCI1
Lockie, John: Lockie’s Topography of London, Giving a Concise Local Description of and Accurate Directions to Every Square, Street, Lane, Court, Dock, Wharf, Inn, Public-Office, &c. in the Metropolis and its Environs, Including the New Buildings to the Present Time, Upon a Plan Never Hitherto Attempted bibliographic item LOCK1
Locrine person (lit) LOCR1
Loders Well Water Features
LODE2 Empty
Loegria person (lit) LOEG1
London Viewers and Their Certificates, 1508-1558: Certificates of the Sworn Viewers of the City of London bibliographic item LOEN1
Lo, Jennifer person (cont) LOJE1
Lollard’s Tower Sites
LOLLI1 Empty
London Metropolitan Archives: Shakespeare and London bibliographic item LOMA1
Lombard Street Streets
LOMB1 Empty
London Bridge Bridges
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
Graduate Sudent Articles
LOND1 Assigned
London Stone Sites
LOND2 Complete
London Wall (street) Streets
LOND3 Stub
The Corporation of the City of London bibliographic item LOND4
London Topics
LOND5 Stub
London person (lit) LOND6
Long Acre Sites
LONG1 Empty
Long Southwark Streets
LONG2 Empty
Long Lane, Smithfield Streets
LONG3 Empty
Longchamp, William de person (hist) LONG4
Long Lane, Aldersgate Streets
LONG5 Empty
Map of London, 1862-1871 bibliographic item LONG6
Lopez, Jeremy: Success the Whiitefriars Way: Ram Alley and the Negative Force of Acting bibliographic item LOPE1
Lord Mayor’s Show 2002 bibliographic item LORD1
LORD2 glossary item
LORD3 glossary item
The Worshipful Company of Loriners organization LORI1
Loriners’ Hall Halls
LORI2 Empty
Lorimar, Thomas Keyton person (hist) LORI3
Lothbury Streets
LOTH1 Empty
Conduit in Lothbury Water Features
LOTH2 Empty
1567 Proclamation about the Lottery by the Mayor of London Other Texts
Graduate Sudent Articles
Articles by Pedagogical Partners
LOTT1 Draft
LOTT2 glossary item
Louw, H.J.: Some Royal and Other Great Houses in England: Extracts from the Journal of Abram Booth bibliographic item LOUW1
Love Lane, Thames Street Graduate Sudent Articles
LOVE1 Complete
Perfect Love person (lit) LOVE10
Love Lane, Wood Street Streets
LOVE2 Complete
Love, Reynold person (hist) LOVE3
Lovekyn, John person (hist) LOVE4
Lovell, Henry person (hist) LOVE5
Lovell, Lord William person (hist) LOVE6
Love person (lit) LOVE7
The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity Lord Mayor’s Shows
LOVE8 Complete
Lovel’s Inn Churches
LOVE9 Empty
Loyalty person (lit) LOYA1
Lucio person (lit) LUCI1
King Lucius person (hist) LUCI2
Lud person (lit) LUD1
Lud, Sir Andrew person (hist) LUDD1
Ludgate Gates
LUDG1 Assigned
Lusardi, James P.: Abram Booth’s Eyewitness Account of the 1629 Lord Mayor’s Show bibliographic item LUGRA1
Lumbard, Michael Pistoy person (hist) LUMB1
Lumley House Sites
LUML1 Stub
Lumley, Martin person (hist) LUML2
Lord Lumley person (hist) LUML3
Luna person (lit) LUNA1
Lund, Mary Ann person (cont) LUND1
Lupton, Donald: London and the countrey carbonadoed and quartred into seuerall characters bibliographic item LUPT1
Lupton, Donald person (hist) LUPT2
Lupton, Julia Reinhard: Making Room, Affording Hospitality: Environments of Entertainment in Romeo and Juliet bibliographic item LUPT3
Lute, John person (hist) LUTE1
Luu, Lien Bich: Immigrants and the Industries of London, 1500–1700 bibliographic item LUU1
Lydgate, John person (hist) LYDG1
Lyly, John person (hist) LYLY1
Lyly, John: Sapho and Phao bibliographic item LYLY2
Lyly, John: Campase bibliographic item LYLY3
person (cont) LYNC1
Lynd, Robert person (hist) LYND1
Lyon Key Riverside Features
LYON1 Empty
Lyon’s Inn Sites
LYON2 Empty
Mabbe, John person (hist) MABB1
MacDonald, Quinn person (cont) MACD1
MacGregor, Arthur: Sloane, Sir Hans, baronet (1660–1753) bibliographic item MACG1
Machyn, Henry: The Diary of Henry Machyn, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor of London, From A.D. 1550 to A.D. 1563 bibliographic item MACH1
Machyn, Henry: A London Provisioner’s Chronicle, 1550–1563, by Henry Machyn: Manuscript, Transcription, and Modernization bibliographic item MACH2
Machyn, Henry person (hist) MACH3
MacIntyre, Jean: Production Resources at the Whitefriars Playhouse, 1906–1912 bibliographic item MACI1
Ian MacInnes person (cont) MACI2
MacKenzie, Callie person (cont) MACK1
MacLean, Sally-Beth person (cont) MACL1
MacTavish, Matt person (cont) MACT1
Magnanimity person (lit) MAGN1
Magus person (lit) MAGU1
Maiden Lane Streets
Undergraduate Student Articles
MAID1 Complete
Maidenhead Inn Inns, Alehouses, and Taverns
MAID2 Empty
Maister Gunner person (lit) MAIS1
Master of the Royal Exchange person (lit) MAIS2
Maitland, Frederic William: Domesday Book and Beyond: Three Essays in the History of England bibliographic item MAIT1
Majesty person (lit) MAJE1
First Malcontent person (lit) MALC1
Mallice person (lit) MALI1
Mallow Field Sites
MALL1 Empty
Mall, John person (hist) MALL2
Malpas, Philip person (hist) MALP1
Malton, Robert person (hist) MALT1
Malwen, John person (hist) MALW1
Mother Mampudding person (hist) MAMP1
Mander, David: Local History: Shoreditch bibliographic item MAND1
Manheim, Michael: The Construction of The Shoemaker’s Holiday bibliographic item MANH1
Manley, Lawrence: Literature and Culture in Early Modern London bibliographic item MANL1
Manley, Lawrence: John Stow’s Survey of London: Of Sites and Rites bibliographic item MANL2
Manley, Lawrence: Why Did London Inns Function as Theaters? bibliographic item MANL3
London in the Age of Shakespeare: An Anthology bibliographic item MANL4
Mann, Paisley person (cont) MANN1
Manners, Sir John person (hist) MANN2
Manningham, Thomas person (hist) MANN3
Manny, Sir Oliver person (hist) MANN4
Manor of the Maze Sites
MANO1 Empty
Manthorpe, James person (hist) MANT1
Mapping St. Petersburg: Experiments in Literary Cartography bibliographic item MAPP1
Maps of London Databases
MAPS1 Draft