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The Map of Early Modern London

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<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">Lent at the apoyntment of the company<note type="editorial">
<p>Lord Admiral’s Men.</p>
<p>Playing company named for Lord Charles Howard, the Lord High Admiral. Their
                        first appearance at court was in 1585. Known for performing the plays of
<name ref="mol:MARL1">Christopher Marlowe</name>.</p>
<p> Upon the death of <name ref="mol:ELIZ1">Elizabeth I</name>,
                        they became Prince Henry’s Men, then Palsgrave’s Men. They disbanded in 1631
<ref type="bibl" target="mol:CAMP2">Campbell 6</ref>).</p>
<p>Further Reading: Greg’s commentary: (<ref type="bibl" target="mol:GREG1">Greg, <title level="m">Diary</title> 2.80–103</ref>)</p>
</note> & my</cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"></cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">sonne vnto hary chettell<note type="editorial">
<p>Henry Chettle, playwright free of the Stationers’ Company. Chettle is the
                        most prolific of the writers mentioned in the Diary and wrote frequently for
                        the Lord Admiral’s Men. Very little is known about his life (
<ref type="bibl" target="mol:GREG1">Greg, <title level="m">Diary</title>
<p>Further Reading: Greg’s commentary: (<ref type="bibl" target="mol:GREG1">Greg, <title level="m">Diary</title> 2.250–3</ref>)</p>
</note> in earnest of<note type="editorial">in earnest of: on the promise of, in
                      advance of
</note> a playe</cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"></cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">called to good to be trewe<note type="editorial">
<p>Too Good to be True. A play bought by the Lord Admiral’s Men from Henry
                        Chettle (
<ref type="bibl" target="mol:GREG1">Greg, <title level="m">Diary</title> 2.220</ref>).</p>
<p>Further Reading: Greg’s commentary: (<ref type="bibl" target="mol:GREG1">Greg, <title level="m">Diary</title> 2.220</ref></p>
</note>{ or northern man} the some of</cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"><hi style="vertical-align: super;">s</hi>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">the 14 of novemb3 1601</cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1"></cell>
<cell cols="3" role="data" rows="1">Receiued in pt of paiement of [Gri] Damon and</cell>
<cell role="data" rows="1" cols="1">xx<hi style="vertical-align: super;">s</hi>

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